Friday, February 21, 2020

pot of coffee and a dozen donuts video, there is a certain mesmorizing quality to watching someone do work that instantly shows progress

the view count is already 1.5 million for pete's sake

this looks like something so wickedly impressive it belongs in a horror movie... of course, this needs some imagination to see what I'm talking about, but think harpoon the size necessary to take out Godzilla

tell the people at Subaru to give their advertising and marketing people a huge raise. They nailed what a car commercial should say and show.

Damn, a car that clearly shows how long that car was abandoned

Restoring a car is quite an accompllishment... getting it on a super successful tv show? Really damn cool! Compliments to Gary for restoring a 1927 Nash and getting it on CHIPS!

I tried getting my car into a movie... and they filmed it. I never got a copy of the movie, it was a local homemade passion project a dozen years ago.

I loaned it to a friend when his car broke down and he was scheduled to make a tv show pilot. He refused to give me a copy of the video. He turned out to be pretty weird.

So, all my efforts sorta worked, but pretty much wound up with nothing to show for it

Placing a lot of weight on the sidewall

Just a friendly sharing of a joint on the 6:45 am traffic commute between cars. That's how ridiculously relaxed San Diego stoners are

Notice all the empty lane in front of the Challenger. 

Steve sent me this, and pointed out that the Corvette was made in '53, and Schwinn borrowed the name in '54 for their bike

Thanks Steve! 

My uncle came across this today in Thailand, an international traveling truck that hit a lot of countries in 2019! Looks like they are heading around the world

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Got the hell out of the way just in time, by keeping aware of what's going on, and about to happen... smart!

I'm amazed how easy it is to flip a car over

Not everyone looks at acronyms the same

A different translation of an acronym, but ok. Not everyone translates them the same. If you are now triggered, I don't care. Shut up, go away.

And for anyone that wants to complain about Trump, well, shut up.

No one gets a lifetime of politicians that they approve of and admire. We all have to put up with some one getting elected that we just disdain.

So, it's your turn to be upset. Grow up, get used to it. We all have to deal with assholes, and right now, it's your turn.

Until someone amazing comes along that can convince Mike Rowe to run for president, you're stuck with being represented by a horde of losers trying to get elected, and so are the other guys.

Seriously,  no one running for president is admirable. They all are corrupt, crooks, criminals, liars, thiefs, cheaters, or something else that you wouldn't allow to date your daughter.

Clinton, JFK, they both were having sex in on the presidents desk with some woman not their wife. That is simply not what they swore to do when taking the job. It's deplorable.

They didn't honor their wife, their wedding oath, nor the basic social behavior of not having sex on the job in their office.

Bengazi? WTF? Not sending in a damn army to protect the embassy and ambassador is an offense to the USA citizens that pay your paycheck Hillary. She should seppuku to atone.

The list goes on, and the people that are so determined to get elected don't do it to represent us citizens, they do it for greed, power, etc. Nothing honorable.... but they take the job and hypocritically go on and on about honor and other virtues they simply can't exhibit due to their nature.

So, don't bother complaining about Trump to me, it's just your turn to put up with shit your can't do anything about, we had 8 years of Obama. Not a lot of pride in that, though he was far more brilliant than Bush 43. Nice as he seems to be as a guy you'd like to have a beer with, 43 was a moron. Just count your blessings Mondale wasn't elected.

Oh, and if you're simply seething that I'm posting this nonsense instead of cool cars? Fucking go away. This is a blog. It's not a dot com that exists to please you. It's a blog. It's what I do for my own reasons, and you simply don't matter. Those that enjoy 99.999% of the 42,0000 posts know it's a blip, move along, see what else got posted to enjoy. If you're upset? Just find another blog. I won't care you ever were here, or that you went away. Like a dream from a month ago, it happened, it didn't matter, and it won't ever be remembered. That's how little upset people matter. Plenty have bitched, I can't recall single one. Life is pretty cool that way. All the noise fades away, and libtard democrats the don't actually do a damn thing to make an effort to get elected and improve the representation in any govt office are exactly that. Pink hat wearing forgotten protesty types that no one remembers who leave behind dumpsters full of trash

keep your good kharma level way up... cause life has a way of letting Murphy's Law happen to the people that don't. This was 5 years

well... it's not fast, but it gets a lot of looks

Sidenote for anyone who has wondered why there isn't as much getting posted as usual

Things will be slow on this blog for a bit, I'm researching my family tree, and it's very interesting, and has turned into something that I've become obsessed with...
and I think you'll understand from how much, and how indepth I have gotten on a lot of stuff here, that I will spend a ridiculous amount of time on looking into something to get to the bottom of it.

Well, a family tree, is so much more intense than I thought it would be, and so far I'm back as far as 1200 years ago.

That's just on one line of ancestors.
I haven't even looked at their spouse's parents yet

Anyway, I have been focusing on that, and I think it's easy to see that the amount I post here has dropped by 40% at least for the last week.

I'm not sorry, as I have no commitment to this, it's simply something I enjoy a LOT, but I'm a little conflicted - because I do ENJOY the car stuff so darn much.

But I have wanted to know my family tree for about 40 years.
Now, with, I can actually dig into it from a computer. No trekking to cemeteries, libraries, and govt records.
It won't take forever, and there's only so much that can be looked into with a family tree. Sooner or later, it's going to be complete and I'll be back to working on this to my normal amount of posting every day

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wow, big thanks to Eclectic AK! He found a photo of a Von Dutch lettered truck with Steve McQueen! Think how cool that truck would be to see at a car event!

imagine what that helmet Steve is wearing would auction for... after all, there couldn't be much out there that he owned or used that hasn't been auctioned already

this is a real GSX, a '74 Apollo GSX. I ain't ever heard of one, seen one, or considered it could even exist. NZcarnerd points out that the 1974 Apollo GSX was a $96 trim option.

Thanks Al!
Thanks NZ! 

up to no good, that's my guess. Looks like it's time to go play with tires and engines, and probably tear it apart later and smooth out the intake and exhaust in hopes of a competitive edge

Whatever happened to American companies making cheap, but damn good little go carts for lawn mowing money? (You know, mow lawns, deliver newspapers, etc, etc and save up a couple bucks) 

Cernak, the last single-line Buick dealer in New England, is shutting down... just clearing the lot of the used cars now. They used to host the BCA Buicks in the Fall event on their lot (Thanks Jim D!)

“We’re the last of the six,” Ken Cernak said about his family’s decision to close the 80-year-old dealership after the last car is sold this month.

The Cernaks — Ken owns the business with his daughter, Jennifer — say the dealership has been a casualty of tighter margins and a reduction in the varieties of new cars available to them.

The service department at Cernak Buick closed at the end of January. The Cernaks are now selling off their used car inventory. The new cars were sold to another dealer.

the Cernaks said business was also affected when Buick’s product line was cut last year, with the new offerings that the dealership could sell reduced to just the Enclave, Envision, and Encore SUVs.

The Cernaks have been selling cars on Northampton Street since 1940, when Ken’s father, Samuel Cernak, started the business as a Studebaker dealership. Cernak switched to Buick in 1948, and the business has been a Buick dealership ever since.

The Cernaks could have added additional new car brands, but only if they abided by a General Motors requirement to relocate to Northampton and close the Easthampton dealership.

“We didn’t want to abandon the town,” Jeffrey said. “This is where we’ve been forever.”

Jeffrey cited his grandfather’s desire to see the business remain in Easthampton, where Samuel Cernak grew up as one of 15 children.

“People like coming here. You’re not going down into the hodgepodge of King Street (in Northampton),” Ken said. “It’s nice and peaceful.”

Jeffrey said that selling the dealership to an employee, or employees, hadn’t been an option available to the family. He also said that if a buyer for the dealership were to come forward, it is his understanding that General Motors would have to approve the takeover.

a Honda Civic with lots of after market stuff, and a sense of humor.

Not sure if there is any point to this side mirror cover, it might cause more wind to clear the side window of rain. Probably not

But this faux sponsor decal board? Love it.

The wing is ridiculous, but the decal next to the license plate? Lol, cool

The HDMI exhaust? Lol, nice! 

NAMI-A50 Belka, thanks Mark F! A concept car, Thanks Mark F!