Saturday, December 17, 2022

I bet this Camaro has a story, and that it wasn't driven much. Raced a lot possibly.

what amazing irony...... thank you Terry F!


the blimp in the movie Up, had a few fighter planes inside it, that the dogs of the bad guy flew


watching tv in your car, in traffic. Damn. Not smart at all

some people put Rudolf noses on their cars, and that's cute. Others go a step farther, and put antlers above the doors... but this is the first time I've seen a deer tail!

there's a new Nancy Drew tv series (good mystery drama) and the character drives a Sunbeam! One of her buddies drives an old truck, another lives in an old van. Very cool old car focused

the character Nancy Drew gets a cool car, and how? Someone in a case had hidden a clue in the trunk,  and that was when the car belonged to her mom, so the car connects cases, and the characters missing mom. Oh, plus her boyfriend fixes the car up for Nancy

I finally spotted a new emergency side mirror repair

Have you heard of the new magazine, Crankshaft? It was launched by the former editor-in-chief of Hemmings, Richard Lentinello,

 At 144 pages, it’s more like a softbound book than a magazine.

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Friday, December 16, 2022

Universal crows-foot spanner. Some guy I'd like to buy a beer for designed, welded, and used this crazy little thing... and I hope it did exactly what he needed it to do

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Richard Branson, head of Virgin Airlines, tells a hilarious story about an amazing employee in Australia working the terminal desk

 there was a line to get refunds for a flight that was cancelled due to technical problems, and the long line of people caused one guy to jump the queue, and the young woman on the job there said:

"I'm really sorry sir, but you really mustn't jump the queue"

He replied "Do you know who I am?" 

She paused and she got onto the loud speaker, and she broadcast to the whole airport:

"There's a young man at gate 13 who doesn't know who he is!" "If someone would like to come and claim him...?"

So he turned to her and went "fuck you" 

and she went "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to get in a line for that too!"

Dealer's lot of beryllium hand tools for working around gas lines and explosive materials

Jacob McGennis is turning heads with his truck in San Diego, it's a parody of Border Patrol's iconic look, he's not the only one making an effort to increase the humor out there

He says, “I really want to make people laugh and maybe get some internet clout off of it, so here we are.”

“I did the first version of the design on my truck in June of 2021- since then, I’ve revised the design a bunch of times, made unique THOT Patrol-themed designs for two of my other cars, and sold dozens of THOT Patrol vehicle wrap kits to people around the world,” McGennis detailed. 

McGennis says he has never had any negative run-ins with law enforcement regarding the scheme of his truck and that it has helped him make new friends who work in law enforcement. 

He says, “They’ve always been very positive and they like it and they take pictures. Since I am right on the border of the law but I am within it, and police generally like the concept of it, I don’t get bothered.”

CBS 8 reached out to San Diego police, who said McGennis’s truck does not break any laws as the vehicle does not read the actual words “Border Patrol” or any other official law enforcement agency. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to CBS 8’s repeated questions or requests for comment.

McGennis says, “I've done my research. I've had lawyers that looked at it. This is technically perfectly legal. It’s parody. It doesn’t say border patrol or anything like that on it.”

You can see actual border patrol trucks in the background of pictures of his truck.

He says border agents will take pictures standing at his truck all the time. His videos of his truck around town and at the border have millions of views, and he says his parody account is just getting started.

“Think about Reno 911 type parody. I'm having fun. It makes me happy to see other people happy about something I made,” McGennis said.

great color contrasts... I love that in close up car photography

not much to see, but a pleasure to listen to... a 66 GT 350 at Daytona

Chris Farley, 25 years later

On the set of Beverly Hills Ninja, he hosted a kid in the Make A Wish Foundation

Farley had a black 95 Viper he stored at the Beverly Hills hotel, it only had 5k miles when Farley died in 97. Ownership went to his parents, who ran a classified advertisement in a Madison newspaper to sell it, and the local Mopar dealership, Kayser Chrysler  of Watertown, bought it and displayed in it their show room

1909 Buicks

Thursday, December 15, 2022

what a great idea to make this matched set! A '64 A-100, with a 360, 727 and 3:23s on a '67 L600 with a 361, 5-Spd, 2-Spd rear

above is reality, below is cgi  

F1 engineers tether car wheels with 6 steel cables so they don't fall off and injure someone during the race

Charles Lindbergh's Excelsior Motorcycle (1920) at Henry Ford Museum

I just learned of this viral vid from month ago... a trucker went crazy, and started taking out cars and trucks, until a fast thinking guy disconnected the airlines on the trailer, locking up the brakes


Steel cables in the security fences at Stellantis' Jefferson North Plant tripped up thieves attempting to steal a pair of SUVs at around 4:00 a.m.

The attempted thefts occurred at Stellantis’ Jefferson North Assembly Plant, which makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Durango

UK airport security 100ml liquid rule to be scrapped in 2024, they will allow liquids up to 2 liters

Some security rules on liquids and items such as laptops in airport hand luggage will be scrapped in 2024.

The government has set a deadline of June 2024 for most UK airports to install new high-tech 3D scanners, that show more detailed images of baggage.

The changes will see the 100ml liquid rule increased to two litres and mean passengers won't need to remove electrical items from bags at security.

An Amazon promotion that allowed customers to deliver a $5 tip to their delivery driver maxed out in less than 48 hours thanks to high participation. That day, Amazon was sued for allegedly stealing tips from its drivers in previous years.

The top five drivers who received the most "thank-you's" would earn $10,000 to keep and $10,000 to give to charity.


the Amazon exec involved in its "earth's best employer" initiative was recently investigated by the company after multiple employees alleged she created a hostile work environment, according to people familiar with the situation.

The vice president of human-resources science and chief of people-centered science at Amazon, and her team of researchers, data scientists, and economists is generally tasked with studying and improving workplace culture across Amazon.

The inquiry followed allegations that Hastings overused the company's Focus performance-improvement program, often with no clear justification, nine current employees familiar with the investigation said. 

The investigation into Hastings reflects broader unrest on her team and concerns among many at the company that some managers abuse the Focus performance-management system — worries that have the potential to influence Amazon's ability to deliver on its "earth's best employer" initiative. 

No kidding I saw both of these news stories today

good news, Tyler Perry is making a Netflix project about the 6888th

Six Triple Eight marks Perry’s fourth film with Netflix

I just learned of them and posted about them in June 

Update Feb 2023 

did you hear the news today, that the family of Ronald Greene will see justice served for his murder, by police, who claimed he died in a car crash, but who were caught on video beating him to death?

 Greene, an unarmed black man, was killed by 5 state troopers who then agreed to lie about killing him. That's conspiracy, after the fact, or Murder 1. 

SO.... cops, being white, in Louisiana, killing a black man, and holding to the code of blue line, or whatever macho bullshit cops use to justify being more guilty than the people than arrest. 


Louisiana state troopers beat unarmed Ronald Greene on a roadside in 2019 until he went limp and then died.

A grand jury in Union Parish handed up an indictment Thursday listing charges against five law enforcement officers.


Why were 5 troopers chasing him, was it to murder him? Because that was what they did. Torture, and murder, of a guy they chased. 


Troopers Dakota DeMoss and Christopher Hollingsworth (who turned off his body cam) reached him first and charged his vehicle. Greene showed his hands as Hollingsworth began to stun him and Greene howled, "I'm your brother! I'm scared! I'm scared!" 

 Greene was repeatedly tased and then beaten on the ground before other troopers and a Union Parish sheriff's deputy arrived. Body camera footage shows York forcing Greene to remain prone on his belly and then dragging him by his leg shackles.

State Police failed to provide an incident report or any details on the crash.

The details of Greene's death remained largely under wraps for a year — until after his family filed a federal lawsuit in May 2020 alleging the troopers had used excessive force. State Police initially informed the family he died because of the crash. 

Suspicions of a coverup by State Police brass were inflamed this year with records showing a narrative in emails with an agency lawyer that the crash ultimately killed Greene.

Trooper Hollingsworth, whose body-worn and dashboard cameras were turned off during the encounter, died in a single-car wreck shortly after learning he would be fired for his role in Greene's death.

 Hollingsworth was caught on a recording, which was leaked to The Associated Press, telling a friend just moments after leaving the scene that he "beat the ever-living f--k" out of Greene.

Allegations that the ranking trooper at the scene, Lt. John Clary, withheld body cam footage from investigators and that State Police brass tried to whitewash Greene's death have left Louisiana's premier law enforcement agency engulfed in scandal.

The feds also launched investigations into several other alleged beatings of Black motorists in 2019 and 2020 by members of Troop F, the predominantly White unit at the center of the excessive-force scandal in north Louisiana.

 At the request of federal investigators, the forensic pathologist, Jennifer Forsyth, reassessed the case with photos, medical records and body-cam videos she hadn't seen previously.

Forsyth's supplemental report dropped agitated delirium as a cause of death. It added tasing, "prone restraint" and neck compression as contributing factors to Greene's death.

anyone else disgusted that the state troopers covered up this murder? How about " "prone restraint" and neck compression" a year before George Flyod was murdered with this method?

Restored centrally-controlled gun turret on a WWII B-29 Superfortress bomber

ever seen a carnival ride like this?

interesting accessory rake on the wheeled loader

how do the bearings in the bogies not seize from the heat?

David Cassidy, before the DUIs, and his 72 Vette

He didn't stand a chance, Hollywood kills it's young, and inheriting alcoholism did the rest

I don't remember ever seeing a train with a single side snow plow... interesting to watch in action, in Donner Pass

Brandon Clement used a drone to capture the majestic sight of Union Pacific clearing the train tracks at Soda Springs, California.

Clement is an Emmy award-winning independent photojournalist, aerial cinematographer, storm chaser, and documentarian. Follow him on Twitter: @bclemms

beginning in 1938, a telephone bus (or van) was often supplied to reporters or the public, at events where many people would need to cover the news (Thank you Ed!)

This mobile telephone center has been put into service in Chicago in 1960. 

It was designed to assist reporters and officials at special events. The 32-foot bus carries 15 phones—two of them on the outside. It is also provided with 10 mobile radiotelephone channels, several hand-carried radio transmitters, and a powerful public-address system.

On July 14, 1938, Howard Hughes and four companions landed triumphantly at Floyd Bennett Field in New York, setting a new world record for circumnavigating the world of 3 days, 19 hours, 14 minutes and 10 seconds.

in the days before cellphones one needed to find a landline if you wanted to brag to your friends about being there on that historic day. Enter the New York Telephone Company's "public telephone truck."

While the press had 47 of their own dedicated telephone lines to deliver on-the-spot news of the Hughes flight, members of the public could line up to use one of the five public payphones available in a truck parked near the airfield.

At that time, mobile public telephone trucks were only being used in New York and Maryland (probably Washington DC)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

the learning never stops... if you are ever curious about something... in this case, the Olympia Beer sponsored Grand National 1972 Charger that went to Le Mans in 1976 (thank you Terry F!)

It was built by Ray Nichels, and there were 3 engines with it at Le Mans, and was the last ever Hemi that won a national championship in the United States, it was the 1977  USAC Grand National Champion. 

The driver Hershel McGriff was a privateer but a veteran racer from the late 1940s. 

He won the inaugural Carrera Panamerica in 1950 with a  $2,000 Olds 88 he drove from home in Oregon to the race, and after winning, drove it home to Oregon where he ran a  ran a lumber mill

In France, the engine was detuned for 93 octane, BUT they gas was not 93, it was 82 octane, and burned up pistons

the car's whereabouts and owner are unknown, it was part of the lumber mill’s liquidation in 1980, when McGriff moved to Arizona to run a copper mine

McGriff last raced at age 90, in 2018. 

He won the Winston West Series' 1986 championship, and is also a four-time winner in Grand National competition in 1954

From 1954 until 2018, McGriff competed in 271 races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West (now ARCA Menards West Series), winning 34 races and posting 100 top-five finishes. He won the series championship in 1986 and finished second in points in both 1985 and ’87. He finished in the top five in points eight times.

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Isa Lake Bridge, Spanning Isa Lake at Grand Loop Road, Lake, Teton County, WY

The first road from Old Faithful to West Thumb was completed in 1892 and passed Isa Lake. 

In the 1930’s planning began for improvement of the route and the plan included a crossing of Isa Lake. Originally a culvert was initially going to be used for the crossing but the crossing design evolved into a low timber bridge “to preserve the natural existing conditions as near as possible.”

 Construction began on the route in 1941 and the bridge was completed in July 1942 but the complete route was not completed until after World War II. 

The eight-span bridge has a total length of 160 feet. The bridge deck has a width of 28 feet with guardrails of 14-inch diameter logs.

Isa Lake Bridge typifies the early design philosophy of the National Park Service, which was to use indigenous materials to harmonize man-made features with their natural surroundings.

According to the 1905 book, The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States, the lake was “named for Miss Isabel Jelke, of Cincinnati,” though any reason as to why has been lost to history. 

Isa Lake is acknowledged to be the only natural lake in the world that drains to two oceans