Saturday, August 28, 2010

Racing Messerschmitts!

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Thanks to "A Unionist" for the video link! You don't have email on your profile, so I couldn't thank you properly, but I sure appreciate this video!

Have you seen anything uglier than this Mercer Cobra?

Gene Mosbek and his (10.9 miles on the odometer) 1964 factory lightweight Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge Super Stock III in NHRA Stock Eliminator

Photo from
information from August 2010 Muscle Car Review article on Gene's '64 Savoy

1954 Monza program, many thanks to Tris and her Dad, Newt, for letting me borrow this to share with you

This is a cool little van thing, I don't remember if I've seen a name for it, but the bottle opener is a cool touch

Thanks to JohnDandy and Asterics for recognizing it as a Tempo Matador! I should have remembered it, but my memory is so bad, you are looking at it, if I need to recall something I look in this blog for it. Ain't that ridiculous?

built and sold by

Fantastic photography I found on motoriginal tumblr

Stutz hood ornament by Richard Owens of

Photo by Tim Owens of

Probably a Dupont, as very few cars had these woodlight headlights, Ruxtons, DuPonts, and very few others. Photo by Dirk De Jager of

Tim confirmed that this is a Tubonique, and the cover photo from Mechanics Illustrated, Feb 1969

Shelby's showroom in New York perhaps?

Bugatti 1933 -35 type 59

1927 Cooper Miller Indy Car by Michael Furman

Great photo

Porsche 550 Spyder

Bugatti Royale

Fuel leak caught fire in the canvas belly pan

BMW 328 Mille Miglia Büegelfalte

Called the Bugnotti by Delahaye USA

Ferrari Dino 246 GT by Mitchell Feinberg

Mercury X-100 I think

I've never seen any Honda CRX convertibles
See these and a bunch of other cool images at

Quite a variety of photos at Flavien Dachet, mostly rare exotics

the above is a junkyard display

I posted a quick before and after of this cool racecar:
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Views of the Cruise for the Cause from the mall balcony


The variety of eye catching things I spotted at the Cruise for the Cause

The owner of the above car has a great sense of humor, when I asked him about the unusual round antenna he told me it's a satellite antenna... from Canada

Lots of cool options and accessories, how cool is the umbrella holder on the right hand side of the photo

awesome Pontiac steering wheel center section

Beautiful clock design