Saturday, January 03, 2009

Just a conversion away from making someone's racecar hauler dream a reality

Not good photos, but the truck is behind a gate that couldn't be opened all the way. Former Culligan water transporter, now just waiting for a new life as a hot rod companion hauler... and a lot of work.

I found all of these East of San Diego, 2 of them in the same trip, the other two... the firetruck and this oldest one, were a surprise on this second trip to finally photograph them.

Ford 900

This is a Ford 700

just think of these as potential for something as cool as Les's hauler

The California car collectors, and collections

A long and well written article that gets interviews and details.

“My gut feeling is that there are more cars and collections squirreled away in California than in any other part of the country,” says Keith Martin, editor and publisher of the Portland, Ore.-based Sports Car Market magazine.
“You [California] have more people with money buying cars of the ’30s and ’40s they couldn’t afford at the time. And you have a new, younger generation starting collections of what they remember: ’50s cars and the early days of the Sports Car Club of America, belly-tank racers and hot rods.

“Some of the biggest and best car collections are out there” in Southern California, says Jeff Broadus, publisher of the 56,000-circulation Car Collector magazine, headquartered in Titusville, Fla.
“That will soon include the private collection of Glen Patch, who is moving his ‘57 Heaven to Palm Springs,” Broadus says, referring to his magazine’s former publisher and owner and his 70-car collection representing every American car built in 1957. “There used to be guys who collected only certain marques. Now there are multi-marque collectors.”
And some California collections, he points out, have grown into museums: the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in the Bay Area town of Danville and the Nethercutt Collection, founded by J.D. Nethercutt of Merle Norman Cosmetics of Sylmar.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A variety of very cool Coca Cola delivery trucks

1 of 17 1937 Bugatti type 57S Atalante found in a garage in Britain

When Harold Carr died at the age of 89, his relatives faced a daunting task to sort through his possessions.
His home was packed with piles of medical machinery, 1,500 beer steins, thousands of receipts and even a World War Two spy drone.
But all the effort became worth it when they opened the door of his garage - and struck gold.

a small number of Bugatti enthusiasts knew of Carr's proudest possession, but not the eight relatives who inherited Carr's estate.
The orthopedic surgeon was described by relatives as an eccentric hoarder who never threw anything out. He also left behind an Aston Martin, which was sold, and a E type Jaguar that was scrapped because it was in such poor condition.
Doctor Carr's Bugatti Atalante is due to be auctioned by Bonhams in Paris in February 2009 and is expected to fetch up to £3m
Thanks Mike!

Deer park winery and auto museum, June 14 2009 Concours de Elegance

The 1st weekend of every month is the only open days, but the phone message (the only source of information) says that they'll have a Concours show this June 14th. 760 749 1666

When radio bored the car owners of the 50's, they didn't have XM, Sirius, CD's or cassettes... they had record players! has the most complete look at the press releases, magazine reviews, and sales brochures

You were limited solely to the releases made available by Columbia, and as you can see in the listings, these were somewhat limited. I'm no expert on what was available to them, but I'm guessing that many of these releases were remasters from Columbia's back-catalog. Note the complete absence of serious jazz, rhythm & blues, country and rock 'n' roll.

Black Scotchlite reflective tape, when hit with light looks white and reflects like mad!

Great Flikr set of hot rods at a Goodguys event

240 items of importance in Japanese automotive technology to be passed onto future generations

License plate restoration, awesome before and afters in the gallery

Classic advertising

When you've got a motorbike, no tires, a lake or big river, and fabricating skills

The fusion of street art and cars, Howard McAlpine photography

these are his personal artworks, if you are into creative advertising (I am) you may also have see his professional advertising work for the whole gallery, you might also enjoy the other galleries on the bottom of the website.
images © Howard McAlpine 2008

T: +44(0)7966 172 752
represented by Germaine Walker photographers agent+44(0)20 7697 8291

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This might be the funniest episode of Top Gear

season 9 episode 3

Thanks Mick!

A moment to review the price of going green, and the EPA making it the price too high

The Pickens Plan is a great idea, but if you try to convert your vehicle to run on natural gas without going through the Environmental Protection Agency testing process, the EPA can fine you up to $5,000 a day for tampering with the fuel and emissions systems.

How much does it cost to go through the EPA process? According to “these strict test requirements and the expense of getting a CNG conversion kit certified, there are very few EPA and/or CARB approved CNG conversions, and the conversions are relatively expensive, costing from $8,000 to $16,000.”

That’s an average of $12,000 to convert your vehicle to run on natural gas and at even $5 a gallon for gasoline that’s 2,400 gallons of fuel or about 48,000 miles at 20 miles per gallon. At 20 miles per gallon for an average vehicle, 2400 gallons of fuel is four years of driving running on petrol for most people.

Via: which isn't very cool by the way. It's a guy trying to make money selling cars. Yeah, somebody has to do it, but it ain't making as many people happier about cars and their day as what I do, in my opinion.

Seriously....? This guy is so far off the normal thought process that he lists these as his only "Cool links"... doofus.
Best Cars and Trucks - US NEWS & World Report
Buying Guide Category -
Check Current Inventory - JFR
Get Pre-Approved - Download A Credit Application
Go Green - Alternative Fuels Data Center
Go Green - National Biodiesel Board
Government Vehicle Recalls
Hybrid Cars
The Cool Car Guy Movie Reviews
The Tango
Vehicle Reliability Rating
Yahoo! Autos
Yahoo’s Top 100 Green List

I love a good rant! (one against raising funds for the government by charging to drive on roads, raise fuel costs, etc) for a great rant, the rest, is seperate and equally amusing

We refuse to be blamed, castigated, inconvenienced, and more importantly, taxed as a result of the natural cycles of our planetary climate.
So, Messrs Brown and Darling, along with all your ecomentalist cronies, to borrow a phrase from our fine Irish friends, "up your hole with a big jam roll".

What the politicians don’t seem to grasp (or choose to ride roughshod over) as they chant their ‘consensus’ mantra, presumably on the principle that if you repeat a lie often enough then people will believe it, is that if consensus is king in science then nobody these days would have heard of Darwin, Gallileo, Copernicus or Einstein…

The great crash compilation video for 2008, just awesome!

"King of the 'Ring" Automobile Magazine, Jan 2009, page 46 sidebar

Formula 1 driver Toshio Suzuki took the GT-R to 7:29 which takes the 911 turbo and the 911 GT2 to the sidelines.

"Nissan's chest thumping over this feat aggravated Porsche enought that the company conducted it's own test of the GT-R. After failing to get with 25 seconds of Suzuki's time, Porsche accused Nissan of using slicks on the Nordschliefe. Nissan responded by posting in-car video of it's record lap and photos of it's street tires.

And in a master stroke of passive-aggressive trash talking, it also offered Porsche free driver training."

And that is why my subscription to Automobile magazine got renewed to May of 2013.

Side by side commentary and comparison video of the Nissan GTR vs the Porsche GT2 at the ring video from

the best way to avoid wrecking in a racing go cart: watch the video, and resolve not to strap into one

"Singing Roads" a new innovative advertising method, grooving the highways so it vibrates at speed like a tune

Nostalgia racing decals and stickers

A sticker collection was found in a garage, and posted to

Notice the lower left "Tek" turtle? Look familiar? It's a copy of the 1968 Mopar Scat Pack bee, just like the Super Roo of the Australian Ford logo.

Go hug your Chevelle today. "This one was lost, let it be remembered by saving others"

A barrel of oil: $38 dollars. A quart of oil: $3.99 Whats that about?

So, it must not be my imagination. The price of a barrel, the price OPEC sells it at, has nothing to do with the price of a retail quart by any company selling oil for the engine in your car.

When oil was 150 a barrel, the quart was 3.99, now that oil is 38 a barrel, it hasn't made the oil for my oil changes any cheaper.

Is there something I'm missing about this concept?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suction cup tires from 95 years ago advertisments

several of these are from where I came across the first one that had me curious about this unique forgotten car tire... I can't recall.

My sympathy to all classic car lovers, and classic Porsche fans especially, who are hurt by these photos

A car carrier with at least 4 classic Porsches high centered on railroad tracks, and was t-boned by a later oncoming train Nov 10, 2008, near Ventura California. These 3 photos say it all. Via: