Saturday, November 18, 2006

Parachutes would bring the front end off the ground

50's garage cans, and the oldest Goodyear I've ever seen

Pontiac Star Chief

Torque and twist

A hot rodded Ford Starliner, Escondido

A little about Smokey Yunick, and his 68 Camaro

Racing, click on these for full size,

Though Smokey set several speed and endurance records with the car at Bonneville, with both a 302 cubic inch and a 396 cubic inch engine, it never won a race while Yunick owned it. It was later sold to Don Yenko, who did win several races.

A stock appearing Camaro, Smokey had acid-dipped the body panels and installed thinner glass to reduce weight, tilted the front end down and the windshield back for aerodynamics, widened the fenders, z'ed the front frame, and sucked the floorpan up to lower the car. The driprails were even brought closer to the body for a tiny aerodynamic improvement. Don't forget that the most common thing Smokey did to all his cars, was to streamline them for reduces air drag, all the underside was modified to reduce angles and flow air around flat spots. All of the aerodynamic things Smokey did are readily attributed to his experiences as a B-17 pilot, and the knowledge gained from airplane design and dynamics.

trans am racing, click on these for full size

From the Moldy Marvin's car show honoring Ed Roth

Radical Love the huge tires
Looks like an artists design for a car from the movie "Cool World"


Interesting design

Escondido car Crusin Grand, 1100 horsepower

The Mission Bay car show, Goodguys sponsored

No actual wood, just incredible painting

Old Harley's are cool, El Cajon car show

From a 50's police car

Design overkill

This is so wrong

If naming new four doors, after old two doors

If naming new brick shaped cars after old muscle cars that were aerodynamic

If combining options that were never offered together -the R/T and the Daytona.... if any of this made a bit of sense, than why complicate matters by offering the same name Daytona, as a truck?

Good website for looking at photos of thousands of makes and models from 1903 to 1979

What greedy pig has to recycle the GTX and the Super Bee onto a truck?

Cool idea

Rolling History

Local car show, Ford tow truck, Lincoln Zephyr

Look carefully at the fan belts, how they were made in the beginning

This bottom picture is of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost engine, imagine being the engineer who was told to make it functionally perfect, and the designer who was tasked with making it a work of art aesthetically.

Found at local car shows