Thursday, April 05, 2012

One of 5 specially constructed 1929 boattail roadster Essex, by Hudson, coachbuilt by Biddle and Smart... all to make the Essex regional (5 regions got 1 each) sales increase when customers learned what a great car Essex made.

 now... why is the bottom line in a language obviously not on an original factory tag?
 I noticed that the top of this fuel apparatus says Vacuum Gasoline System

 what an exquisite instrument panel

 How the running board rubber mat has remained in such incredible condition is a mystery, could anyone be reproducing such a small sales item? Who could possibly buy enough of these to make a company produce them for profit?
 Odd that the kick plate is not one the running board, but keeps feet from damaging the alloy (which I think means Aluminum) custom handmade bodywork

this is only the 2nd Essex I've ever seen in San Diego

1938 Benz 210 Special (a lot different from the next 1938 Benz I posted, a world apart in design)

 above is the semaphore turn signal... I love these

I wonder why the big handles on the rear quarter panels?