Saturday, October 12, 2013

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what a transporter company went through to fit just one more car on the trailer

prototype was built by/for Commercial Carriers, Inc. The Dodge truck cab is relocated directly above the doghouse and engine, providing a few more feet of cargo floorplan.

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not likely to be repeated, driving through sea foam... Jan 2013 Australia's sunshine coast

San Francisco, 1906 earthquake and present day, photo mashup of then and now, by artist photographer Shawn Clover

Since 2010, San Francisco photographer Shawn Clover has been working on a striking series of then and now composite photos of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. To create the series, Clover collected archival photos of the earthquake’s aftermath. He then replicated the photos himself, down to the location, camera position and focal length (to the best of his estimation). The resulting composite photos hauntingly combine stark images of the earthquake’s devastation with modern scenes of life in San Francisco.

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I just learned of Megaramp.. In Rio de Janeiro

Friday, October 11, 2013

thanks to Red Bull, people get out and have a lot of fun at soap box derbys, car races, airplane pylon races, etc...

A competitor rides a Pac Man-themed home-made vehicle without an engine on a 600-meter-track during the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Hong Kong, on October 14, 2012. The race is judged on speed, creativity and showmanship, with competitors having to navigate their home-made human powered vehicles on the track in the best time. (Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

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Competitor rides his home-made vehicle during Red Bull Soapbox Race non-motorized event on Warsaw street (KACPER PEMPEL/REUTERS)

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Gran Prix racing summed up: boring til the last 10 laps

There seems to be a pattern forming during the last few grand prix. For two thirds the race is processional and with about 15 to 10 laps to go things get exciting. Basically this was the Indian Grand Prix. Pirelli had brought some tires which lasted too long, meaning most cars could go for the one stop strategy, meaning less changing of positions. Sure, some overtaking was achieved, but often meaningless. Then again, these days anything is meaningless with Sebastian Vettel driving from pole to first across the line without incident.

pure cool on the hoof, but what's it built for?

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not sure what to make of the rims... except they look like strong rims meant for racing with corners or circles... but the intake tubes make me think drag racing- and the oversize tire cutouts? huh.. lots of tire travel expected

Shooter probably has the answer:
comment at 3:36 AM
I grew up around dirt track stock car racing.....and (except for the exposed injector stacks) this looks just like what I watched race in the mid-late 70's. Fiberglass bodies began showing up in the Late 70's and were on all competitive cars by 1980.
So, my guess would be either asphalt stock car racing or Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

in the glory days of muscle cars, this transporter pulled out of Yenko's dealership with awesome cars. Yenko made them awesome

Thursday, October 10, 2013

the only Bellytanker streamliner I've ever seen with a plexiglass nose, Hot Rod Deluxe is always finding cool stuff

Carl Casper, beyond his hot rods and customs, was also an expert carriage builder... he won the trophy so many times they named it after him... really

I think this was from Hot Rod Deluxe, they did a full feature on the cars that Carl Casper made

The Mountain Auto Line, between stagecoach and bus tours

Rim of The World Drive opened up the great outdoors to a lot of people in Southern California, and this auto line took vacationers and tourists up into the Sierra Nevada mountains

The bus like vehicle is a White Motor Company truck. pre 1921

Photo from Westways, the AAA club magazine of Southern California

Hot Rod Magazine, helping us hot rod parts purchasers by exposing counterfeit parts

what to George Lucas and Peter Brock have in common?

1:42:08 a student movie where George was the director, Peter was a driver at Willow Springs qualifying in a Lucas

the only known 1963 Max Wedge Bevedere station wagon

I don't recall what magazine I found this in, probably Mopar Muscle

Facebook has great stuff

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

things I never knew about tires, another good reason to read car magazines

Seriously, read the captions on the right... the Lotus tire built by Yokohama is a pound lighter than the version they sell to tire buyers!

The Mustang has the same tires as the Mercedes, a Pirelli P Zero

what interest does VW have in buying Ducati? (a great reason to read magazines, they explore issues like this that you'd never hear of anywhere else)

I think this was in Autoweek, or Car and Driver. Or Automobile Magazine... regardless, these are all great magazines, and this article is one of the examples I subscribe to each of them. 

did you hear about the class action suit against Porsche for the intermediate shaft bearing failures?

a total intermediate shaft-bearing failure within the engine, a hand-grenade effect that transformed the uber-wundercars into functioning doorstops. So prevalent were the malfunctions that owners banded together to sue Porsche.

Porsche wants nothing to do with him and will not—cannot, they say—fix his car gratis. His problem,  lies outside the criteria of the class-action suit, and to fix it would violate the agreement. Schoelzel's car was registered to him and in service for 10 years and 98 days, so he's S.O.L.

 If he wants the company to behave as it should and treat him as a loyal customer, he is going to have to sue them on his own.

 From 2001 to 2005, Porsche sold 39,633 Boxsters and a whopping 51,375 Porsche 911 models (including rarer and unattached-to-this-suit GT2s, GT3s and Turbos).

 The heart of the matter is the heart of what matters: If you can't trust Porsche to build bullet-proof engines and stand by their products, what can you do? 

another reason to appreciate Hot Rod Magazine, finding cool things like a collection of Boy Scout patches for Bonneville

check out some fun racing somewhere near you, any time at the track is a great time!

reading between the lines, the red light cameras were all about the money to the cities, not safety concerns

from the San Diego newspaper, the Union Tribune

As any revolutionary or history of overthrowing an oppressor will relate, you will see changes and improvements when things become too expensive (ever read the MYTH series by Asprin? )

another great inofrmation tidbit from Hot Rod Magazine and editor Elena Scherr

take the time to read Elena's column in Hot Rod Magazine... here's a great one, the typical situation when you loan or borrow a car

historical racing movies are finally making a comeback!

Automobile Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Hot Rod Magazine

naming right are overboard and crazy...

Indy 500... that makes sense. Place and distance

the 20th running of the Crown Royale Presents the Samuel Deeds 400 at the Brickyard Powered by  ... is stupid