Saturday, December 05, 2020

Good looking racing outfit (cars, truck, etc, not clothes)

Looks like there's going to be a documentary on Amazon about the King Of the Hammers contest

A documentary that takes a bold and unflinching look of a brutal off-road racing event held in an unforgiving wasteland. This December, the Hammer will fall. 

In this documentary Justin Reece his brother Cameron Reece push for the ultimate glory.
Also featuring interviews with legends from all over the world of off-world racing, including Casey Curry, Marlin Crawler, and Larry Chen.

 The most in-depth look ever, into the world’s most famous off-road racing teams as they try to complete the hardest race on the planet, King of Hammers. 

Gerard would like to know ( i am not making this up, he's serious)

 "please, aside from the photos could you furnish us with info regarding these wild things? Like technical specs, who built them, where were they built, who financed this extremely expensive projects - etc"

answer: No. Unless you are hiring me to do all that, and then sure. If you're paying, I can do that and more. 

But until you, or someone hires me full time, with good pay, long term contract for about 20 years, with 40 days paid vacation, expense account paid travel for car events, company car for getting to car events, with gas card, new laptop, and various other job requirements, and if you want SEMA covered great, but If not, I'll be on vacation during SEMA - that's simply non-negotiable. 

Bonneville, 1955

Von Dutch flame job on Bob Arner's Streamliner at El Mirage

it took a lot of experimenting before all the problems were worked out, and the top fueler was perfected

Vince found a big ol WW2 aircraft tow truck/wrecks in Marysville Montana. A Sterling HCS 330, one of 56 made

abandoned classic cars rotting away deep in the Maryland woods. Everything from early Porsche 911s, 912, 356's to Jaguar E-types

Vince is wondering if anyone knows what this is

Just from the hood, and lack of fender mounted headlights it's pre 1937. 

It appears to be a humpback

So, my guess that I haven't looked up, is 1934 Chevy Standard. 

A bike with minimalist pictures of “The Simpsons” family members on it

back in the day...

1st I've heard about the O'Hare stadium races

I've posted about the Dodger Stadium races before

how embarassing it is to see a car site screw up identifying an easy to recognize car like a classic Challenger. The Hotchkis E Max

Charger? Really? That's pathetic. Turn off your site and start blogging about buttons or quilts or something.

compliment of the day

 This blog is the best because you don't do it for the sake of fame, fortune and egocentrism. You do it because you like it. We can see it between the lines. You are one of us!

Awww heck. Thanks AutoClandestino!

streets named for characters and places in Tolkiens famous Lord of the Rings series in San Jose

Ford XM Futura Coupe 1964

6 years after Mike King dragged a sad XM Futura coupe out of South Australia, the covers were whipped off a machine that stopped spectators in their tracks

more evidence that a small part of a car can look much better than the whole thing

Friday, December 04, 2020

the night can seem quite bright when you're far enough from the cities, with snow reflecting al the star and moon light

great movie, Driving Ms Daisy

Cibeles Fountain – Madrid

As you can see, Cibeles appears in a carriage carried by 2 lions. Why lions and not horses? Because the fountain represents the story of one of her most famous Myths, Hipómenes and Atalanta Mith. Let’s discover the story, they were not always lions:

Atalanta was a really beautiful hunter who became famous because of her strength and speed. Because of her beauty a lot of suitors tried to get her love but she was not interested in any of them as she had made a pact with Artemisa (the Goddess of the Hunting) to stay virgen.

Nevertheless her father wanted her to get married. So to avoid to get married Atalanta reached an agreement with her father: she would only get married if one of her suitors could beat her in a race by foot. If he won, she would marry him, if not, he would be condemned to death.

Beacause of her beauty and speed, the pretenders went to the Hades really fast, so she stayed single and happy for a long time. But then Hipómenes came into play. He knew that it was impossible to beat Atalanta by running, so he asked for help to Afrodita, the goddes of the Love. She told her that one of the main defects of Atalanta was avarice. So to defeat her, Afrodita gave 3 gold apples to Hipomenes.

Hipomenes took them and went to challenge Atalanta to the race. When the race started Hiponemes took one of the gold apples and threw it far away from the road of the race. When Atalanta saw the apple she got apart from the road to catch it letting an important advantage to Hipómenes. But just some minutes later, Atalanta reached back the head of the race; as we mentioned she was really really fast. So Hipómenes threw the second gold apple far from the road again. Atalanta went for it. He repeated this strategy as many times as apples he had, wining the race finally. “Love” won the battle and they got married!

Then time went by, and one day while they were hunting a sudden strong rain started in the forest. They tried to find one please to be covered and they found the Temple of Cibeles. Mad of the passion provoked by the sudden rain, they couldn’t resist theirselves and they made love inside the temple. Their punishment for dishonoring the sacred temple of Cibeles was to be converted in lions that would carry the carriage of Cibeles forever without being able to look each other into the eyes again. That is why you can find 2 lions, and each one of them is looking to a different a side. Sad ending for such a beautiful story.

So having this story in mind, Ventura Rodriguez designed the proyect and Francisco Gutiérrez y Roberto Michel sculpted the figure. 10,000 kilos of sculpted stone later, Cibeles was inaugurated in 1782.

Since then Cibeles have had different functions. In the beggining the fountains was used to provide water to the city but over time it has become one of the most important symbols of Madrid and it has changed its original function. Nowadays Cibeles, apart from being one of the most beautiful monuments of the city is also the place where Real Madrid supporters go to celebrate the trophies won by their team.

great photos are hard to find by accident

Colombian Willys Jeeps, known as “Cafeteros”. Why the overloaded imbalance? I don't know

there ought to be a national "take a ride in the back of a truck with a friend" day

Tribute to Sir Frank Williams at FW42

the Peugeot 201D transformed into a "Traditional Rod" by François ALLAIN and Nicolas GUENNETEAU in the TV show Vintage Mecanic, currently broadcast on RMC Découverte

Kleinschnittger F-125

I don't think I've ever seen a set of tires that more accurately defines the term "pizza cutters" more aptly

Mel Brooks driving Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise in a Morgan. They were some great guys, who made this world a better place

found on the Twitter page of the grandson of the founder of the car manufacturer Morgan Cars

Been a long time since I've had a Morgan to post!

Off to the wild blue yonder!

Buick Wildcat show car at the Seneca Cup Race, paces the Caddy powered Allard

tell me, where the hell are you going to find someone posting an Allard today?

Only here. Because my source posted it 2 years ago, that's why

Today's compliments are sit down and hold on to your socks compliments!

 Lee said "You may be the greatest auto journalist ever... "

Stiff Speed Steve said "Places like this can't be getting away with shit like this. Especially from the worlds best auto-blogger."


Thanks guys! 

thank you Keith V for the Super Bee models!

check out this great Christmas card that Chuck's granddad got from the Buick dealership back in the day!


do you remember, from way back in 1976, the chuck wagons the dogs chased through the kitchen?

from the 70s street machine facebook group page

clever, and innovative!