Thursday, August 13, 2015

Have you seen the new Cannondale Slate? Mighty unusual. Seems to be reaching for, or creating a market for a gravel road bike, as there is no suspension on the back wheel, just the front

The fork is a new model of Cannondale’s Lefty but with a more road friendly 30mm of travel. The Lefty fork is something of great debate amongst mountain bikers but it’s widely considered to be amongst the stiffest mountain bike forks available.

They’ve come up with a new idea of a road bike and wiped the slate clean. Get it? Slate…

One of the big leaps away from current road bikes is the move to 650B wheels. (what ever the hell those are)

650B wheels are all the rage in mountain bikes now as they sit between 26” (which are now all but extinct) and 29”.  (It's been a decade since I rode my bike, I've no idea wth he's talking about)

When paired with 42mm tyres, the outside diameter is the same as a 700c wheel shod with 22mm tyres. This means you have no penalty from the smaller wheel size but you do have loads more comfort due to the increased tire volume.

Cops kill another of their own K9 dogs, by leaving it in the car all day.... at a PGA golf tournament

The AC unit failed.
The AC wasn't the only problem.

The Sheriff said the car's K-9 heat alarm also failed.

The system is supposed to put the windows down and sound an alarm when the car temp gets too high.

Here's an idea you dumbass K9 cops, leave the dog at the office if it isn't working a case or actively training

Greased Lightning performed by the Swedish Marines

Waco police vs biker shootout autopsy results finally released, 3 months after cops killed bikers, still no official word on who shot who, cops look guilty as hell

Waco Sgt. Patrick Swanton declined to comment, citing a gag order in the criminal case of Matthew Clendennen, one of the 177 people arrested and jailed following the May 17 shootout on allegations of engaging in organized criminal activity.

All but two of the 177 have been released, and no one has been formally charged.

The autopsies were performed by the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas.

 The reports found that:
 Daniel Boyett, 44, was shot twice in the head and once in the abdomen.
Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, died from a gunshot wound to the head.
Richard Matthew Jordan, 31, suffered one gunshot wound to the head.
Richard Vincent Kirschner Jr., 47, was shot three times.
Jacob Rhyne, 39, died of gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen.
 Jesus Rodriguez, 65, died from gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.
 Manuel Rodriguez, 40, died of gunshot wounds to the head and back.
Charles Wayne Russell, 46, was shot once in the chest.
Matthew Smith, 27, was shot in the back and in the abdomen.

The news and police are trying to cast the bikers in the worst way in the publicity, mentioning toxicology showing drugs and alcohol in the blood of several of the dead.

yeeeah, not to mention death by lead poisoning you stupid clowns. It's that obvious that the cops effed up, that they haven't charged a biker yet, and can't mention how 18 people were shot, and 9 killed.

Sounds to me like the cops are letting the calendar play out hoping to dilute the effect of the facts over the longest possible period of time

With only two of 177 bikers who were arrested on engaging in organized criminal activity charges remaining in the McLennan County Jail, and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office releasing some of its evidence to defense attorneys, the scheduled examining trials don’t have the sense of urgency they once did.

Retired State District Judge James Morgan has been given the authority to hear the cases. McLennan County Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson, who was recused in one case, will allow Morgan to hear 16 others filed in Peterson’s court.

 Judge Morgan was appointed to hear the examining trial of Matthew Clendennen after the Hewitt man’s attorney, Clint Broden, was successful in having Peterson recused from hearing the case. Broden withdrew his request for an examining trial on Clendennen’s behalf earlier this week, Peterson said.

Examining trials are normally for those who remain in jail, have not been indicted and who challenge the sufficiency of evidence backing their arrests.

Primarily, the hearings are used by defense attorneys to get a look at the evidence against their clients.

VW Bug service delivery van, makes sense to me

1960 Geographic, designed by race car designer Chuck Pelly for David Holmes of Harry & David

2015 STOL Short Take Off and Landing competition

Bobby Breeden, and his homebuilt SuperCub were into the air in twenty-five feet and landed and stopped in twenty at the 2015 Valdez Fly-In and Air Show in Alaska

The 2013 winner had 17 foot and 10 foot due to better wind conditions

Poor bugger, he's just so photoshopped

Shia, stay the hell away from people with cameras.. unless you are on a movie set

Found on

the code (might be the funniest thing you read all day)

If your bro is driving the car, give shotgun to his girlfriend.
Shotgun is a responsibility, not a privilege.
If you are sitting up front, you're not a passenger, you're the copilot, responsible for looking out for cops, and keeping the driver entertained.

If they helped you move you are compelled by intergalactic law to reciprocate.
If bro with truck assists you with moving, you shall reciprocate with a full tank of gas.

 If you borrow something gas powered (lawn mower, weed eater, chainsaw) you will:
Return it with and equal amount of gas. Bonus points if you fill it all the way up as a way to say thanks.
Provide your own gas.
If you break it you buy it.
If you have to replace it, you buy a better one.

If a bro dies while lifting, put more weight on the bar, then call 911.

If girlfriend / potential girlfriend / parent calls and says they're on their way - You are obligated to morph into Suzy housekeeper and speed clean your bro's place with him.

Never feel bad about taking the last beer or the last slice of pizza, however, don't take both you selfish waste of flesh.But only after you say "anybody want that last piece/can?" The first bro to ask, though, always gets it, no matter what the answer is, it is his unless there are extenuating circumstances (someone has yet to even get a slice, bro hosting is stone-cold sober, etc.). The right thing to do like you said is to give the green light to the bro who asked.

There are specific rules to the "head nod" when greeting another male, if you know them nod up, if you don't you nod down.

All groceries go from the vehicle to the house in one trip. It does not matter how many bags there are.
If a bros girl doesn't seem to know something about said bro, you shut the fuck up. Right fucking now.

If your bro is doing something stupid, you're doing something stupid. I guess we would call that....... Quid Bro Quo....

If it makes for a good story – do it.

If we are at a cookout and a man is running the grill no other man should touch the grill. They can stand around and chat, but can't flip the burgers.

Player 1 belongs to whoever owns the console.

Each man is awarded one "No questions asked" favor. No more, no less. After the favor is finished, you have no knowledge of any of the events that took part during fulfilling said favor.

If your bro dies, delete his internet history.

Beers are commendations, as it takes longer to drink and this time is to be used to heap praise upon the Medal of Bronour recipient.

If you are asked to bring something to a game that's alcohol related, don't cheap out and buy the cheapest of drinks.

If your friends girl is hot, and she has a ugly friend with her, take the rebound grenade so your bro can get some.

You never "lend" money to a bro. You give money. You may or may not ever see the money again and it doesn't matter. You may need the favor in return someday.
Conversely, you never take money from a bro. You borrow money, you will return the money with interest. Beer and gas are acceptable forms of repayment.

A bros mom is off limits unless she initiates it and/or is wearing at least 1 article of leopard print clothing. And when bro's mom let's the "leopard" out of the bag about the shenanigans you must never look at bro or call bro a stepson.

When your friends are already at the pub and you're joining them, it's your round.
When offered a beer, accept even if it's not "your brand". Your favorite brand of beer is "free". Your second favorite is "cold".

If a bro is the first to call dibs, dibs will be honored. Unless he willingly passes the torch.

If there're 3 people and 5 urinals, you assume the 1-3-5 formation. It is in fact allowed to talk at the urinals. If you are both drunk.

If your bro slow-motion shoots you, then you must slow motion die. Slow motion miming of bullet impacts is encouraged but not mandatory.

If a bro calls and says "I'm drunk, I need a ride home instead of driving" you will drop whatever you're doing and provide it, no questions asked. Until the next day when you are fully expected to give him shit for poor planning.

When a bro's gf calls you up and asks his whereabouts, ONLY acceptable answer is, "he is taking a shit, I'll ask him to call you later".

If a bro gets a new car, he must invite all the bros over and pop the hood for them. All the bro's bros must whistle and look absolutely impressed

Sorted out from the mess at

Sidecar races, 1912, the passenger is tucked in behind the rider pretty well

Wear leathers, or not, it's your skin> Be safe out there friends

goofy marketing and advertising to get your attention for 70's mufflers

this is funny, it had me going til I read the bottom

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1910 motorcycle races at Point Breeze racetrack in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

tank engine flathead V8 still in the crate since WW2, never been used

What you are looking at is a Cadillac flathead that was built in 1944, 346ci and makes about 150hp. run to make sure it was OK and then crated up to be shipped over to the war front. It never made it there and the engine sits as it was, perfectly preserved and ready to be used for whatever a modern hot rodder wants it for.

Found on  from a LA Craigslist ad that has been pulled

contest give away cars

the "Turret Truck" trainer

They would load one of two turrets, and get the guys ready and familiar with the B-17, B-20, B-24, B-25, and B-26 bombers

Genius paint design, very Escher

I don't know for certain, but would bet they make hammers here

Oslo street in Paris. 1958. Explosion in parking garage