Friday, May 09, 2008

From the peach state

'69 Dart GT 340 4 barrel.... still out there.

It is keeping the Chevelle company

Fastback Galaxie 500 with a 352cu in

Another cop hippocrit. I bet he'd give a ticket to any of us parking this way

Is it really too much to ask that cops park the cop car with the passenger side to the curb? Dorks.

Seen around East San Diego

Here's a '64 Mustang, one of the first, it's even got the 260 cu in engine. On blocks, and I haven't seen a car on blocks in years. Just rusting away in the backyard, until it's too far gone to be any use at all, and past anychance of restoration.
ROCKS?!?! Who is out to damage the paint job by using rocks instead of rope tied around the car? STUPID!
What does that mean? Replacing the Bee with the number 12...?

A Chevy II Super Sport. Ever seen one before? Not me, so I had to take lots of pics

Contast this with the Nova SS from the Fun Bike Center to see the minute differences. The same tailights, but different grill and headlight surrounds, so why did they bother? And which one would be worth more in exactly the same options and condition?

Mistreated Chevy delivery. Sad ain't it.

Look at how disrespectful they are to this old worker, they park their new car by hitting the old truck, and then they stop. That's disgusting. It ought to be punishable by whipping.

Cad-a-mino, if Cadillac had made a truck in the 60's

here's another:

or look at these:

From around the internet, mostly Pizdaus

'69 Road Runner for sale, a former co member of the San Diego Mopar club

History as I know it:
1969 the cars was purchased and 6 months later the owner went to Vietnam as was killed in action. For about 10 years, the family just kept the car in the garage as a memorial. Then ,the brother drove the car and I don't have any information for those years. In 1990, an attorney bought it and drove it for a few years. Then, he parked it in a garage, with several other collectible cars, driving it very little for the next 7-8 years. He sold it to me in 2001 and I did the work listed below.

383 w/new Holly Carb
Hurst 4 speed (manual)
new interior (carpet, roof liner, dash pad, seats and trunk liner)
I wish I took a picture of floor and truck pan. Both looked like new.
Instrument cluster was completely restored by Red Line Gages. The plastic bezel was re-chromed, speedometer numbers and lines redone, and new components so it's like new.
I added a tach while I was at it.
electronic ignition
new exhaust
radiator redone
8 track in dash
gas tank removed and cleaned

the almost unknown but incredibly facinating, J A Cooley car museum in San Diego, at Park Ave and El Cajon St.

Within the car museum are also huge collections of other things, Edison phonographs, WW2 bond posters, spitoons, cuckoo clocks, model trains, really old cameras, car lamps, and more. Only 5 dollars to get in, and Jim is there to give you all the background you'd like, he's just a great guy!