Saturday, October 17, 2015

the rare street bike I'd like to see more photos of

wagon and tractor wrenches

and then Van Damme was upstaged so badly

You know he didn't see that coming

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best balloon bike I've ever seen

How to make VW bugs valuable, starve the market. Ever wonder how they went from 500 dollar beaters to 50 thousand dollar collectibles?

69 Superbee used for advertising? You clever guy, you have my attention. Getting a good photographer to take marketing photos is a wise investment too, but a Superbee? That's the ticket

nice woodworking!

1953 Warner Brothers, There Auto Be a Law

15 gears, 2 sticks, and one steering wheel, but only two hands

Cool tool kit was posted today on Bike 70


the air valve stems are used as the volume and switch knobs, and the lug nuts are real Cragar lug nuts

Stephen McSwain of McSwain guitars from Kimo Easterwood on Vimeo.

Go to for details on how to enter. Terms are basically "18 and over, U.S. residents only (with some exclusions)." You can enter multiple times.

Friday, October 16, 2015

the Chamberlain 8, 2 stroke, 4 cylinder, 8 pistons... and front wheel drive.

it did indeed have eight pistons but one set operated as valves, albeit with some contribution to compression; much like a compressor. The two pistons per cylinder design allows quite independent timing of the inlet and exhaust ports-thereby overcoming one of the inherent shortcomings of a normal one piston per cylinder two stroke design. The top crankshaft is actually timed 27.5 degrees behind the lower crankshaft. This allows the intake ports to remain open after the exhaust closes, to take advantage of the higher blower pressure-which then can actually pressurise the ingoing gases in the cylinder.

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this is going to inspire some memes about how bad the new Ford/Honda or whatever is

indications that a racecar isn't passing the NASCAR inspections for the body templates

Above, when a left turn is built right into the body, and
below, when the inspectors just take it away and confiscate it

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The royal coach museum of Portugal, coaches of Kings, Queens, Popes, and many other notables

In May of 1905 the “Royal Coach Museum” was inaugurated in Lisbon by Queen Amélia of Orleans and Bragança, Princess of France, daughter of the Count of Paris, who married King Carlos I of Portugal in 1886.

The location chosen to accommodate the world’s first coach museum was in the antique hall of the Royal Riding School modified specifically by the Court’s architect in collaboration with painters to achieve an almost perfect harmony between the location and the exhibition of State Vehicles.

The museum’s collection grew due to the arrival of coaches and berlins from the extinct Royal House, and vehicles from the Church’s estate.

Simply astonishing collection, (I've only selected about half to show the vast variety) all available online to look at in much more detail, with information about each vehicle.

recycled tire lawn art... cool and convincing

the motorcycle in the 9-11 museum

Inside the Museum that sits at Ground Zero rests this 1979 ‎Honda‬ CB750.

 In the summer of 2001, firefighter Gerald Baptiste of ‪FDNY‬ Ladder Company 9 purchased this battered motorcycle believing he could restore it to good working condition.

His fellow firefighters joked that it would take time and money just to start the engine.

 Following Baptiste's death in the North Tower on 9/11, the broken-down motorcycle remained at the firehouse until a memorial tribute in Backroads Magazine inspired Baptiste's colleagues to restore the bike in his memory.

Surviving members of Ladder Company 9, with support from Honda and motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide, transformed the motorcycle into a 'bike of healing' know as the Dream Bike. Ten roses painted on the cover of the gas tank symbolize the members of Ladder Company 9 and Engine Company 33 who were killed on 9/11.

Never forget.

Get them started young, learning balance, posture, and the rocking motion of bad roads

Interstate 5 from LA to Bakersfield, is shut down by mudslides

the Shop Rag Shirt ($150.00)

 100% cotton Osnaburg fabric
Overedged by the Merrow MG-3DR machine
American-made, leather-backed, antique brass tack buttons
 Chest pocket with flap and pen slot
Proudly made in Fall River, Massachusetts