Friday, December 07, 2018

A small Italian town of 120 people, happens to be in the middle of racing on a small road from point A to B, and people race through all the time... nearly 60,000 in only 2 weeks. That's what a speed camera found, but it was only measuring stats, not issuing tickets

See More Mayor Allesandro Allesandri said that one in three vehicles were caught breaking the 31 mph speed limit, with the worst hitting 84 mph on the twisty mountain pass route, which is a popular spot for illegal motorcycle racing.

Above you see the main pedestrian crossing... which no one has simply figured out ought to be a bridge. No people walking across the road, no people get hit. It's that simple. But, since people must walk across the road, they must get highway traffic to slow the hell down.

On average someone sped through every 3 minutes, and if that's not enough to upset the residents, the worst offenders are zipping through nearly three times the posted limit because this highway, state highway SS28, has fewest speed bumps, speed radars and tolls.

Imagine how much money they could make with a couple cops stopping the speeders and fining them? Writing tickets is ok too, but people don't bother paying those unless they're local. Anyone else just avoids that place in the future

It's on the first road inside Italy that runs North from the coast, and that probably has a lot to do with the high amount of traffic on that road just passing through.

That black line on the left of the red indicator is the border of France

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