Saturday, May 16, 2020

68 Hemi GTX going to get a 2nd life, or wind up in some collection and get restored but never driven, then flipped over n over n over

out of sight, sun, and weather.

saved after sitting since 1975, and the guy only paid $700.00 for it

is this about 50 years of not moving? Or was the front cut off, the whole thing arranged around the tree with the front moved to make it look like the tree grew up in the engine bay? There would be more pine needles on it if it had sat there for 50 years

someone was too stupid to put a tarp over it, the vinyl top is long gone

this is a prime example to why I have a tag for neglected,

and a tag for abandoned,

because sometimes they are not the same, sometimes

looks like the engine was pulled, then this 390 4v AMX was abandoned in the barn. So long ago mold is growing on it

The source says it has been left there since 82

one owner neglected outdoor 1968 Corvette with a 427 and a 4-Speed, finally found and bought after sitting since 1984

That 68 Road Runner convertible must be better cared for, the top is still intact and the rear window is clear

seems like someone bought a crashed tv show car, to be yard art. I suppose if the stunt car driver, or tv show producer had it in their yard, that would be cool, as a monument to their history

all blower and no brakes resulted in a panic decision it to stop it with a last ditch effort, ironic pun intended (see! I can be a writer!)

you probably aren't familiar with the old jargon phrase "last ditch effort" from the 1800s if you are using google translate, or know English as a 2nd language.

 Last-ditch effort -
last-ditch effort. A desperate final attempt, as in We're making a last-ditch effort to finish on time. This expression alludes to the military sense of last ditch, “the last line of defense.” Its figurative use dates from the early 1800s.

Well, I tell ya folks, trying to be funny when you aren't funny gets strange results.

Abandoned in Puerto Rico

They are still out there

Must be nice to be able to store a numbers matching 383 4 speed '68 Charger because of a broken fuel pump for 17 years. But finally, someone wised up and decided to sell this Charger to got this out of the penalty box in Albuquerque

ESPN is going to show a four-hour, two-part film on the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, who won seven consecutive Tour de France from 1999 to 2005 without the testing catching him using performance boosting drugs

The first part of the documentary will debut on Sunday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. Followed by the conclusion on Sunday, May 31 at 9 p.m. ET.

parking to close is playing "fuck around and find out" with the trucks trailer hitch

Hitch, strange name for a towing attachment.    Noun   "A knot that attaches to an object."
"to fasten something to another thing by tying it with a rope or using a metal hook"

Transitive "to fasten something such as a trailer to the back of a car"

Verb  " move (something) into a different position with a jerk. "

interesting border fence documentary, it seems a side effect of building the new fence is the new improved road along it, and levees to deal with flooding in places (turn down your speakers)

if this upsets you because of immigration across open borders, or political rhetoric, or all the other baggage associated with Mexicans and detention of crossing over into the USA with out a passport, take all that unpleasantness to someone else, like, a border patrol office, or a poltician.

This post is for the road that runs nearly the length of the border between two countries, which may be unique, I simply have never heard about other countries having the illegal immigration problem that Mexico does.

I suppose that exodus from the middle east into Europe in 2018-19 certainly qualifies, except Mexico has a steady half million a year or so, for decades, crossing into the USA illegally.

I doubt any two countries sharing a border elsewhere in the world have a similar difference of culture and economies as the USA Mexico situation has for the past 100 years

By the way, immigrants are terrific, the presidents wife is one, by the way. 3 of my 4 aunts are all from other countries. Italy, Canada, and Thailand. So, don't try to pick a fight about immigrants, I'm all for moving from country to country, I've been to 9 myself. The thing I have in common with most people is the problem with Mexicans and Central Americans not getting the immigration done legally. All the paperwork, all the documents, licenses, certificates, the same ones I and you have to have, present, and drag along every time we apply for a job, a loan, etc etc. It wold be nice if they could speak English too, but hey, that's a difficult thing to learn. Again, 3 aunts, all learned English.

If there's a country that does not require the people to pay taxes, have a birth certificate, drivers license, etc, I've never learned of it. Most countries are far more tyrannical about it... think about North Korea, China, Australia, England, etc. 

Peer-to-peer camper rental service RVshare is already reporting a 650% spike in RV and trailer bookings since the start of April.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Wow, look at this full race Boss 302 mike found today! Joe just bought this 2 weeks ago, and he's heading to the races today

I'm impressed, I don't think I've seen a stripped down postal delivery Jeep made into a 4x4 until now

this license plate could be a phone number.

This clown has no clue how to drive. How they are smart enough to earn enough to buy this car, and afford insurance, but not smart enough to stay in the damn lane to trigger the stop light? Morons everywhere

It's common knowledge that there are sensors for the stop lights right where a car would stop for the stop light, right? You CAN SEE the circular sensor right there:

Spotted in the neighborhood

either she's drinking and driving, with the kids in the car, or that's her dip spit bottle

neat trick

what could go wrong?