Saturday, April 20, 2013

1904 Columbus high wheeler


might appear to be a minimal amount of braking ability, but this wasn't ever going to move very fast

above and below are just a look at the most that the era could come up with to make a top that kept out the weather and sun. It's better than riding a horse though

a simple time of advertising, when it was high quality paintings of art

screen saves from "Tales of the Rat Fink" the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth bio pic

Good way to introduce the chapter about the Revell kit car association that Ed had.

It's a photo depicting the evolution of the flamed car, and gives Ed a lot of credit for this happening. I'm not saying anyone invented the flamejob, or that Ed did or didn't, just explaining the photos relevance here

It's got a look at the t-shirt and sweater business the Ed was instrumental in (Along with Von Dutch, Barris, and the guy with the one dollar GT 40, can't remember his name)

though it didn't cover much about the cars that Ed himself owned, it did show this 57 Chev a couple times

it had a bit of El Mirage coverage

1967, an airfield in Vietnam, lots of helos, lots of planes

thanks Randy!

one of the first rules of safe driving, always look in the back seat for a killer hiding in your car. Here is the proof that it's happened during movie making of the London to Brighton Run movie, "Genevieve"

you decide if it's a killer, bad editting that kept the sequence in the film where a dog handler was visible on screen, or the actress was missing her location and moved when she wasn't supposed to.

But I've seen Zombieland, and rule number 10 is always look in the back seat

La Carrera Panamerica, by Pink Floyd, the documentary of 1992

this video was a good look at the 1990's running of the race, and it included clips from the 1950's and 60's to show the history of the race. It did a good job of explaining what brought the race to being, and how it's changed.

One of the most unusual cars that has been in the race is the above, which I think is a Cadillac with an airplane greenhouse mated to the top instead of the cars windows, A and C pillars, and roof

it appears in the video at minute 56 and 50 seconds , and 57 and 10 seconds

A Cord on El Mirage in the 1950's, hot rodded and racing the clock

a new way to use old skate boards

In San Diego a lot of curb utility cabinets are painted with art, this is even better, it's made up like a Snap On tool box because it's in a service station parking lot

Brass era Maxwell, on display at the LaJolla concours


above, Stewart Speedometer Mileage Recorder... Stewart &Clark Mfg co