Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Dynaliner returned to SEMA, it is a thorough tribute to hot rodding... great details to admire all over

check the spreader bar, it's a Ford wishbone! Now... that, that is very cool! The grill has 32 teeth

Bitching hood prop!
 SCOT supercharger? I didn't get a close look, but I think so

 I dig the speedometer 6 in one guage set, the cool steering wheel, the ashtray, the timing stopwatch, and the "Speed King" drum set gas pedal (posted that a couple years ago

cool trunk stuff...

Read about all the cool trunk stuff at

Winner of the Mopar at the Strip "Best of Show", Weaver's Custom made a cool 1970 Challenger

other awards? Yes, it's won a few:
2011 Utah Autorama Special Interest
2011 World's Ultimate Mopar Modified
2011 Mopar Action Best in Show
2011 Goodguys Builders Choice Snap On Best Innovation

And is, or was, for sale at $200,000

Justacargal... good car photography, here are a couple I've admired for her photos, plus the humor she posts every Wednesday, also, for all the ones I've posted before she had her blog

2nd generation Vette looks, but 6th gen performance and interior. Check out this split window Edelbrock Vette look alike

Karl Kustom Corvettes turns classic Corvettes like the, 1963 Corvette Split Window (Coupe) and the 1967 Corvette Convertible (Roadster), inside out to create a distinctive ride. Karl Kustom Corvettes gives drivers the comfort, power and engineering of today's C6…all shelled in the breathtaking body style of a Mid-year.

Garage Style magazine gave away 3 issues at SEMA! I scored! Good for you too, 'cause you know I share

their online is at stay tuned for the cool stuff from these past issues

I just posted more beautful women on my Tumblr gallery of beautiful women

These are to indicate the level of beautiful

Beauty  so enjoy. If any one of them don't measure up, let me know, and those photos will be deleted so that the complete collection's level of excellence is improved

late 1960's early 1970's dragsters and the haulers they got rides on

all found on a thread on Moparts about Mopar haulers and the race cars... very cool stuff, two of my favorite topics