Saturday, December 26, 2020

there must have been a good story behind this

A combination allowed in Oregon in the 1950s.

Frances McDormand is living in a van, trekking across the country in the movie - Nomadland.

someone with a time machine please go back and smack this kid upside the head before he gets his bike on the back of this car's good paint

I bet the damn bonehead is trying to figure out how to do BMX tricks

Skiiing in Rhode Island with a convertible Cadillac. I bet he was damn glad that caddy had a heater

the Chicago Blizzard of '79

Cops, synonymous with assholes

Elm Street in the South Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado after the 1982 snowstorm.

what an unusual photo.. . must have been a lot of water frozen around the cars... from the way there are chunks of ice on the yards in the distance. Maybe a broken water main

I wish my grand dads had lived long enough for me to talk to them about guy stuff... trucks, boats, hunting, guns, snowmobiles, trapping, tools, farming, etc

Someone in Brazil made a Herbie with some special tricks! How they made the hubcap pop off, I can not figure out! Great job! Thank you Rodrigo!

Sanders & Rudolph Z11 raced by Frank Sanders out of Rudolph Chevrolet. 430 hp on the front fender, aluminum fender "do not touch" lettering. Interesting sponsorship by the Sahara casino hotel

nice looking trailer, odd looking topper on the back of the truck. Might be custom made for work tools?

I wonder, did most 50s and 60s cars come with trailer hitches, ready to mount a trailer and go camping, or were they all added? Can todays cars get a trailer hitch added and pull a regular size camper trailer or boat trailer?

Thank you Mike and Linda for the coffee and pizza gift cards!

Peter Sellers in a tacky film from 1968 that parodies the 1960s counterculture: "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" The title is a reference to writer Alice B. Toklas, who wrote a recipe for making cannabis Brownies released in 1954.


It features music by Harpers Bizarre.

I don't think I've ever seen a "Stop" sign like this before... but some of you have, and recognized that it's a stop sign for the trolley car... (thanks Steve!)

 That PCC (Presidents’ Conference Committee) streetcar/tram is on Pittsburgh's No. 13 (Emsworth) route on Center Ave., just about to cross North St. That route was in operation from at least 1915 to September 3, 1966.

visually impressive!

there is no way I'd take my car over a jump, that seems like a sure way to break the suspension

Friday, December 25, 2020

what a cool looking car


Seen after work on I 15 Thursday night, heading for the 52

I bet this is a blast to drive

what a cool little VW bug... they put just the right amount of christmas lights on it

1922 Custer Car. I haven't seen a photo of a Custer car in a long time

planes without wings

Go Pro biking footage

someone is biking across America, (loop style) and blogging about it!

I don't have time enough to get into the pages and photos they've posted in the past 52 days, in order to get into specifics like names, etc etc

But maybe you do, and want to start reading along with a new adventure... 

I'll try to make time later, but time is something I can do nothing about except see how much I can get done each day.... with blogging, relaxing, cat sitting for a friend who had to go stay with her parents in her dad's last 2 weeks to live (cancer - fuck you cancer) and now will stay with her mom for a couple weeks until she gets her sea legs under her as this will be the first time in 80s some years that she's ever lived alone, and finally, I'll be taking some guitar lessons thanks to my good friend I'm cat sitting for. (this wasn't a trade, it was coincidence. She asked me months ago what I wanted for xmas... and cancer struck her dad hard and fast, and metastasized fast) so with things, and a job, there's very little time for me to be reading about weeks of a bike ride in order to make a decent post this afternoon

from Brian and Cole at Sonne Farms

this is a weird one, I don't think I've seen a license plate with this much blank area on a regular ordinary car before

so, if you were wanting the California license plate 'Jeepee' now you know what it's being wasted on

seen on the way to work Thursday morning


Merry Christmas!