Saturday, July 09, 2022

Every now and then this deep hole develops at the Laughlin Rage at the River causing total mayhem for any team unaware of its existence.

Sure would have been sweet to see this $200,000 64 Comet with a 1300 hp big ol Merlin motor at SEMA, but, it wasn't built with brakes that could stop it, when the accelerator stuck at 2200 rpm, and the driver had been riding the brakes to compensate. A PSA from Jim! Thank you Jim!


and when driving down the street, there was nothing to do but panic when the brakes couldn't slow it down. So they crashed into an SUV

Thank you Jim!

New to me, orange and white lane dividing markers

It turns out to just be nothing but a visual cue that the BIG empty area between northbound, and southbound, that you see on the left of both photos, is a construction zone. 
the variation in the stripes, above photo to below photo, is to give the drivers the hint that they are either Northbound, or south bound. No, really? The govt thinks that the drivers can, figure that out with the color and stripes, without getting on their phones, while driving? Or, that the drivers don't already know if they are headed north, or south, and need the help? 
Just more wasted taxpayer dollars, used for paint, that will be ignored, instead of putting the money into fixing potholes. Damn govt morons. 

but different in areas miles apart

thank you Chuck! 

a family outing about a hundred years ago... do you figure that is a Franklin?

it could be a 9A Franklin, or a 1916 Studebaker, see this for comparison 

My sister found some photos of our great grandfather, here in a WW1 photo, possibly a bootcamp or school photo, as no one has rank, and they are all wearing those dress leggings.


this is odd, a 90s? flare side Dodge truck

Friday, July 08, 2022

the lucky winner got a new 68 Charger for every day of the week

A carriage from WW2, that started off as a kitchen carriage for troop trains carrying soldiers to the East Coast is at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Now called Platform 1346, the owners originally found it in Florida where they snapped it up during a military surplus auction, according to Levi Kelly. A piece of what was once a troop train, it is now somewhat famous for its status as a stunning renovation project and unique rental home, which is why it has been featured on both the Travel Channel and NBC's Today show

holy crap I found a snowflake on the blog today, and yes, she was offended at something someone said. SO, here's what she wrote, and my reply. You know, for your entertainment


4 speed, supercharged, white Hertz GT 350 coming to auction again. One of only 71 in white


full gallery at

seen in the mall parking lot the other day, a Kia done up like Lightning McQueen


Thursday, July 07, 2022

Coffee and donuts video, Happy Friday! 300 mountain bikers, 15 kilometers, in Peru

It's been a long time since I've seen a sound train

To see the others I've posted over the years:
there was a lot of variety over a decade, by a lot of different characters, with many different vehicles

I didn't know that Hurst had made a bicycle deal with Schwinn

do you recall the movie Jackie Brown? Where a black flight attendant smuggled drugs through airport security? Well, in 2015-2016, it happened for real, and the flight attendant was a former track star, and the drug guy's name was Brown

She was carrying 60 pounds of cocaine when busted, because a random TSA security screening took her by surprise. 

On six occasions between October 2015 and March 2016, Gaston Brown, 42, of Clarendon, Jamaica, paid JetBlue flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds, 35, of New York, to transport cocaine and drug money across the country.

 Brown paid her to carry the drugs and cash in suitcases through “known crewmember” checkpoints at LAX and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Reynolds, a 31-year-old Jamaican-born U.S. citizen, graduated from New York University and ran track there. She was a runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World 2008 pageant

Gaston Brown, 42, of Clarendon, Jamaica,

coming to auction in October, an original Coca-Cola delivery truck, at Matthews Auctions-Polk Auctions

front page of the Seattle 1904 Automobile section

Ukraine figured out how to slow down Russia, burn their tanks and heavy armored vehicles. Russian repair centers won't fix burnt tanks (BER) beyond economic repair

Russian repair plants refuse to repair military heavy armored vehicles returned from the war in Ukraine. This includes mostly tanks and armored vehicles for the infantry. The reason: much of the equipment is returned with burnt bodies and repair is impossible.

Reports of problems with heavy military equipment and the inability to carry out quality repairs, both in the field and in the repair plants of the Russian Federation, appeared as early as May. Several train sets were then seen transporting obsolete T-62M and T-62МВ tanks into the interior of Ukraine, the tanks being mobilized and taken from the reserve as well as from the inventory of military units in Tajikistan, Libya, and Syria.

The Cityrama bus is unrestored and yet still drivable, it arrived at a car show and let people know it's now going to get restored as a fundraiser

A new group of enthusiasts have banded together to restore the bus with a company called Normandy Classics, and its visit to the car event was to help generate publicity for a fundraiser.

a day two 69 Camaro with black wall tires on Cragar SS, a thing of beauty

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

steep slippery street to avoid

one by Rolling Bones

if they were only affordable to build or buy on a 40k income, that would be heaven.

you can get 50 undrilled washers at the bank for 50 cents, then drill then to any of dozens for sizes

Steve saw this on last nights walk, thanks Steve!

Shirley Temple in "Now and Forever" 1934 Paramount (running around town with a sailor? Nothing good will come of that! )

I wonder what the trucks were for, they look like they could handle towing customer cars..

Haneda Airport in Japan has a vending machine, and a shop, selling frozen in-flight meals that passengers from Japan get on flights. That's bizarre.

The airline food by Cosmo Company, which provides in-flight meals to big airline companies like Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Air New Zealand, can be purchased by fans of the meals, who want more, before or after, a flight.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

this R/T SE Charger was driven for only six years and then spent almost 43 years in a garage in Garland Texas, since 1979

mechanical eye candy

Josh is such a talented artist and welder


Presidents used to do cool stuff, President Roosevelt sent a letter to Mr. Parker congratulating him on being the oldest man in the US to own and operate a gas station at that time. Jesse Parker of Nacogdoches

I am working through notes on my family tree, and one of my maternal great grandmothers father's fathers' mother in law, Sarah Langridge 1826-1930, received a letter signed by Presidents Hoover AND President Coolidge! 

She had the distinction of having received congratulatory telegrams from two presidents, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover and from Governor Green, who held office after she had reached the age of 100.

Born in Sussex, England, she came to America when she was three years old with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Langridge, who settled in Monroe county, New York. She was married when she was 23 years old, to John Williams, and she and her husband immediately set out for Wisconsin, making the trip from Buffalo to Detroit on a sailing vessel, and thence by ox-team across Michigan through Marshall to Chicago, which was then merely a village of log houses. She had 14 children.

Mr. Williams passed away 48 years before she did. 

Born when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were still alive, Mrs. Williams almost up to the day of her death, could recount many interesting events of the pioneer days of New York, Michigan and Wisconsin.

I really enjoyed the hell out of doing my family tree, extensively, back to about 1550,  in order to track all ancestors back to which country they came from, because (if you're American you'll understand, if you're a citizen of other countries, I don't know how you feel about ancestors and immigration) us Americans are proud that our ancestors are from other countries, made the effort to suffer through adventures and travel, under primitive sailing ships across the Atlantic, to be pioneers in a mostly empty continent, farming, hunting, trapping, and building a new country. 

New countries are exceedingly rare, as are nearly uninhabited continents. Yes, I know, there were people here, but 500,000 indigenous on the continent of North America, is one empty continent. Ditto Australia before the Brits sent the prisoners there. I can look at suburbs of San Diego and Los Angeles with 500k people. I've been to conventions with 1/2 that many people. 500k is not many, when they are all over a continent. 

It's not just me, it's a lot of us, right?

the internet is always a day late providing me with holiday appropriate images

1896 America bicycle