Saturday, December 30, 2017

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Grand Prix, a vintage race car hillclimb

Floyd Clymer, famous for automotive books, also won the 1st Pike Peak climb on an Excelsior, decided in 1967 to have Friedl Münch develop a modern Indian Scout, in hope of reviving the marque.

using Evel Knievel's indy car to mess with the meter maid

How to pronounce french car names

November 1912 in a Parisian Theatre, they were really in for a show! This looks like the #1 car goes for a flip and landing, and the #2 car races under it

the Lovejoy shock absorber? That's a weird name for a shock absorber

could that have inspired the Delco company to name their air shock the Pleasurizer?

they pulled it over for not having mirrors, no one was surprised it wasn't insured (thanks Steve!)

no windows, no bumpers... these are simply things removed to enter it an the demolition derby... but mirrors? That's something the cops are certain to want you to have. You know, in case you can't turn around and look out the .... missing windows. I bet there is a hell of a nice unobstructed view from inside this car!

wow, I've only seen one Pullman bodied car before, online..... a 1926, Here are a couple 1913s and an advert

1920 Velie model 34

William Lamb Velie, the grandson of John Deere, started the Velie Carriage Company in 1902 in Moline, Illinois. By 1909, he switched to automobiles and incorporated the Velie Motor Vehicle Company.

 While the Velie used supplied engines in its first two model years, the company switched to its own four-cylinder engine in 1911, the same year a Velie driven by Howard Hall entered the inaugural Indianapolis 500.

The company continued to build automobiles – including a six-cylinder and an eight-cylinder – through 1928.

Columbia Electric Anheuser Busch Budweiser delivery electric trucks

a lot of people still have chritmas decorations up, so, here's a few more images to share. Why hold onto them until next year

the 1968 McLaren M6b running around the Infineon raceway

1955 Ferrari 121 LM

I thought more rich people would enjoy their Lambos and Ferraris on amateur races... I was wrong. But, here is a Murcielago screaming up Lückendorf

a tiny bit too close for the expensive cars of Ferrari

From what I've heard, those VWs did not have a lot of power to get up hill on their own, I bet towing was a chore!

Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

It's time for a new calendar, but where can you find one as cool as the 60's and 70's pin up calendars?

skip the 1st 45 seconds

When you are built to last, but your foundation isn't, the bridge over the Williams River in Chester, VT. The flood caused by tropical storm Irene moved the 112-ft-long through truss on Green Mountain Railway (thanks Burkey)

just a symptom of a lack of infrastructure inspections and spending in 113 years, and one tropical storm Irene which caused 5 inches of rain

Pushed off it's moorings about 25° and only two bearings (of four) were in contact with the ground and the east side of the bridge had dropped several feet.  Fortunately, the superstructure had sustained no damage, except for the bearings.

for you other Californians curious about where the DOT will be working on roads, there is an online map

below is just the state projects

and below are the city and local projects (just change the setting selection on the map)