Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sitting and Rusting thread on the HAMB

Sitting for 35 years.
the size of the tree trunk though this body indicates many decades of not being disturbed

The above is a DeSoto converted into a truck because the owner had a body shop, but not cash for a truck

More unusual stuff from the HAMB thread "Vintage shots from days gone by"

Annette on a scooter
Amelia Earhart with the scooter

General Eisenhower chats with Omar Bradley leaning against his '41 Clipper staff car

Aerodynamic trucks and trailers

a Sydney R1-class tram getting relocated (Thanks Graham!)

Sept 1949 Popular mechanics

Not sure what the above vehicle is

Kaiser factory that made aircraft

Ever see any racing Hudson Terraplanes before?

What a great steering wheel, look slike it'a at a car show (from the I.D. board in the window)

Friday, December 17, 2010

1969 David Pearson #17 Holman Moody Ford Torino Cobra Talledega, is it the same car as the one in my banner?

Here's the original that I used for my banner above, it must be the following car... just different graphics due to circumstances

Holman Moody prepared Ford's first purpose-built NASCAR racer, the Torino Talledega, for Pearson, who won 11 races and his third championship.

this photo from August 1969 was sent to me by Bruce Nettles, his dad took the photo... thanks!

the 1903 Oldsmobile runabout, usually called the curved dash Olds...

Was first to be put together on an assembly line, predating the Ford vehicles, and never getting proper mention in the history books for that.

Also, first automobile to outsell electric and steam powered machines.

MIckey Thompson's 1969 Mustang he used to break 295 speed and endurance records

Caradisiac... lots of interesting trucks to find there

This looks like something from the 1910's or 20's that had a crane mounted on the back decades after the truck was made

WW2 military Dodge Power Wagon that was made into a fire company auxillary vehicle

I hope the car was parked and empty when it was stepped on by this big truck

From Caradisiac

Unique method of loading a forklift on a trailer

7 Hp Duryea was the first automobile attempt to drive from coast to coast, in 1899

Above are a couple of guys with a REO Mountaineer, 1906... and have nothing but the similar cross country in an early car rlevance, to this story that follows (photo from )

after the Louise and John Davis car with the backing of two newspapers left New York City they had about made it to Syracuse, and were passed by a one armed bicyclist that had left new York City 10 days after the car had.

Winton tried it 2 years later in May of 1901, but only made it 530 miles from San Fran in route to New York when he was hopelessly stuck in a sand drift

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Innovative hot rodders made a fifth wheel trailer to haul their club slingshot, mate up with their hot rod. That has to be unique! It's awesome!

The photo was labeled the 1960 Detroit Trotters Ohio race team.

What the hell? Another elephant! In a 1914 Model T

Why am I seeing elephants in car photos so much lately? and of course the stop light elephant

Photo from

innovative tool use by clamping the wrench to the work bench, it frees the mechanics hands, and doesn't require using the vise

Why do people with white dogs rent cars with black interiors? It's wrong to leave all this dog hair in a rental

pardon the lousy photos, but cell phone cameras aren't sophisticated about colors, contrast, and all the finer points of photography