Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A website for Vespa's and other scooters, and the people who love them

This is the only intersting picture I found there, but ordinary scooters aren't my thing

London double decker buses circle track racing

Redefining Mini vans, and emulating the 70's California surf vans, Japanese Style

The above is named Papa Rider

Dream Factory Blow is the company, is the website of a innovative 7 person company in Japan that customizes small Japanese vans, cars, trucks etc... to make them look like 60's and 70's vehicles. Read the several page article, it has great pictures, from Winding Road.


Gotta show more love for Winding Road, they have some cool stuff!

Cat in the Hat movie car for sale on Ebay

2 days left, they'd like 3 million, but bidding is only around 30 thou at the moment. Stupid sellers, they should just go to a big Arizona auction. Nothing gets higher bids than the big Barrett - Jackson, or RM auctions... certainly not Ebay bidders. Not anywhere near the publicity to notify the rich investment types that something interesting is on an Ebay auction.

2009 Mustang to have optional glass roof, taken from the Italian prototype?

Not quite as cool, but I'm thinking it isn't coincidence that the Giugiaro Mustang concept below happened first. For more on the Italian concept see:


Monday, December 10, 2007

The 1995 "Batman Forever" car just sold for $297,000

Best gallery here:

Though estimated at around $800,000, the buyer paid “only” $297,000. And if you think that’s much, you should know that the car cost around $2,800,000 to make ($2.5 mil for the mold, plus extra $300,000 for completion).

About 6 2008 Challengers already being sold on EBay by dealerships for 20-30 thou over MSRP of 39K

for the listings of all the Challengers try this link or use the words "2008 Dodge challenger"

25 car collection barn find

Via the Garageblog October 3rd posting,

Gives lots of pictures of a big barn in Massachusetts full of 1920's and 30's cars that haven't seen sunlight for decades.

the collection was from a guy and his dad who ran a service station, their collection was gathered for decades, and includes these 21 cars. The other 4 don't seem to be called out in the article.

a 1903 steam-powered Locomobile runabout
1911 Model T Ford touring
1912 Pierce.
1912 Pierce Model 36 Brougham
1916 Stanley touring
1916 Overland four-cylinder touring,
1917 Empire touring car powered by six-cylinder Continental engine,
1920s Moon coupe
1923 Dagmar.
1925 Pierce-Arrow Model 80 sedan,
1931 Renault town car
1934 Packard Junior Eight sedan
1935 sedan
1937 Packard Twelve,
1937 Cadillac V-8 convertible sedan
1939 Judkins limousine
three Lincoln Model Ks with 12-cylinder engines
The Brunn transformable town car
and a 1954 Packard Clipper.