Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rally Fighters, by Local Motors, last seen in the Transformers movie #4, but seen in 4 places at SEMA 2014: 2 booths inside, 1 tent outside, and one in the row of show cars

Roadster Shop Charger, named Sliced

Another good one from Dirty Old Trucker

Bang and Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle present: the coolest Valiant we're probably going to see, possibly the most race ready since the SCCA racers in the late 60s.

Powered by an Indy headed and aluminum block based 528ci Chrysler wedge engine with Hilborn stack EFI, backed with a Tremec six speed manual transmission that has a McLeod clutch, a Moser rear axle, Alcon brakes and RideTech suspension components for more info about it

there were at least 3 Hemi Barracudas at SEMA this year, that is a very cool trend