Saturday, November 07, 2015

Boosted Bela, the 56 Chev... from a field in Memphis to the Mobil One booth at SEMA, built by Retro Designs Speed & Custom and Chevrolet Performance’s hot rodding and racing arm, The Block. The interior is a stunning masterwork by Steve Kurzman of The Custom Stitching Co..

the interior is incredible, and only the full photos of it at  do it justice

This was a project car for Chevrolet, they built it from a field found wreck, and have an entire website dedicated to it, where you can see the build, the design evolution, and tons of photos

and for the way it looked when they found it

two cars from "Furious 7" were at SEMA this year, the Charger and Challenger that were sky dropped

one engine builder's booth had an incredible collection of old parts packages, tins, and boxes

Cragar had a cool booth at SEMA, and an awesome guitar for a drawing prize

Coker Tire has a nice booth at SEMA each year, I was finally able to get a photo of it without a crowd

this cool sign was hang from the rafters, not many companies exhibit a cool old sign along with a cool booth

Galpin Auto Sports brought a funny car Maverick

the Stampede Rod by Welder Up

The interior of the Stampede Rod was created Leonard Payne of Wicked Stitches Las Vegas who didn't do me the courtesy of giving me credit when using my photos on their facebook page. Strange people go asking for credit when not doing likewise, especially when taking and using what doesn't belong to them from the very guy they ask to give them credit.

Toyo Tires sponsored a lot of vehicles, and they included the only IH Scout I saw at SEMA

the Golden Empress

not "just another boat tail"