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1954 La Carrera Panamerica

Which came first the wreck or the busted rim...? This is why George Hurst went overboard on safety with his rims.

a few people think this is the right thing to do with muscle cars. Try to teach them not to, please

light blue top with a moon roof? Uggg. I can't see what the mural is about... could be smurfs, I don't know. It's a 68 Road Runner though

this GTX might be considered worse, that's carpet or cloth under the hood, t tops, and a roll bar.

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1918 gas station converted into a house

An upcoming documentary about the 1950-54 La Carrera Panamericana

on the La Carrera Panamericana in 1953, a Packard with customized body by Carrozzeria Rocco Motto of Turin

Carnage on the 2011 Carrera Panamericana

I've seen short vans, short Bugs, but a Dart?

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I just learned that there is a CARtoons Facebook page

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Original GT 40 chassis under a van.. imagine finding this van after 40 years of obscurity

The Supervan first appeared at the Easter 1971 meeting at Brands Hatch. A GT40 chassis and its mid-engined 400 bhp Ford V8 gave a standard pressed-steel Mark 1 Transit bodyshell a claimed top speed of around 150 mph. The vehicle had been built for Ford by Terry Drury Racing. Externally the van appeared very like a standard Transit, in Ford’s racing livery of white with low horizontal triple blue stripes.

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Hilton hotels.. sure treat their customers well... they stored a Miura for 40 years! No engine, but a good historical story, Onassis gave it to a singer.

In the 1960's there was a Greek singer named Stamatis Kokotas, he was popular and one of his fans was multi-millionaire Aristotle Onassis. Kokotas was also an accomplished amture rally driver and Onassis thought that the 1969 Lamborghini would make a fine token of his appreciation, so Kokotas joined the ranks of many famous singing Miura owners like Frank Sinatra

By 1972 Stamatis had racked up 50,000 miles when the car broke down. The local mechanics decided it the exotic powertrain was far too much for them and advised Stamatis to ship the engine to Lamborghini in Sant'Agata for repair. The car sans its engine was stored in the Athens Hilton, where it sat for over 40 years, until the hotel was forced to move it because of renovations. Jump ahead to 2012 and the car went up for auction at the Coys sale in the UK, but even at $483,210 it did not hit the reserve. Since not selling at auction the car has not been seen.

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If I could afford to find and purchase a couple rims, these would be the two I'd want the most

Shelby Cobra Daytona above, Lamborghini Muira below

Top Gear season 14 went to the North Pole, and about 10 miles from it found this C-47

the 3 mile perfect circle of Corona (is that the origin of Perfect Circle piston rings?)

then and now...

Thansk Steve!

Imagine an America where races took place on public roads, before street signs, before highway patrol and patrol cruisers, before speed limits.

It'll never happen again.

NHTSA might not give this the thumbs up, but it's damn cool looking

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