Saturday, June 10, 2023

unlike the disappointing turn out at El Cajon and La Mesa, Escondido's weekly Friday night cruise was at it's usual full turn out strength

Ultravan #227

70 Hemi Charger was interesting to look at, but this is the first time I've seen a Hurst shifter installed under the console

nice 55

It's been a long time since I've seen a B&M Quick Silver

a Mercury twin cab truck? I don't think I've seen one before

nice Bullitt tribute

I don't think I've ever posted a Gran Torino

Sweet Glasspar at the Escondido cruise last night

I found a Charger that seems to have original tires at the Escondido weekly Friday night cruise

Friday, June 09, 2023

I hope he had a go pro mounted to the inside of the windshield, that video would be epic!

He must have wanted to launch into the water

40% of street lights are out on LA freeways, because the copper thieves are so fast, and Caltrans cuts back on repair electricians by 22%, despite a 19 billion dollar budget. This results in a LOT of exit signs being dark, the lights not getting power. KCAL did a good video presentation

you can tell a lot from a photo... He must’ve said “that ain’t goin no where” while he was strapping it down. He must not have known how to load a tractor, heavy end on the trailer tongue (back it onto the trailer)

I was realizing this morning that a whole week had passed without me hearing of a train derailing (unlike last months ridiculous every other day derailment) but then? This hit the news

“BNSF Railway can confirm that at approximately 11:20 pm on June 7th, approximately 20 automobile cars derailed in Williams, AZ

I'll guess that from this photo of the wreck happening in front of a house, and junkyard, the cause of the derailment was the people at the house, or the junkyard, but you know, I could just be clairvoyant like that

heh heh

the Porsche Taycan Turbo S - doesn't have a turbo

 it's an electric car. 

What is that turbo nonsense about? 

cool innovative way to mount your battery in the trunk, but inside a tool box

Carroll Shelby had driven, and raced, a lot of Ferrari in his career

In August 2004 Hurricane Charley ripped through Florida and destroyed a warehouse that was storing a Ferrari collection worth about 15 million

The Ferraris were assembled and owned by a Florida real-estate developer named Walter Medlin, who in the 1990s ran into some trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS seized three of the cars for non-payment: a relatively nondescript 1976 308 GTB, but also some very historic racers, a 1966 P3 and a 1967 P4.

The remaining 20 cars, still showing their hurricane damage, are to be auctioned separately, without reserve on Aug. 17 by RM Sotheby’s during Car Week in Monterey, California.

“The collection has been in Indiana for a decade, across the street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” Keast said. “They’re still covered in dust, sitting on flat tires and not running, basically as they were when the barn collapsed on them.”

notable is a 1956 250 GT Coupe Special by Pinin Farina with Superamerica-style bodywork. The first owner was King Mohammed V of Morocco.