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Prince de Faucigny-Lucinge et Coligny, of France, financed his racing career in part by selling off a family castle and vast domain of Coat-an-Noz in 1923.

The Prince’s nineteenth-place finish at the 1923 Indy was his best performance.

Other participation included that year’s Grand Prix of France held at Tours and the 1924 inaugural event at the Montlhéry Circuit south of Paris.

During the late 1950s, chassis no. 4004 was mated with the engine from its sibling no. 4006. This latter engine had powered a land speed record attempt at California’s Muroc Dry Lake in 1929.

the Shell Eco Marathon proved that ridiculously high mpg numbers can be attained

1950 Opel 376 mpg and it was done in 1973, with a 23 year old car. The mileage competition was over a 10 mile course with a minimum speed of 10 mph average enforced. This Opel is now in Seattle Washington

In 1939, a group of Shell scientists based in a research laboratory in Wood River, Illinois, USA, had a friendly bet to see who could drive their own car furthest on one gallon of fuel. The winner managed a distance of 21.12 km/L (59.7 mpg‑imp; 49.7 mpg‑US). A repeat of the challenge yielded dramatically improved results over the years:

149.95 MPG with a 1947 Studebaker in 1949
244.35 MPG with a 1959 Fiat 600 in 1968
376.59 MPG with a 1959 Opel in 1973.

1924 Chevy 168.47 MPG, this is now in the Wood River Museum in Roxana Illinois where they used to have the Shell garage that had the contest

244 MPG Fiat 600

The 1968 Shell Mileage Marathon Fiat achieved a new fuel mileage record of 244mpg. It was then stored and later moved in the 1980's  to Talladega Raceway park where it was found in 2005, weathered and deteriorated

good idea

Foam fire fighting truck, 1929, Long Beach, with the Bright Bumper, so recently identified

1907 Rambler fire engine in front of Fire Station No. 2

Engine Company Number 1, Long Beach fire dept

Jeepers Jamboree 1966, and the Meyers Manx and other home built buggies (Thanks Iain!)

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Iraqi tank ends up on Ebay, and a collector bought it. He found 3.2 million dollars of gold in it's fuel tank that was stolen from Kuwait by Iraqi's under Hussein's forces in the 1990 invasion (Gulf War 1)

A tank collector in the United Kingdom and his mechanic opened his newly purchased tank's diesel fuel tanks. Inside were gold bars totaling approximately $2.4 million dollars. Mead found the tank, an ex-Iraqi Army Type 69, on sale on eBay.

The collector and his mechanic had already found machine gun ammunition in the armored vehicle and wanted video proof in case more ammunition was found. They pulled out five gold bars weighing about twelve pounds worth an estimated $2.4 million.

Six months after the end of the war, Iraqi authorities returned 3,216 gold bars under UN supervision. Others they either didn't know about, or missed

The exact history of this tank is unknown but it was built in the early 1980s and has just 1507 miles on the clock.

Remote Control car races in Italy, these things are wicked fast

lets debunk an urban myth right now... Nancy Pelosi wasn't Miss Lube Rack, Was NOT. Seriously, why make that crap up? Isn't her factual record bad enough to make you want to take a Silkwood shower?

In 1951 the Muller Bros., an Oldsmobile-Firestone Tire-Car Wash-Cafe-Body Shop-Home Appliance-Auto Supply Dealer located at Sunset and Ivar in L.A., California named their complex "The Landing." With good reason, they had everything you could want on one lot. It was giant compared to most new and used car dealers of the time, even had a control tower. They came up with the idea to hold a beauty contest to celebrate the 3,000,000th car to be pulled through its car wash. Life Magazine was there to photo-document the PR event

The photo is from 1951, that's why the car on the rack is a 1950 Olds, it would be contemporary. Pelosi was born in 1940. So, obviously an 11 year old wouldn't be standing in this photo as tall as these men.

In 1951 Nancy Pelosi was 11 years old and was living thousands of miles away from Los Angeles in Baltimore, Maryland (her father was mayor of that city from 1947 to 1959)

But that's what spinning around the internet right now.

23 months ago, May 2015, in Waco, Texas, cops killed members of several motorcycle clubs. They still haven't had a trial to provide evidence of why sharpshooters were taking headshots

The news said that the 1st case will go to trial on Monday, April 17, 2017.

Next Monday.

The next one follows in June, with seven cases alternating between Judges Strother and Johnson each month.

Another news source says it will be delayed, because of a change in lawyers, or and that May 22nd was to be the first trial, but now there is no given date for the trial to begin (Same newspaper and writer)

Judge Ralph Strother, of Waco's 19th State District Court, released a panel of 186 potential jurors Friday, who had reported to fill out questionnaires for the trial. Christopher Jacob Carrizal was set to be the first biker tried

Northcutt said Friday he might have to seek another continuance because he still is waiting for the McLennan County District Attorney's Office to provide him with more discovery materials in the case.

"We will have to see, but when you don't have your discovery, it is hard to have a trial," Northcutt said. "We are still waiting, and there is just so much that I don't have at this point."

9 dead guys, 150 charged, and 23 months go by before anyone gets a day in court.

WTF? Are they purposely delaying a trial so cops can retire with benefits before they get their testimony examined as to why they shot people who weren't handling weapons, and why they had sharpshooters surrounding a restaurant ready willing and ipso facto going to kill people

Federal authorities prosecuting top national officers of the Bandidos motorcycle group in San Antonio have information that relates to the May 2015 shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco, but they will not share it with McLennan County prosecutors until after the federal trial, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas said.

Top Truck Challenge, that 3rd video is crazy

wow, I did not think that it would get off the high center

Monster Truck stunts have come a long way since driving over and crushing junkyard cars.... now they do flips, wheelies, and drive on two side wheels

skip two minutes

This reverse wheelie (which seems to be known as a Moonwalk) by Son Ofa Digger had me thinking, they sure have accomplished some stuff I NEVER would have conceived that they could pull off with a monster truck

driving on the side... I can't hardly imagine the difficulty balancing on the side tires

Shows the invention of the front flip

For the invention of the reverse backflip

For the first corkscrew

The double backflip by Max D in June 2015

a couple years before that they perfected the slap wheelie

and earlier in 2013 Max D did a stoppie (30 second mark)

Max D made a "back flip twist" in 2011

the earliest backflip I can find was 2009, but the credit for the 1st known is Larry Quick/Ghost Ryder, 2008.

skip the first 35 seconds

and Cyclones go back were invented earlier than 2007 (a cyclone is a spin around the center of the truck, a donut is a spin around the front bumper)

Most of these I had, but special thanks to Chris of Monster trucking with Jim and Chris! He knew several I didn't, like the corkscrew, earliest backflip, reverse wheelie... sure appreciate the knowledge Chris!

Not that us Mopar fans are bragging, but... Ford and Chevy ain't got shit

Dean Jeffries painting and pintstriping that looks to be heavily influenced by Von Dutch

Some days you know you're going to get bruised, and then your chassis maker will get bruised.... as soon as you can walk again

Douglas Pidcock's 1922 Electric Motorcycle

Originally built from a Douglas 2 3/4 frame then modified with Mr Pidcocks own frame

Mr Pidock converted the motorcycle to use on his daily journey to work at a engineering company in Peterborough during the time of petrol rationing.

The bike was featured in Motor Cycling magazine in 1942 and 1943

Speed is selected by a lever 3 positions 6v, 12v and 18v and the clutch lever operating a Lucas solenoid switch to bring in the motor. The motor is a Morris lorry starter motor.

Thanks Kim!

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early mechanized fire departments in Long Beach and Los Angeles

for a decent movie about the 20s, in color, with lots of cool old cars - Robin and the 7 Hoods

plus, you might get a kick out of the Rat Pack
the songs are lame, lets face it, Sammy singing Bang Bang is dreadful

in 1951, there were 3 cities with pigeonhole parking, and Madison Wisconsin was one.

At the time of this ramps construction in Madison, only two other cities in the country used this method of parking. The original plan for the lot called for a three deck structure that would hold 192 cars. (Wisconsin State Journal, June 30, 1951)

The first commercial pigeon-hole parking unit in the world was built for the Harry S. Manchester department store, behind Manchester's at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and East Dayton Street. The Manchester pigeon-hole parking unit was six stories high and it held 169 cars. The parking is all done mechanically without a hand touching the auto after the driver steps out. The hydraulically-operated lift moves sideways and vertically and can park 169 cars at an average time of 35 seconds per car when operating at peak efficiency. The photo shows an interior view of the parking unit with the mechanical lift at the far end taking a car up.

Vaughn and Leo Sanders grew up in a timber family in northeast Washington. They were loggers who also ran a silver mine and a lumber mill. 

Leo up with the idea of robotic parking valet while operating a forklift at the mill. After serving in World War II, the brothers founded Pigeon Hole Parking in 1947.,Ro:0,N:4294963828-4294955414&dsNavOnly=N:1135&dsRecordDetails=R:IM78176&dsDimensionSearch=D:pigeon+hole+parking,Dxm:All,Dxp:3&dsCompoundDimensionSearch=D:pigeon+hole+parking,Dxm:All,Dxp:3