Friday, March 02, 2018

Coffee and donuts video of the morning. You did want to wake up, right?

gold plated Snap On socket sets, top salesman awards

1920's Snap On Salesmans Sample Socket Set in Original Box

Found at random on Ebay 

The NASCAR hauler parade returned to the Las Vegas Strip last night.

About 40 brightly colored 18-wheeler trucks made their way up Las Vegas Boulevard from the south end of the Strip to Sahara Boulevard then proceeded to Interstate 15 to head to the speedway.

there is a website that pays homage to of NASCAR drivers who finish last

Ironically, Front Row Joe has finished last the most.

Joe Nemechek — dubbed “Front Row Joe” by former teammate Wally Dallenbach Jr. for his proclivity of putting middling cars near the front of qualifying grids — has finished last 33 times during a Cup Series career that began in 1989.

Finishing last is not exactly an indictment of driver skill. Joe Nemechek also has four Cup Series wins, 10 poles and 62 top 10s.

Between them, Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip have combined for six Cup Series titles. They also have combined for 33 last-place finishes.

The mission of is to fill in these missing pieces one week at a time, especially regarding the least-covered racers in motorsports - the last-place finishers.

Since 2009, has covered the untold "race" for the most last-place finishes in NASCAR history - and, in doing so, continues to chronicle the trials and triumphs of those who race for something more meaningful than victory: survival.

Why hasn't anyone searched the hills above Topanga Canyon for a damn coyote trying to squash a road runner?

Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2018

Taxco 2017

it's like this road knows there are people out there who like a challenge (BJ Baldwin) and is getting set up early

one example why every tool box and garage should have a roll of good quality duct tape/gaffer tape

because somedays, you need to hold a wrench somewhere and that place is out of reach

the only car she HAS ever driven, the only car she WILL ever drive

If I was Ford, I'd offer to pay for a complete fricken restoration to Pebble Beach standards, and hire her a chauffer while that's getting done, then thank her for being a customer and hand her the keys to her like new Fairlane.

Wouldn't you?

Why you should avoid cheap tools made in countries that eat soup with chop sticks or revere cows as gods instead of undercooked steak

before taking a job in a shop, check to see if the weather stays on the outside of the building. You really don't want to work in the snow in the winter

the 1956 Jaguar XK by Pinin Farina

The annual first sign that spring is around the corner, the ice gets thin enough to embarrass someone, and the DNR fines them 10000 a day until it's out of the lake

Ice fishing for 3 hours on 23in of ice, catching fish all day with people all around them... On their way off the ice is where they hit a patch only 3-4' in thick. And fell into 6ft of water. They got out in time through the window..

it's $1250 to get out

Sandlund Art makes incredible models

VW is stepping up it's warranty... to get back some customers spooked by the smog scandal maybe, now offering 6/72 bumper to bumper on most VWs

if instantly recognizable iconic game consoles were reimagined as vehicles

skip the first 34 seconds, then check out a high tech recreation of a car... with a cardboard version by Liam Hopkins of LAZERIAN

 With a real car to work from he recreated each panel from scratch, and it took about 100 weeks and about 600 hours. I'd rather they made a 10 minute video of him creating the cardboard car.

do automobiles dream of petroleum sheep?

the Plymouth Belmont

unlike most prototypes, which were routinely destroyed once their useful life was over, Virgil Exner adopted the one-of-a-kind model for several years.

It is a fiberglass-bodied concept car with a 241cu in and a 3 spd trans that Chrysler never intended to produce.

nose art on a WW1 tank !

in 1917, a wealthy Malaysian businessman Mr. Tong Sen, donated sufficient money for the purchase a Mark IV Tank from William Foster and Co., of Lincolnshire, as his personal contribution to the WW1 British war effort. (resulted in his being awarded the OBE in 1922)

One of Mr. Tong Sen's strict stipulations, was that his donated Tank would be painted with a ' Seeing Eye', which in Chinese mythology would ' ward off evil '.

Mr. Tong Sen's Mark IV Tank also had a ' Dragon' painted in the Tank's front panel

Tank F56 is known to have used two names ' Fan Tan ' and ' Firefly ', with Fan Tan probably being it's original name.