Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spitfire LSR, team McLeish brothers, a GT6 Triumph

Doolittle and Sitmore Racing COE, clever name and cool truck design

the Buick Special at the Muckenthaler

Roth flames... has to be Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, doesn't it?

this guy has gotten a lot of tickets for a loud that is way too loud

one cool work truck, been used since 1962 as a shop truck

outlaw 356

coolest 3rd brake light, and safety cone use ever? Probably

Gourmet food trucks beware, corporate types are onto the secret of your success, and Birds Eye is going from New York to San Diego and beyond to grocery stores, with a dynamite truck of impeccable standards, to offer free samples of their foods

this is an incredible van, spotlessly clean inside and out... and the pans of food? Could they advertise any better in another fashion? Hell no. My compliments

Live a little

second half is better than the first!

everything up to the 5 minute 50 sec mark is great. It is awesome. It sucks after that

Coincidentally, I was at El Mirage today watching the land speed racing

Thanks Christine!