Saturday, May 23, 2020

well designed placement of the logo

this is why people aren't allowed to drink on the job

are those Diplock Pedrails or wheel chocks? On the SAB AB20, 1930s.'

Looking into it further it turned out those are some complicated way of getting the plane off the ground for maintenance, maybe for the gunners turret under the plane? SO there would be more clearance for it to be lowered fully while on the ground? 

you might be interested in this water repellent film that keeps your mirrors clear of water droplets

not sure if this car is possessed, but it's going to win that race if it loses the driver in the process

Timer made in Switzerland for Italian bombers

I don't like the trend of so many car enthusiast websites and magazines have taken up in the past decade, going on about wristwatches that cost thousands of dollars that only the megawealthy can afford, as if the magazine readers are going on a shopping spree for the unobtainable ( the Porsche 914 and Steve McQueen's Tag Hauer from the movie Le Mans)

But showing time pieces like car clocks, and bomber timers for warplanes? No problem at all.
Even rally cars have that dual time piece mounted on the dash. But wrist watches for the wealthy? Not here. Not vehicle related, and car enthusiast websites and magazines went off the rails when they started with all the "lifestyle" fashion nonsense. 

This isn't the fathers day gift guide section. It's just appreciation for the mechanical time pieces used in the military

"The Siege of Fort Bismarck / Chintao yôsai bakugeki meirei" (1963)

57 Caddy tail fins design was also carried through to the instrument panel design.

Look at the foreshadowing of the fin over the twin gauges, for the tail fin of the 59

Friday, May 22, 2020

how fast did that car have to be moving? 70 mph?

Occurred on May 15, 2020 / Miami, Florida,

A 57 year old woman that she lost control because of low blood sugar.

Of course it was a 57 year old woman... it's a mini van.

By the way, lots of respect to the home owner who child proofed the pool. That's a life saving fence right there. 

I might have posted this, I can't recall... but it's a hell of a nice model TT, Freeman McKenzie’s City Garage Inc., in Long Beach Model TT Ford service truck

This guy knew how to get attention with his truck! 

Since April 1st, with only 14 videos, this guy has made a you tube channel with 1.5 million subscribers. Yes, you too can make an impact on the world, if you're well spoken, choose the right topic, are intelligent, helpful, generous, and present your videos so a vast majority can benefit from them

Rob Kenney, a father of two adult children, has become a heartwarming YouTube sensation by cobbling together a dozen videos that have a touching purpose: As someone whose father walked out on his family when Kenney was a kid, he wants to use his channel — aptly titled “Dad, How Do I?” — to teach young people how to deal with basic household tasks that he had to learn on his own.

Rob’s mother, a Kansas native and one of 12 kids with a close, extended family, planned on raising her own, large family close to her homeland. But when she married Rob’s father, he forced their departure for New Orleans and then Washington. Coping with the stress of raising eight children thousands of miles from anyone she knew, Rob’s mother turned to alcohol.

While Rob’s father worked in a neighboring city, the marriage deteriorated. The custody battle raged on after the divorce, and “He got custody of us, but he didn’t really want us,” Rob said. “I think he was kind of done by that time.”

The kids lived on their own for weeks at a time. Their father loaded them up with groceries then left town for a week of work. Then Rob’s dad told his older siblings he didn’t want them anymore.

Years later, the kids reconciled with their dad, but their mom died in 1986 at age 59 without reconciling with her kids.

He and his father did reconcile after his old man asked for forgiveness, at which point Rob decided his goal in life was 'to raise good adults'.

Rob and his wife of 29 years raised two children who now live as successful, well-adjusted adults. His son, Kyle, works as a software engineer. His daughter, Kristine, earned a handful of degrees helping her work with kids.

Now, I'd fail him for this video, for a couple reasons, but then, he's just not a car guy. Read the manufactures required tire pressure on the side wall of the damn tire. Seriously, the tire pressure mentioned on the door jamb sticker is only for the tires that the car manufacturer sold the car with, they might not be on the car anymore.

But, regardless of that and other things, in just the first 3 minutes, he's on point, and trying to be helpful in teaching people stuff that deadbeat dads were not around to teach kids.

So, average the awesome factor of that, with the fail on just this tire pressure video, and he's still A+ with me.

His changing a tire video has problems, like recording it so far from the camera you can't hear him... at least, not on my laptop's speakers, maybe with plug in powered speakers... anyway, he doesn't know how to use a scissors jack, without busting his knuckles, and is showing other people how to bust their knuckles. So, whatever... people will figure out better ways to do things when they've got the tools in their hands and try this stuff out themselves. But dang, you know? He should have got a car guy to give him a hand, and pointers, before he tackled car stuff. I do like how he remembered to tell people to use a tire wedge to prevent the car from rolling once jacked in the air, but, he didn't show it, relative to a hill, in front or behind a tire. So, points off. Still, averaged with the awesome factor of trying to help? Averages to an A+

mudslide in Switzerland jumps out pf the channel, and knocks the van across the street out of the driveway and up onto the next yard... insurance won't be able to get to that until after the dozers and loaders remove tons of mud

This grandfather built his grandson a rollercoaster in the backyard during the pandemic... deserves respect and an award, that is some above and beyond right there

this needs to happen

Massey Ferguson Gold Belly

1959 Stirling Moss

American Honda owners got sensible tiny car engines. So what did they do? They invented noise makers to create large engine sounds. No one knows why

I wonder if they did this stupid fart can exhaust in Japan.

Probably not.

It's all probably due to the Fast and Furious movies. Neither fast, nor furious... they stole vcrs from semis... semis only roll 55 mph? 65? It's not like they can chase a car.

a hedge cutter made in the 1960s

1903 Buchet 3-cylinder

oil prices are right back where it was in March

1937 Diamond T that was hidden from the New Zealand govt during WW2 so they wouldn't seize it from where people were using it.

It is now in the Bill Richardson's Museum in Invercargill

a christmas tree sprayer

Ulf Norinder was six when his wealthy industrialist father died in a plane crash, and inherited Ferrari 250 GTO #3445GT in 1963

Pontiac museum destroyed in the Michigan floods this week

73-year-old Timothy Evans loves Pontiac Fieros so much that he amassed his own collection and opened a museum to showcase and sell the vehicles.

So when floodwaters from the Tittabawassee River began creeping toward his business earlier this week, Evans scrambled to move his cars to dry ground, he didn't succeed.

The Edenville and Sanford dams breached Tuesday, inundating parts of the Midland County village and flooding his cars. Of Evans’ 20 Fieros, only one, the vehicle he drove home Tuesday, was untouched.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

8 miles of bumper to bumper traffic heading North on I-75 to the UP as trolls head over the bridge

Maybe getting away from the flooding, maybe heading to family hunting cabins, or just getting away from the virus, as the UP is uniquely isolated, as there is not an interstate through the upper peninsula, and few tourists as there are no national parks. There is one island national park in Lake Superior, but again, nothing connecting it to land, and it gets fewer tourists than any but 3 Alaska parks, in the entire national park registry

moving logs to a lumber mill... on some lousy looking rails

finding a facebook page of the town you know pretty well, but the photos are 100 years old, and you recognize nothing... is weird

designs of wheelbarrows I didn't know existed

morons pranked by their driver. But, if it's hot out, a pool in the pick up bed for curbside deliveries and drive thru's would be a refreshing heat beating afternoon. Probably not legal though

they've got the tire load job figured out

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

if it works, it's not stupid

Little pink minivan record player, enjoy! ( for best results, skip the first 25 seconds)

Never seen this before, and it's from 2007

wow.... do working people know how much faster and easier work can get done with these hoverboards? Why aren't car hops using them? Lawn mowing? There's got to be some jobs like warehouse work that would be helped by these

 A better video I was looking for on Youtube was not found there, but click though for a girl that's got the hoverboard mastered

Biggest airplane of it’s time, Tupolev ANT-20 Maksim Gorki was a Soviet eight-engine aircraft, over Red Square, Moscow, 1934. The largest in the world during the 1930s

Maxim Gorky was a five-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

A replacement aircraft, designated ANT-20bis, had begun production the following year and first flew in 1938.

 It was largely identical in design but with six more-powerful Mikulin AM-34FRNV engines.

In December 1940, the aircraft was re-engined with two slightly more powerful Mikulin AM-35 engines in the inner positions (numbers three and four).

This aircraft, on 14 December 1942, crashed after the pilot allowed a passenger to take his seat momentarily and the passenger apparently disengaged the automatic pilot, sending the airplane into a nosedive from an altitude of 1,600 ft, killing all 36 on board.

maybe you want some cackle

Nice test stand by the way... MSD set up on it, etc.

and now for something very different, the 1930 wood speed boat, the Californian G-2

That is one crazy tail.

someone's entire collection of Phillips 66 stuff is up for auction, everthing from old oil cans, to pump striping stickers, to xmas records, and all the promo items Phillips 66 ever licensed, even blueprints to a 66 gas station

everything you might need to keep your Model T black I guess

Secret Deodorant 1966 Mustang giveaway

LHBCo beer decided to bring someones dreams to life by giving them a chance to win a 1979 GOLD PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM. Entry dates are May 10th, 2019 – December 24th, 2021.

LHBCo beer decided to bring someones dreams to life with “The Car is Yours” by giving them a chance to win a 1979 GOLD PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM. We’ll give you a minute to read that again…go ahead, we’ll wait.

Now that the reality has set in, grab yourself and 18 pack and read along, here’s the deal.

There is NO PURCHASE necessary to win the car. To enter to win, you must Text FIREBIRD, to 66866. Entry dates are May 10th, 2019 – December 24th, 2021.