Saturday, January 12, 2008

New car prices, what to expect to pay

I just talked to a former car sales manager who confirmed what I'd read somewhere... that the run of the mill ordinary cars can sell for as little as 200 over the invoice.

So check on what the dealership has to pay for the vehicle, add a couple hundred dollars, and make that your final offer. You know you'll have it back to them for servicing for all the recalls that will happen, and the scheduled maintenance to get your extended warranty... so why not buy it for the least possible?

On the expensive or premium vehicles that they aren't offering discounts, rebates, etc etc, you'll have to pay about a thousand over invoice. A Cadillac for example may have the $1,500 over invoice rule of thumb in effect, and a Corvette a $4,000 over invoice. Ask the salesmen at several dealerships and get the most opinions possible before purchasing.

The dealerships make more from the service department that the car sales. That's where the money is, fixing the new car they just sold you. I think it's a crock that they sell you a new car, and expect it's enough of a hunk of junk that they'll soak you for more money to fix it until it works as they've promised it would when they sold it to you... just read Automobile magazines reviews of the fleet of different cars they use, and how many repairs they have to put up with on the new cars and suv's they have. Ridiculous. See the Upshift section of Automobile magazine, in the page 90-100 area of the magazine, or read reviews like this that don't have the same sidebar info as the magazine but give you the same realization the new cars have lots of issues that you'll be bringing it back to the dealership to fix

Cool car news

A company is planning on making new Jaguar XK120 C's, lightweight E types, early F-1's, SS100's, XK SS's, and D-types.

And Oklahoma state troopers are now busting slow drivers in the fast lane.

And I can't remember where I read it, but news showed that cops are giving out tickets for driving with a lapdog interfering with what is supposed to be an undistracted vehicle operation on public roads. I'm against the ticket for using a cell phone held to your ear, but know they are right to make it illegal while driving, and also know they are right to make it illegal to have a dog moving about in the drivers lap...

Friday, January 11, 2008

NSFW language video (just turn off the sound, you won't need it) about why you shouldn't pass slow drivers when in twisty roads


Speed Limit Enforcement

There's a terrific post I'm linking to on Jalopnik about speed limit enforcement, I've read the whole thing, and all the comments..... there's a daily hazard for everyone who drives a vehicle being discussed and they have a lot of cool stories and info in this article about what states fine for speeding, where lots of tickets occur, etc etc.

I was just learning from Wayne about a CHP officer's Q and A on tickets. . . and since the speed limit here in San Diego is 65, and the amount of speeders is about 100% of everyone on the road, they have a situation to solve with logic... and here's what Wayne said to the best of my memory: fewer speeders over the 75mph range means a more viable target for cops... you can't pull over all speeders, so pull over the worst right? I buy that, it makes clear sense.

Also, if you pull over a person for less than 10MPH over (for example. if that is only one point on you license and you can do a online course and have that removed for a price) than why should a cop bother? If they only pull over the far fewer people who go 20 MPH over the limit, they can get many more of them, plus the fine is bigger, maybe even be able to write them up for reckless driving (way too far over the speed limit) and nail them for even more points against their license that they can't get removed off their license no matter what.

The summary? The faster they go, the fewer there are, and the more you can punish them.

IE: More job satisfaction? Perhaps. But it accurately gets the worst speeders ticketed instead of wasting time with all the 5 mph over drivers who drive just as well at 70 (legal in some states and is the limit once out of southern California) as they do at 65. So why bother with a million minnows when you can land a few whales?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Update on the 69 Coronet

Bought after a couple of years of searching for this specific make and model and wrecked plastic cam timing chain gear teeth aren't stopping the owner from starting his restoration.

Right on, and a round of applause for knowing what car you want, and sticking through the setbacks to make it the way you want it.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Early fire dept water wagon?

Carroll Shelby biography, the condensed version

Oldest operational dump truck? I think so.

On Prospect Ave in Santee, just West of the 67... or East of the Dyno shop

The Dyno Shop, accept no substitutes and don't bother going anywhere else

Frequently read about as the place so many San Diego muscle cars, race cars, and hot rods have been to for a Dyno tune... I've been there with my Super Bee, and my R/T. Worth every dollar... they can tune a 6 pack of carbs too!

last of a dying breed, taken out by plastic camshaft teeth

This 69 Coronet is still wearing it's dealership trim ring, from a dealership that was the local performance outlet. Burger Dodge used to be the spot to buy the R/T's, the 440 6 packs, the hemi's and so on. In the Burger Dodge dealership floor they still have the 440 6 pack Challenger the Carl Burger owned, and the 25th Viper that was assembled. (pics after this link)

it caught my eye as I was driving along, and I stopped to see what was getting worked on, and maybe try to get ahold of the owner to see if they want to be a part of a group photo of 69 Coronets, R/Ts, Superbees, and 6 pack Bees.

Not many teeth left, why they used plastic? Maybe for noise suppression.... but I still think time has shown that plastic engine parts couldn't last.
318, power steering, no power brakes, only one winshild wiper arm, no wiper blades, bench seat, automatic trans. I'm surprised that it stayed on the road so long, 39 years with out major damage or parts breakage... they were built to last!