Saturday, November 07, 2020

interesting attempt to increase aerodynamics

called an Opperman, it must have had a lot of torque to move a load on that flatbed from that one cylinder

interesting trailer designs

the bus "Freak Out" at Woodstock, I haven't seen it before

the ability to change a tire used to be nearly universal

Firestone racing team

cool photo

the photos I found today that I made banners of

Geo Ham art of a soap box derby gravity racer, and a character he used a couple of times, for BF Goodrich

I bet my mind would be blown by a trip down the strip in this Fiat

last raced in 1950

Damn shame. Imagine how damn fun it would be to pay a small amount to run it on Elk Mirage or Bonneville... as the owner was done racing it, but could realize it's potential to earn the money it cost to build it. 

Jimmy Stewart and Olivia De Haviland with a toy plane at El Mirage

a theory on why Town Cars had open compartments for the driver

 It was a carry-over from the original horse-drawn carriages.

The average servant or livery worker bathed infrequently due to living in the days before indoor plumbing was common for everyone, hence the open air cab but the enclosed space for the rich and well to do gentry. 

This carried over into automobiles. Since automobiles and horses shared the same roads for a decade or two, the horse carriage drivers now took care of the newfangled automobile and the horses too, and he still smelled like horseshit possibly

Sophia, in the top 10 most beautiful women of the past 100 years

it's been years since I've seen a dog cart photo

this causes me to ponder, do dog sled teams get used in the summer to pull wheeled carts to keep them in shape?

happy kid and cool door numbers

Racing stripes on the Valiant, and the burnout marks on the driveway... someone was full of oats at getting a V8 for the first time, that's my guess

Were they trying to make it look like a bored fat cat?!&p=80001016&viewfull=1#post80001016

1948 Packard just screwed on wood paneling to appear to be a Woody. What a shame upper management made such terrible decisions that killed any left over reputation of the glory days. I suppose all car companies do. None seem to improve from their first couple decades, except some expensive euro sports car makers

Described by Packard in its 1948 literature as "the successor to the station wagon," and an "all-occasion beauty," the Station Sedan used a steel floor, roof, and sides, with only the tailgate crafted from northern birch, which was also used to trim the doors and greenhouse. Inside, plywood was used to line the cargo compartment, with stainless steel “no mar” strips affixed to prevent scratches to the wood finish. With the rear seat folded and the lower clamshell rear door open, the Station Sedan gave owners a cargo bed that measured nearly nine feet in length.

Packard was the leading American luxury car, outselling Cadillac, Lincoln, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow combined through most of the 1920s and '30s.

this Corvette was not doing well in the big city, it appears to have had the front damaged and replaced with a junkyard front end, without the courtesy of an Earl Schieb cheap paintjob

great place to park your car to take a photo of it!

imagine the free publicity these car makers would get if the dealerships were smart enough to make one wall at the dealership have something similar where customers would WANT to take a photo to share on social media

awwww, the choo choo flyer!

Mop bucket on an electric skate board, with a leaf blower and an umbrella.

dealerships during the corona crisis...

 I took the commuter (Hyundai Veloster) into a Hyundai dealership to het the hatchback latch replaced, as it stopped working a month ago, and it's quite inconvenient to get into the cargo area through the back seat.

That's when I discovered that the customer lounge area is now off limits

and they do not have a shuttle driver. 

This dealership uses Lyft. Hmmm. Serves more customers, simultaneously, not sequentially, and the dealership doesn't pay medical, doesn't have to pay fuel, etc.

So why didn't they use taxis before this? Were taxis more expensive than Lyft? 

Friday, November 06, 2020

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Hagerty “70% of the cars we have ever built are still on the road"

Interesting notion. 

This has me wonder, has any other car maker that made as many cars as Porsche, any idea how many cars they've made which are still on the road? Ferrari maybe.

Rolls Royce maybe, Shelby cars probably, as the Shelby registry is possibly the most interested in the various Shelby vehicles - more interested in it's demographic than Porsche or Ferrari owner clubs

along for a high def, wide angle ride with a speed demon on a crotch rocket, who's in a hurry to see if there are any cops on the Tail Of The Dragon. There are.

skip the first 88 seconds

made for industrial work... it has solid rubber smooth tires, useless in the fields. Her dress and sailors blouse are an odd choice too. I suppose central casting didn't have any farmers hanging around, they are usually busy working on the farm!&p=81414038&viewfull=1#post81414038

thanks Steve!

I had forgotten this other Fordson tractor with Trublpruf tires that I posted in 2017:

Tony, Tom Mix's horse getting moved by a tractor. 1925