Saturday, December 11, 2021

if you're not looking out to what you're going to run into... SMACK! Right in the face

good coverage of the Muscle Car Nats over at Hagerty

Discount Tire is acquiring Tire Rack. The transaction is expected to close December 31, 2021.

Discount Tire, which was founded by Bruce T. Halle in 1960 and remains privately held, intends to continue to use the Tire Rack brand name, TR Wholesale Solutions in car dealer and wholesale channels, and Tire Rack mobile installation arena. The company, which is legally named The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation, currently does business as Discount Tire in most of the U.S., America's Tire in parts of California, and Discount Tire Direct online. 

 Tire Rack was founded by Peter and Wilma Veldman along with Mike Joines in 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew rapidly as one of the most trusted and respected sources of information for online buyers of tires, wheels and accessories. As of October 31, 2021, privately held, family-owned Tire Rack employed more than 950 Team Members. It will become wholly owned by Discount Tire, also a privately held family-owned business

compliments, a tip of the hat, and a standing ovation, to Triumph for making and selling one million motorcycles, and providing so damn much pleasure and satisfaction to motorcycle enthusiasts over the past 120 years

the company marks 120 years since it was originally founded, it has also just assembled the one millionth bike built since Triumph was reborn in 1990.

The first Triumph motorcycle went on sale in April 1902 fitted with a Minerva engine.

a baked 1970 Caprice, with an original LS5 454... whoa... 390 horse and 500 ft.-lb. of torque

skip the first 30 seconds of advertising nonsense, and get right to listening to this Cyclone


1,100 mile one-owner '69 Fairlane SCJ drag pack was on Ebay, but was snapped up at 165k "buy it now"

The exterior is 100 percent original with the factory Candy Apple Red paint and original tires. The car has the original build sheet, bill of sale from Metro Ford, and the original order sheet from the dealership.

Other paperwork with the car included all manuals, owner warranty card, original loan papers, paper floor mats, and a mint condition cobra jacket. Everything on the car, expect the mufflers, are original assembly line date code parts. The mufflers were replaced shortly after the current owner bought the car. The sale did come with NOS FoMoCo mufflers and H pipe.

I just wanted to look at a 68 Torino GT. Then I learned that the Torino GT fastback was the top-selling model of all the Ford intermediates, and pretty close to the top of the price range at $2,747. Only the GT convertible ($3,001) and hardtop coupe ($2,772), plus the usual costlier station wagon models had higher MSRPs.


I just learned that Renault had a car named the Torino.


car insurance refund for Michigan car insurance customers, $400 per insured car, because of price gouging to pay for BILLING customers in serious accidents

I didn't know Michigan was charging more for car insurance to people with bad credit ratings! 

that hole that took out a few Baja racers just 3 miles into the Parker 425

Don't miss the clip at 1:30, looks like Hollywood was filming a scene, there's another at 2:50

here's a similar situation, at a different race

from  which has an incredible library of Haja racing videos

there are morons everywhere, and you simply can't rely on anyone (especially JBA) to know what they are doing anymore. You actually have to check that they have a clue, especially when they complain about your work

the Acoma, it was the lounge car on the train Santa Fe Super Chief from Chicago to LA


Lon H. Orlenko, General Manager of MONAD Railway Equipment, 15220 Valley View Ave., La Mirada, CA, restored the car

The original 1919 Dodge Brothers car that Jimmy Stewart drove in the holiday Classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life” arrived in Seneca Falls, NY on Wednesday, at the Dodge Jeep dealership on Route 414 north of Seneca Falls, as part of the town’s It’s A Wonderful Life Festival which runs through Sunday.

I posted about it when, after 30 years with the same owners, it finally became public knowledge when the new owner was interviewed about it 

 Three of the actors who portrayed the Bailey kids (Pete, Janie & ZuZu)

inherited from his parents, as his mom bought it in 1974 from a sailor, years later he worked on it with his dad, and he's still enjoying his family 1970 440 six pack R/T

this 1970 Road Runner had sat on the dealership lot for 2 years, when they sold it to an 18 yr old, for $1960.00. He still has it.

440 six pack, 4 speed, and because you had to be over 21 to buy a high perf car back then, he had to ask his parent to co sign. His mom adamantly refused.... she believed that he'd kill himself (mothers always do) but his dad went for a test drive with him, was pleased with the low noise, comfortable ride, and figured his son wouldn't drive like a moron, and co-signed. 

Mom was so PISSED she wouldn't allow the Road Runner to be parked where she could see it from her home. 

if you also have an old dog or cat, you'll understand why I dig this old guy putting a ramp to his suv's cargo area for his very old dog, and you might notice they are outside a hospital

I'd rather be on the dirt road next to that river than anywhere else

Friday, December 10, 2021

I think he's got this figured out, for someone who doesn't realize how much more comfortable the ride will be with a seat cushion, and some soft rubber on the outside of the big wheel

tough call for the judges... both riders are on their bikes.

the good news is, they CAN be dug out. The bad news is that the volcano that did this? Had a similar eruption only 12 months ago, and will likely have a repeat next December too.

since I hate commercials, I don't watch tv, or news. 

So I miss a lot of news that most tv watchers are all caught up on, but there ARE some pretty good websites that (yes, they do have an awful lot of advertising, but I don't HAVE to watch or listen to it) have great news that doesn't remain stuck on politics and death (another reason to avoid free broadcast news at 6pm on the old major networks) 

So I do learn a lot, like the volcano eruption over in the Java islands of Indonesia, that buried these trucks about 5 days ago, was caused by a thunderstorm and days of rain, which eroded and partly collapsed the dome on the top of the 12,000-foot high volcano, Mt Semeru, said Indonesia’s geological department.

The volcano had a similar eruption only last December. Probably due to the same cause. Evidence that tornado, flood, and hurricane areas, are not the only places full of people that will not move away to a safer area where there homes won't be destroyed annually

electric powered race car art, by you know who, as you also appreciate his fantastic art

I haven't seen a wood gas generator running a bus until now

parked since 1957, this '37 Ford has been in the same family for 84 years

1920’s Stoll auto tent manufactured in Denver


clever use of some VW Bug parts

movie about a chauffer that is likely to make a big splash soon, it's up for an Oscar. But it's as dull as watching paint dry. Unless you're into movie critics like, that no one else does

how Ebert gushed about this, I thought it was going to be amazing. But it was boring. Moody. Dull. The main character is an actor turned theater director whose wife in the first act, dies of a brain hemorrhage, but was cheating on him with other actors, his chauffer is depressed because she feels that she is to blame for her mother's death, and then there are the long camera shots of the bay, the snow falling, etc. 

The car is real nice though. The story? Just depressing and a snooze. 

Thursday, December 09, 2021

salting the roads like a boss


Thanks to Andrew P, I can share with you what a drunk saw when driving, because the cops released the dash cam video of the drunk struggling to stay on the road... just East of Vancouver


It's been only 4 years since the last time I posted about someone driving horribly in Burnaby, but somehow, I recognized the area on a map

I forgot how many snowy scene banners I had saved up to use for winter, so, until I run out, it's snowy streets and cars for banners

 these winter night scenes are pretty cool

Dame Diana Rigg with a real GT 40 in the 1960s British TV show The Avengers

 thanks Rjud! 

shag carpet vans are still out there, but 3 years ago this was a cargo van, bought on craigslist for 10k

It was a good, solid, rust-free piece that had been a cargo van its whole life. 

Mopar's Direct Connection catalog of the era had page upon page devoted to van accessories including auxiliary lighting, windows, hatches, trim, fender flares, wheels, sidepipes, a free subscription to the Dodge Van Clan newsletter, and most importantly, a Street Van conversion kit