Saturday, March 02, 2024

1920s J CHEIN tin toys

I'm getting a kick out of watching the 1960s and 70s Disney movies, and the cool cars in the scene backgrounds. Here's the nice 65s in the garage of The Ugly Dachshunds

I can't figure out the license plates though, they only appear legible in a couple scenes, and they are NOT the California plates you'd expect from a Disney motion picture. 
They appear to be flat, not pressed aluminum. with raised letters, and in one scene, they clearly have a smoked plexiglass cover, obscuring the small print on the top, above the numbers. 
The station wagon has a much more smoked cover than the Mustang, which never gets used in the movie
I also get a kick out of seeing celebs in movies early in their careers before they were well known. Mako is in this movie, as the catering assistant. You're probably more familiar with his role as the wizard in Conan, or the voice of Splinter in TMNT, or something else from the 163 other roles he had... he was in every tv series in the 70s and 80s. I kid you not.

saving an abandoned Cat D4 and getting the track back on

airless tire for a bsh hog... that will never wear out. Interesting concept of recycling tires for machine use when the tire isn't part of a suspension!

fixing up a 1964 John Deere tractor... start at 00:37

Inside of a muffler from a 77 Monaco


ever seen cave art on a fender before? It's the first time I have!

Peter Helck art

Friday, March 01, 2024

What is the point of putting the race car on a city street, and bringing a lion cub (named Bluey) to the driver for a photo shoot? 1979 London


they even went with the LAME tope of cops giving me a ticket garbage. Who does that entertain? People with a double digit IQ? 

No one seems to know what this is

A plan to create one of the East Coast's largest skateparks (backed by Tony Hawk's foundation) is getting pushback from locals who don't want to see the green space replaced with poured concrete.  (paywall blocks me from reading the article)

So, instead of an awesome place for those interested in the exercise intense activity, usually very young people are doing instead of all (of what society says is unhealthy / non exercise) the stay at home things, activists IN A CITY are stating that more concrete is bad? Then move to the country you morons. Let the kids have a place to practice their sports. I've never heard of city people bitching about another tennis court, basketball court, yoga studio, 24 hour Fitness.... you know? 

Only the Times has the story on the pushback, all the other news results in a google search only have the good news that Hawk's foundation was helping to make some skate parks

Thursday, February 29, 2024

wow! Gearhedz Shift Knobs (Tommy Powell) made a SWEET Clay Smith Cams "Mr Horsepower"

and standby for an amazing shrunken head! (I can't believe no one has gotten into business making perfect hot rod shrunken heads, something like the one in the bus in that Harry Potter movie) 

have you heard of the Flaming Gorge Snow Rally? For '49 and older hot rods

they had a terrific woody in The Shaggy DA, I think a '34. Looks really nice, and it seems that it once had lettering on the passenger side door

In the classic 70s Disney sequel to The Shaggy Dog, there is a scene in The Shaggy DA where the bad guys are chasing the good guys, who grab a Toyota Land Cruiser to try and escape from a warehouse.. interesting paint scheme

February's banners... I think, are better than usual, since I took a little bit more care to select more interesting ones this month

Next months will be a bit more ordinary, I'm afraid. It's hard to find really good banners