Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thanks to East Side Richard! I have more Roth to share with all of you! More Weirdo shirts, Mysterion, and a paper doll ad

Thanks to Richard! See his cool East Side coverage of hot rods, drag races, and great photography at

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Charger Topper... i've never heard of it.


Marten commented to let us know: "Well it was one of those many "spring specials" from mopar to spice up the models at the closing end of the yearly production. Topper was available also for dodge coronet fourdoor in 1972 and 1973. There was previously a white hat special, Plymouth sattelite sundance special, dodge dart hang ten in 74-75 with surfers theme among others."

Thanks Marten!

eye candy from Hot Wheels tumbler

always finding cool stuff:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Off to one side of the Antique Steam and Gas Engine Museum

Wonder what it is?

Antiques on display at the Antique Steam and Gas Engine Museum, Vista California

Above: Mack

Dodge COE... I love it, I want it, I'd make a hauler of it

Above: the plate on the side cowl : Diesel White Power

Mack, and how about this trailer... click on it for the full size of the trailer rims, some are 5 spoke and some are 8 spoke

Above; International that was in the movie Seabiscuit

above: get a close look at the back wheel

Quite a rare pair of McCormick Deering, too bad the setting isn't a clean field, it would have made for a terrific photo

Above: One I've never heard of, Available Truck Co, Chicago

It doesn't get more eye popping than the back wheels... imagine having to cross a road to get to another field. Also, look in the above photo for the steering tiller. Very primative

Huge Cat. Just look at the relative size to the guy passing in front of it