Friday, February 28, 2020

Nice, showing some love for the family dog that is always showing some love

ZZ Top documentary movie was made, and I don't know why it's not on Netflix

however the Netflix image you'll want to click on looks like this:

so, don't look for the image in the video clip up top

I'm guessing he's practiced this drive

When you hope that guy is going to stay in his lane

New Orleans Mardi Gras revelers paraded a “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” float with Hillary Clinton strangling him

Movie camera cars on the Ben Hur sets

The things people do with Hollywood props!

During the 18-day auction of MGM props, costumes and memorabilia that took place in May 1970 when new studio owner Kirk Kerkorian was liquidating the studio's assets, a Sacramento restaurateur paid 4,000 dollars for a chariot used in the film. Three years later, during the energy crisis, he was arrested for driving the chariot on the highway.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Found under a tarp behind a transmission shop, right here in San Diego, more specifically Chula Vista, this original owner 68 Vette was taken off daily driver duty in '73k, and made into an SCCA Race car until '78 then it was retired and has been laying in hibernation ever since

The car still has a mountain of paperwork including its original SCCA log book and hand written notes from the legendary racer Dick Gulstrand, who set up the car for racing at Riverside International Raceway.

It's been a while, but finally they got this out of the garage for a photo shoot with Larry Chen

It's coincidence I suppose that just weeks ago when this video was made, I got the unexpected comment from Optima that they have a rule (now) against open wheeled vehicles

Because it's been 5 years since James made this

I just got this email from David, who just bought a practice car to put in some extra seat time, and yesterday there was a track day at Brands Hatch for series entrants, arranged by one of the series suppliers.

in his words:

I figured I needed as much practice as I could muster and the new car needed a shakedown, so off we went. Me, the team boss and mechanic (son and father), a mate who has 40 years racing and training experience, and another good friend who is a car nut but had never driven a track.

I don’t know what the form is in the US, but over here (for insurance purposes) the cars have to start the day with sighting laps. All the cars must do two laps over the start/finish line (plus in/out laps, of course) in a crocodile behind the safety car. It starts slowly and builds up speed to gain track familiarity.

We put Graham, our virgin driver, in the car. Well, it’s the safest time – regulated speed, no overtaking - what could possibly go wrong? He’s near the back of the crocodile, with about 15 identical cars in front of him. Sunny weather, dry but green track.

He leaves the pits, turns right into paddock hill bend and the car understeers. Cue a bit of panic and some over-correction. He puts the car into the gravel trap and rolls it three times. The new car has done about 400 yards and he’s damned near destroyed it.

The only injury is a stiff neck, and he didn’t hit anybody else. He will pick up the repair bill

Thanks for the photos and story David! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Turn down your volume before playing this video

You will probably enjoy a new short video on Disney +, "The Race", : Grim is a Reaper who must capture just one more soul to hit the 100 needed for a prize (or something, I can't recall exactly), and next on his agenda is a cyclist who does not want to cooperate

About a 5 minute movie... something that Disney and Pixar are trying out is getting their artists and animators to make lots of small videos that will keep things humming along productively, and possibly be made into the next full length feature production

Director: Terry Moews. Screenwriter: Unknown. Producer: Nicholas Russell. Composer: Mondo Boys. Production company: Walt Disney Animation Studios.

these people must be off their meds... or I've been ignorant of some way to not have to have license plates on a vehicle used on public roads

Seriously, I took an extra ten minutes of lunch to loop back through the parking lot at Costco to find this, because it passed me going inbound when I was about to leave, so I could get a photo of this to share with you

The parking lot tease... I hate these drivers with super small cars that cause EVERYONE looking down the lane to think there IS a parking spot available, when it takes up less than half the parking spot.

This is really how damn small it is, the back of it is barely at the middle of that suv's drives side door

This guy can smell the Costco food court, those hot dogs, pizza, and chicken bakes... that's gotta suck to be left in the truck that close to the food court

then there is this yoyo, who figures that this sofa will ever make it into another home... I expect that it's going to fall out on the freeway, or get hit by accident in a parking lot

The big parts swap meet that happens once a year in San Diego's big stadium parking lot was a raining thing this past Saturday morning...

We had that, and it was really hammering down a couple times, instead of cool parts and stuff, stuff that is ruined if it gets wet, like this

I would buy that box for 5 bucks, just for garage wall stuff that's cool.... wouldn't you?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Keep your attack bulls on a leash for bikers safety

Just be friendly when stuck in traffic. It makes everyone's day better

What are the rules here... I know that if he follows you home, you get to keep him, but if you have to bait him with flavored spare tires... isn't that cheating?

F 40, Monaco, Feb 2020. Nice attempt to help by the guy with the garden hose

cool tattoos (thanks Kim!)

I can't recall if I've posted this before

1970 Dodge Hemi Super Bee, 33 made. With automatic? Only 11. So, this is pretty rare. Why hasn't the owner done jack to make it a bit easier on the eyes, or at least cleaner? Damned if I know. Laziness maybe. These are simple as hell to work on

Probably just waiting for some collector to offer an arm and a leg for the rolling chassis. No doubt it's a sound plan for not wasting time or money on a car he has no interest in other than selling it for a hefty profit

current owner bought it in 1983 with a hemi not in the car, for 3850. Obviously he wanted the hemi more. This has 62k on the odo.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

A hell of a Peugeot, with a lot of early California hot rod flavor

A half track fire engine? In Philly? WTH? (Shas finds the photo of the month!!) Thanks Shas! Fantastic photo! Used from 1961-1969, held 1000 gallons of water and was used to fight grass fires. Probably Army Surplus from WW2, or Korea

A man drove his Jeep off the the 6th floor of a Santa Monica parking garage around midnight last night, and survived the landing ACROSS the 4 lane street! Jeep, you done good! I motion a Jeep gets a part in a Hollywood movie doing that with the stars

When officers arrived just after midnight, they found the destroyed vehicle up against a McDonald's restaurant across the street from the garage at 1571 Second Street, two blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier, police said.

They said the 20-year-old driver from Twentynine Palms, was conscious and speaking with officers when they arrived.

Two passengers inside the Jeep were able to jump out before it went off the roof, the Los Angeles Times reported.