Saturday, March 26, 2022

found around the neighborhood on tonight's walk

that back tire looks like it's been melted onto the cement. It's only been flat for years, but, looks melted

Jim wanted to know if I'd found a VW truck... and now, a couple weeks later, I have. 

I dig the truck, because it reminds me of the Pixar Pizza Planet truck. I bet that the car under the car cover in front of it is a COOL car! 

I remember in 1988 -89, that the LX 5.0 was regarded as a faster car than the 5.0 GT. It weighs less

This poor old Chevelle has an owner that treasures it a bit, but, it's been in the same place, without getting fixed up in the least, for about a decade. Notice in the next two photos that the truck and trailer are parked behind it on the street... not parked well, as the trailer is only got half it's wheels on the road

FYI, last weeks area I was walking, is now in the news, as someone was stabbed and left in a car. Just another day in the city. 

RVs that have been in the backyard so long without getting used, that plants have grown across the fences. So, WHY do people waste so much money on them? They don't seem to use them, don't sell them...

I only realized tonight, that this neighborhood is crazy for wheelbarrows


this is adorable, if it's 4 wheel drive, I want one

in impressively great condition

I don't think the Swinger came with the rally rims

on tonight's installment of "guess what's under the car cover"

This is a Chevelle, a 69 or 70

Mustang, with, Shelby rims. 

I'd like to know what this is, as my guess is a 69 Camaro

I learned that this, is an MG

not many classic caddys out on the street anymore, and this one isn't being well taken care of by the rust coming through the vinyl top


Patina, and cool taillights... on jackstands, used to prop up a fence. Really odd

See the stands under the back axle, and the wheel chocks?

in 1968, when things were a bit crazy, two A 26s were at the Reno Air races

Dwight Reimer's Douglas A-26 "Cotton Jenny;"  and  Wally McDonnell's Douglas A-26, "The Mojave Kid,"

Wally must have been a hell of a character, as he owned a total of  54 aircraft, and included DC-6's and -7's, a B-17, countless WWII fighters, helicopters and seaplanes.

Fire fighting with a fleet of B 26s in Canada, the Air Spray company

Red Deer Industrial Airport, Alberta, Canada, had a huge vintage WWII hangar and 16 bright yellow B 26 Invaders. This was the Invader fire fighting fleet of Air Spray Limited - the last outfit still deploying the Invader in attacking man's oldest enemy - fire. They were retired in 2004

In the United States, about 20 B 26s were used by a variety of companies over the years as fire fighters with the last being retired in 1990. Some of these aircraft migrated to Air Spray but the company has also been very active in finding and converting airframes for the bombing mission - even some executive aircraft have been so modified.

The retardant tank carries  about 800 gallons and the tank's two doors are independent and leak-proof and each side of the tank is divided into compartments so that the retardant can't start sloshing around in flight which would cause trouble. 

When the tank's doors are opened by the pilot, vents atop the fuselage pop open to scoop air into the system to force the slurry out in just 1.5 seconds which lets the retardant hit the fire in a concentrated force.

2017 was the 50th anniversary of the business.  Air Spray's founder, Don Hamilton had been an aviator since 1943. After leaving the the Royal Canadian Air Force, Don purchased his first aircraft and began flying as a bush pilot in Northern Alberta. 

 Having experience flying numerous aircraft in various roles, he saw the opportunity to use an old A 26 aircraft to fight forest fires in Alberta. The aircraft was converted to the air tanker role after the installation of a tank to hold the fire retardant in the old bomb bay.

2 of the Air Spray B 26s are in Australia, one made it there in a carefully planned route, but the execution went astray. 

The ferry flight from the USA to Australia took around four weeks to fly in various legs across the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, “We encountered an earthquake in Hawaii, a cyclone in Samoa, a fuel shortage in Pago Pago to help and a diversion to Norfolk Island for fuel too.” 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Mitchell Spain does incredible art on ceramics, and makes these mugs, flasks, and bottles look like real tin can petroliana... but they are not. These are not rusty old cans


you can read articles about his work at

whoever had the cool idea for the artwork on this deserves an award for awesome ideas! I'm going to guess these were 1930-1950s, the deep sea diver is a great character

there was a variant of this design

I'm not going to go buy the whole set, but I sure as hell am going to look around the internet to POST the whole set... these are a hoot! 

there was another in this line, but not quite the same color palate

the ultimate collection of ALL the Whiz products was something I did post already, but I didn't notice the deep sea diver art...