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A federal judge has ordered the U.S. Forest Service to look again at the effectiveness of road closures

The Alliance for the Wild Rockies filed suit in federal court, claiming the Forest Service did not consult with Fish and Wildlife about the impacts illegal motorized road use has on grizzly bears. 

The grizzly bear advocates contend that even though old logging roads have been officially closed, hunters and others routinely drive around slipshod barricades, that those are not effective

While the court’s order only applies to one national forest, it sets a precedent to halt the impacts to wildlife, fisheries and streams from illegal road use on all our national forests, Garrity said.

Well, I guess selling the forests to lumber companies, who put in roads, that then make vast wilderness areas accessible to anyone with 4 wheel drive, a 4 wheeler ATV, a dirt bike or a side by side - was something that was caused by the govt greed and overspending. 

So, if the govt didn't waste so much money, they wouldn't be selling the forests to clear cutters, who must put in roads for skidders and logging semi's, that entice people to get out and see new places and views of the deep woods. 

Am I wrong? 

I just learned that Case has teamed up with Team Rubicon, and 2 Case dealerships train volunteers to operate heavy equipment for its veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during and after disasters and crises.

 two of the interested CASE dealers: RPM Machinery, out of their Franklin, Indiana, location; and Lawrence Equipment, at their Roanoke, Virginia, store. On a monthly basis, these dealers provide machines for Team Rubicon volunteers to train on, an indoor classroom and outdoor operating space.

CASE deploys machinery through its dealer network to numerous disaster response and community service projects across North America

“As soon as we heard about the need to help train more heavy equipment operators, we raised our hand,” says Dustin Cole, executive vice president of Lawrence Equipment. “We’re very active in our local communities and want to ensure Virginia is prepared if disaster strikes, as well as help train volunteers to deploy wherever they are needed throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

CASE deploys machinery through its dealer network to numerous disaster response and community service projects across North America

Team Rubicon’s volunteers, which go by “Greyshirts,” register for the monthly training and learn how to operate compact track loaders and excavators. “One of the most critical tasks after disasters strike is getting much-needed resources to that area. Our Greyshirts, including sawyers and heavy equipment operators, help clear trees and debris from roads, allowing first responders and survivors to regain access to the community,” says William Porter, director of operations support, Team Rubicon.

As an example, mere hours after Hurricane Ian hit Florida in 2022, Team Rubicon — with the help of heavy equipment — conducted 37 route clearance events, removing about 660 dump trucks’ worth of debris and a total of 131 obstructions. “Having more trained heavy equipment operators increases the capacity of Team Rubicon to provide this essential assistance for communities, allowing survivors to move toward the path to recovery,” continues Porter.

This training has been put to use by Team Rubicon in all phases of the disaster cycle across the United States, including wildfire mitigation, hurricane response and long-term storm recovery.

CASE and Team Rubicon plan to expand the number of dealers participating in this heavy equipment operator training program in 2024.

Founded following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Team Rubicon has grown to more than 160,000 volunteers across the United States and has launched over 1,100 operations domestically and internationally.

To become a Greyshirt and pursue a path of heavy equipment certification for their missions, and sign up as a volunteer

who blows 6 times the cost of an in cabin airfilter, to have the dealership replace it? That's just wasting 60 bucks for 30 seconds of moving your arms, and opening your glove box

80 bucks for the dealership to swap out the filter that is behind the glove box. That's all there is to it, and the filters cost about 15 bucks:

the way I figure it, pointing out the rip off stuff like this, is one good reason to have a blog. 
And I never see real world applications of using a car enthusiast magazine for something as real as this. 
Why do dealerships charge 80 bucks to do replace the cabin air filter? 

Probably because the dealership service center is basically the money maker department. 

an innocent man wrongfully convicted in New York is finally out of prison after 26 years, and suing the NYPD officers that clearly framed him, hid evidence that he was innocent, and lost other evidence that would have cleared him.

The case joins a growing group of lawsuits filed against NYPD officers involved in wrongful conviction cases from the 1990s, when a mayoral commission uncovered rampant corruption and misconduct within the NYPD as crime reached record levels in the city. Last year, three of the four most expensive payouts for NYPD-related lawsuits — totaling $35.5 million — went to men who spent decades in prison for convictions from the 1990s that were later vacated.

Peets’ lawsuit paints a similar picture of officers who his lawsuit claims used shoddy tactics to solve an attempted murder of police and civilians, even if it meant convicting the wrong person. It also criticizes the department’s evidence preservation practices, which recently came under scrutiny after a fire severely damaged a department’s warehouse, destroying scores of materials that experts worry could make it harder to reexamine other potentially wrongful convictions.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

somewhere in Mexico is a neglected collection of Shelby Mustangs, 1970 Chargers, and various other muscle car era cars

see the video at

I realized I'm not the only one upgrading the front end to the QA1, but it's cool to see what the going rate is to ask for the old stuff! Who would guess 750 is a fair price for the K member?

what do you figure this license plate means?

 I don't have a guess

interesting Subaru badge, is that a custom illustration?

 it looks much more interesting than stock

I didn't remember what the Ebay listing said when I bought my 69 R/T, I guess I sorta stopped paying attention after I saw it had a max wedge and 440 6 pack induction... and just yesterday I was asked about the cam, and heads... so I looked - damn. Happy time

cool stuff! Isky adjustable rockers! solid lifter Crower cam!

I forgot all the head, cam, piston and valve specs, if I ever read them at all

906 casting heads

How to get through rush hour traffic

A U.S. Marine Corps M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle assigned to Mobile Assault Company, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, in the main staging area for units supporting Operation Dynamic Partnership in Shurakay, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Feb. 9, 2013.

well, this is true

EZ Used Cars and Trucks out of a small strip mall was busted for money laundering, only because it was discovered to have issued over one thousand temp license plates, but not having sold a single car.

Investigators discovered that during a 13-month period, from Jan. 1, 2021, through Jan. 31, 2022, Tina Jimenez issued no buyer's tags, which means she sold no cars.

However, she issued 1,037 dealer tags.

Sgt. Jose Escribano of Precinct 3 Constable's Office in Travis County texas, told ABC news that those who are buying the tags are often trying to hide offenses.

"They use them for human smuggling. They use them to hide the identity of the car, which is very easy to do," he explained. "Any one of those tags can wind up on a car that does robberies, burglaries."

I didn't know Welder up has a museum

Highway 42 in Door County Wisconsin, was built in the early 1930's and has fifteen curves, in it's unusually twisty stretch, which was the result of a desire to avoid cutting down too many trees

it's near Northport's ferry landing for Washington island and is on the map as the Door County Curvy Highway, Northeast of Greenbay, about halfway between Marionette and Escanaba, out on the peninsula 

one owner IROC Z with only 5k miles... 34 years, of storing that car, and not enjoying driving it, that's weird... is coming to auction in Biloxi

one sad dozer


Singapore, London and Stockholm have had congestion pricing, now New York is going to adopt it, and charge 23 bucks to enter. It simply means rich elite won't notice it, and poor people won't be able to afford it. (see Bright, Netflix, 2017)

Singapore began charging drivers a fee to enter its business district in 1975.

Tolls range from $0 during the evenings and weekends, when there’s little traffic on the roads, to as much as $9 to enter the city center during rush hour.

There are no tolls on Sundays or during public holidays. And there are no exemptions, except for public service vehicles. Even public buses have to pay the fee.

Stockholm began charging drivers a fee to enter its business district in 2006

When congestion pricing began, traffic immediately dropped by 20% – the difference between gridlock and moving traffic.

When the program started in 2006, drivers paid $2 to enter the zone during rush hour.

At other times during the day, drivers were charged $1. There is no charge between the hours of 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

Now, in the summertime, when more drivers enter the Stockholm toll zone, drivers pay a fee of $4.50 during peak hours. In the winter, when there are fewer drivers, the toll decreases to $3.50 during peak hours.

people with disability plates don’t have to pay the toll (I do not understand what getting a dr to give you a handicapped plate has to do with bypassing the toll for driving (or parking int he USA at parking meters for free))

London launched its version of congestion pricing – known as the Central London Congestion Charging Zone – in 2003. It covered eight square miles, an area similar to New York’s congestion zone. Shortly after its launch, the number of vehicles circulating in the tolling area dropped by 15% and congestion in the zone declined by 30%

It currently costs $19 to enter the city center. That's up sharply from the $6.30 the congestion pricing program charged when it launched. Vehicles are charged on weekends and holidays from noon to 6 p.m.,

There are many exemptions. People who live in the zone get a 90% discount. People with disabilities or vehicles that transport people with disabilities aren’t charged. Vehicles with more than nine seats aren’t charged. Vehicles that are 100% electric are exempt from the charge, but will have to pay the full price starting in 2025. Motorcycles and taxis are exempt, but private for-hire vehicles aren't.

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I love that fresh discovery of an interesting car that I've never seen or heard of before... many of those are from Australia, South America, or South Africa

70s street machines were a cool looking bunch

freedom of the press.. as local police raided, seized, and did everything they could to shut down permanently a local newspaper in Kansas, and it all appears to have stemmed from a local restaurant owner's drunk-driving conviction, and looking into the new police chief's last job aka, newspaper article research in a small town

In an unprecedented raid Friday, local law enforcement seized computers, cellphones and reporting materials from the Marion County Record office, the newspaper’s reporters, and the publisher’s home.

Newspaper publisher Eric Meyer said he believes the newspaper’s dogged coverage of local politics and Police Chief Gideon Cody’s record are the main reason for the raids. 

The Record was in the midst of digging into the newly hired chief’s past as a Kansas City, Missouri, police captain when the raids were carried out, but it's also clear that the raid was retaliation for researching a news story that didn't go to press, about a restaurant owner who kicked reporters out of a meeting last week with U.S. Rep. Jake LaTurner, and revelations about the restaurant owner’s lack of a driver’s license and conviction for drunken driving. 

the newspaper's attorney, Bernie Rhodes said the newspaper was investigating the circumstances around Police Chief Gideon Cody’s departure from his previous job as an officer in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Cody left the Kansas City department earlier this year and began the job in Marion in June. He has not responded to interview requests.

Asked if the newspaper’s investigation of Cody may have had anything to do with the decision to raid it, Rhodes responded: “I think it is a remarkable coincidence if it didn’t.”

Marion County Record publisher Eric Meyer said he had never heard of police raiding a newspaper office during his 20 years at the Milwaukee Journal or 26 years teaching journalism at the University of Illinois.

Outside the paper's building, in a town of 1900, many people have left flowers in memory of 98 year old co-owner of the Marion County Record. 

On Friday, police raided her HOME, after ransacking the newspaper office

98 year old Joann Meyer died the next day. She had been working for the newspaper since the 50s, and was still writing a weekly column at this time. 

 The coroner's report listed the cause as sudden cardiac arrest. 

Marion County Record publisher Eric Meyer says he believes stress from the raid played a role in his mother's death. 

Her funeral will be held this upcoming Saturday.

The 1st amendment to the US Constitution, has a very special sentence...  Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..

reporting on the drunk driving conviction, with public records, in a newspaper, umm, that's both freedom of speech and the press and the police felt that their authority was supreme to that freedom of the press to complete it's duty/responsibility of reporting the news to the public. 

The search warrant, signed by Marion County District Court Magistrate Judge Laura Viar, appears to violate federal law that provides protections against searching and seizing materials from journalists. The law requires law enforcement to subpoena materials instead. Emily Bradbury, executive director of the Kansas Press Association, said the police raid is unprecedented in Kansas.

A confidential source contacted the newspaper, Meyer said, and provided evidence that Newell had been convicted of drunken driving and continued to use her vehicle without a driver’s license. The criminal record could jeopardize her efforts to obtain a liquor license for her catering business.

A reporter with the Marion Record used a state website to verify the information provided by the source. But Meyer suspected the source was relaying information from Newell’s husband, who had filed for divorce. Meyer decided not to publish a story about the information, and he alerted police to the situation.

Newell, writing Friday under a changed name on her personal Facebook account, said she “foolishly” received a DUI in 2008 and “knowingly operated a vehicle without a license out of necessity.”

“Journalists have become the dirty politicians of today, twisting narrative for bias agendas, full of muddied half-truths,” Newell wrote. “We rarely get facts that aren’t baited with misleading insinuations.”

She said the “entire debacle was brought forth in an attempt to smear my name, jeopardize my licensing through ABC (state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division), harm my business, seek retaliation, and for personal leverage in an ongoing domestic court battle.”

At the law enforcement center in Marion, a staff member said only Police Chief Gideon Cody could answer questions for this story, and that Cody had gone home for the day and could not be reached by phone. The office of Attorney General Kris Kobach wasn’t available to comment on the legal controversy in Marion

Meyer, whose father worked at the newspaper from 1948 until he retired, bought the Marion County Record in 1998, preventing a sale to a corporate newspaper chain.

Friday’s raids have been widely condemned by press freedom watchdogs as a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution’s protection for a free press. Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly called the raids “concerning.” An attorney for the newspaper deemed the searches and seizures illegal and said the police department’s action “offends the constitutional protections the founding fathers gave the free press.” The Society of Professional Journalists pledged $20,000 toward the newspaper’s legal defense.

The newspaper said it was planning to file a federal lawsuit.    

the newspaper's attorney, Bernie Rhodes, sent a letter to Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody, and wrote that the police “plainly violated the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, as well as Sections 11, 15, and 18 of the Kansas Bill of Rights,”

The search of the newspaper and Meyer's home has garnered attention from national media groups, including the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, which sent Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody a letter condemning the raid as unconstitutional. The letter was co-signed by 34 news and media organizations, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The AP

oh wow, I forgot to ever mention how so many newly enlisted get taken advantage of by car sales people when they buy their 1st car ever


I wonder what ever happened to the thousands of junked electric bikes they had piles of in Shanghai China? Someone made a drone video of them, skip the first 27 seconds


Brothers Underwater Recovery are searching in the Ohio River, hoping to help in the cases of two missing Kentucky men.

They operate entirely from donations from YouTube subscribers, and they’re currently looking into the cases of two men.

While doing that, they discovered three different vehicles that may or may not be connected.

All three cars were found near the Hovey Lake Boat Ramp, not too far off the Indiana side of the shore.

lol, you gotta hear the song he sings while using a battery powered impact to raise a hydraulic jack to loosen a cross threaded both on a diff

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probably the best thing you'll see all week

Staff Sgt Butterworth has created his own version of the Bentley-themed ASMR video that has been doing the rounds on social media as of late. 
Featuring  a Humvee, the parody juxtaposes the ultra-luxurious, soft-touch surface-laden Bentley Mulsanne seen in the original footage with the Humvee’s absolutely bare-bones, very dated design that is largely absent of any creature comfort.  

It's hilarious, tip of the hat to my favorite site of variety stuff, Daily Timewaster

Zastava Automobiles was a Serbian international car manufacturer, which went bankrupt in May 2017.

today I learned, that the guy who wrote Vehicle at age 18, co-founded Survivor and was commissioned by Stallone to write Eye of the Tiger for Rocky III, and has a collection of 193 guitars... and married his high school sweetheart

James Peterik, the co-founder of Survivor, was vocalist and songwriter of "Vehicle" by the Ides of March in 1970, was co-writer of the anthem "Eye of the Tiger" from the 1982 film Rocky III.

Peterik started performing in 1964 with some of his highschool schoolmates as The Ides of March. Their hits included "You Wouldn't Listen", "Vehicle", and "L.A. Goodbye" in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

"Vehicle", which was number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the week of May 23, 1970, is purported to be the fastest selling single in Warner Bros. Records history.

In 1982, Sylvester Stallone commissioned Survivor to write and perform the theme song for Rocky III. This song, "Eye of the Tiger", became their defining single, spending six weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and going double platinum. 
"Eye of the Tiger" also won a Grammy Award and resulted in an Oscar nomination for Peterik and Frankie Sullivan for Best Song.

Their 1984 album, Vital Signs, featured the Top 10 hits 
"High on You" (No. 8) and 
"The Search Is Over" (No. 4), and another sizable hit, 
"I Can't Hold Back" (No. 13). 

In 1985, Peterik co-wrote the theme song to Rocky IV, "Burning Heart", which would be another big hit (No. 2 in early 1986) for Survivor. "Burning Heart" was followed by Number 7 hit, "Is This Love". 

Peterik first displayed his musical talent while singing with his sisters in the back of the family’s 1952 Chrysler on trips to Florida. A few years later, at age 9, he began playing the guitar, “because I was old enough to wrap my hand around the neck,” he said.

He was 14 in 1964 when friend and classmate, Larry Millas knocked on his door and asked if he wanted to start a band. “Music was my life at that point,” Peterik said. 
 “Then [bass player] Bob Bergland said, ‘I’m reading [Shakespeare’s] Julius Caesar, and I came across the phrase, ‘Beware the Ides of March,’” Peterik recalled.
 “Bergland said, ‘That sounds like our new name.’” 

They played local backyard BBQs and in high school gymnasiums. Their song “You Wouldn’t Listen” reached No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 7 on WLS Chicago in 1966.

Then they struck it big in 1970 when Peterik was an 18-yearold freshman at Morton College and penned “Vehicle.” He was inspired by a girl, Karen, whom he met at a Turtles concert in 1968. “She would ask me to drive her places but would insist we were just friends,” Peterik said. “She said, ‘I want to date other guys. It’s not a date - you have the cool car. Can you take me to modeling school?’ I did, so I could be next to her. Week after week, she’d shake my hand. I thought, 'All I am is your vehicle baby.’ I had never heard the word used in a song.” The words in the song about the stranger offering a ride to the nearest star was based an anti-drug pamphlet Peterik’s lab partner showed him that depicted a man stopping children to sell drugs.

The song shot up to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and after hearing it on the radio, Karen called Peterik and agreed to a date. She became his wife two years later. “All my songs are written for Karen.” Peterik said. “I rarely write sad love songs because I really never experienced heartbreak

"Vehicle” features Peterik using a gruff voice that sounds years older than 18, accompanied by a horn riff. Peterik said as a result, people mistook the band for Blood Sweat & Tears. He was, in fact, channeling Blood Sweat & Tears’ lead singer David Clayton-Thomas, along with Ray Charles. Charles was an early, major influence on Peterik, along with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. “Musically, I am the mutt of so many influences,” Peterik said.

With the record’s success, the band hit the road with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and other top names. “We were sharing a deli tray with the Grateful Dead"

Jim Peterik: I'm 17 years old. I'm a junior in high school. I've heard that my favorite band was coming to Riverside High, the Turtles. 
 I showed up early and it was open seating, so I was there at 6 o'clock for an 8 o'clock concert near the front of the line waiting to get in. All of a sudden, this gaggle of girls is dancing next to me, and one is cuter than the next. I went, "Oh my God." There was one girl that just had these big eyes and she wasn't looking at me. She was playing it cool. I said to myself, "Well, that girl's way out of my league. She'll never talk to me."

Just then, she turned around and said, "Aren't you Peterik?" I go, "Yeah."

She said, "I just saw your band last week. You guys were great." I go, "There is a God." 

We started talking like we had known each other for a hundred years. We're talking about our favorite movies, and the other girls, as cute as they were, they just kind of disappeared and there was just this one girl. She was wearing orange culottes, knee socks and saddle shoes. She went to an all-girls high school.

The concert ended, and my car was parked right in front. It was a '65 Valiant, beautiful and white. I said, "Hey, do you want a ride home?" And she said, "Oh no. My dad would never let me do that, but you can walk me home to my girlfriend's house."

So, I walked her home, memorized her phone number, and I said, "I'll call you." I couldn't get up the nerve to call her for another week and she thought that I would never get up the nerve to call her. 
We started dating, and we went to a play at the high school. We were walking back to her house. Her mother said, "You get her home by 9 o'clock. I'm a stickler on that." Well, it was about 9:15, but we almost made it. Behind Larry Millas' house, she gave me the kiss of a lifetime. She was way more advanced than I was. I never had a kiss like that, and I floated home just like on gossamer wings, as they say.

So, we just kept dating and all of a sudden, she said, "You know, Jim, I'm 15 years old. You're the first boy I've ever dated. I really need to see what else is out there." It broke my heart. Total "whomp, whomp" moment, you know. I was in the dumpster for months. ...

Out of the blue, I get a call. "Hey, Jim. It's Karen. Remember me?" "Yeah." "Well, you know, it's not a date or anything, but you know, you've got that cool car. Would you take me to modeling school?" She was really cute. 
Sure. I figured I'll take her to modeling school. I thought, "Well, maybe I'll get a kiss or something." I took her to modeling school and waited outside for an hour and a half. She comes dancing back out. I take her home.
No kiss, a handshake. "That was really fun, Jim. Thanks." Two weeks later, the same thing happened.

BH: She didn't even offer to pay for the gas?

JP: Not even. Two weeks later, she calls me again. Now I'm starting to get a little PO'ed. I said to myself, "You know, all I am is her limousine. No, wait a minute. All I am is her vehicle, baby." I was like "Wait a minute. Vehicle. What a unique word."

That song came out and it was the fastest breaking hit in Warner Brothers history, up to that time. It was on the radio coast to coast. Suddenly, there was demand for the band. Here I am, 19 years old by this time, and I'm on the road with Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix. What a magical year to have a hit record, the summer of 1970.

Oh wow... someone is going to score an enviable 69 wagon, with only 55k miles on it... a 390, AC, side-facing third-row jump seats, and disc brakes. Currently bid to 15k, 2 days to go

This particular 1969 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon was originally sold by Wagner Ford in Simsbury, Connecticut, and remained in the possession of the original owner until 1990. Now on its third owner, the big wagon still only has a mere 55k miles showing on the odometer.

an amazing guy, with an amazing life of adventure on the Mississippi

He got started after high school with earning a living with his brother getting clams from the river bed as a  diver, and then realized that he wanted to make a big difference cleaning the trash out of the Mississippi. 

Since then, he bought a barge, expanded his operation, got some cranes, excavators, more barges, boats, crew, and now he goes to where the work is on the Anacostia, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers ... making a difference, like during Katrina his crew went on down river, and anchored to be a huge help in patching roofs with a crew of carpenters, and delivering ice after Hurricane Harvey. 

Recently, the crew helped the Cincinnati police pull 21 cars out of the Ohio river, and 10 cars out in Louisville Kentucky, and through the years he has put together the largest collection of "messages in bottles" in the world, PLUS is making pallets out of plastic bottles pulled out of the river jetsam. 

Making pallets out of plastic bottles is genius... the scummy people that throw plastic bottles into ditches, sewers, streams, rivers, etc that the many floods in the midwest push downstream, well, they will never stop. And the plastic is then free to whoever cleans up the river

It's unlikely that Americans, or anyone else, will ever stop this fad of constantly wasting plastic bottles for  water, so, there is not a foreseeable future where there isn't a couple million pounds of plastic bottles a year washing down the Mississippi and those are easy to grind down, and recycle into plastic pallets.

Plastic pallets last much longer than wood ones. Plastic pallets are RECYCLEABLE! They can be used about 400 times by trucking companies before they are broken, AND then they can be ground up AND REUSUED to make NEW plastic pallets. 

43% of hardwood trees are cut down to make single use pallets. If a big company buys 100,000 pallets, that saves 12,500 trees. 

NO TREES are killed to make pallets when recycling water bottles. The river gets cleaned up, the bottles get recycled, trees CONTINUE to make OXYGEN and contain carbon dioxide. 

That, is a win win situation.

When working with Cincinnati to clean up the river, not only were 21 cars pulled out of the Ohio, but 4,153 pounds of trash from the banks of the river were removed, which included 177 pounds of plastic, 16.5 tires, four propane tanks and a refrigerator.

Interesting observation about his non-profit, is that of the crews, there have been 13 marriages and only 1 divorce

Kudos to John Deere for donating a long reach excavator! 

Wood pallets typically last for about 14 months, while plastic pallets can make 400-500 trips over 4-5 years. According to Circular Supply Chains Inc. “Nearly 2 billion wooden pallets are in circulation in the US with a majority replaced each year. This consumes an estimated 50% of the country’s annual hardwood harvest. Every year in the US alone 1 million acres of our planet’s trees are destroyed to manufacture and produce the wooden pallets used to operate the distribution industry. To replenish 1 million acres of trees will take approximately 40 years

The Gateway Auto Museum at Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa closed with less than 20 years of operation, as it was a private collection/investment portfolio (in a museum status to avoid taxes) and now 31 of 50 of their cars are going to Pebble Beach for auctioning off.

the 50-plus classic cars from the privately owned Hendricks Collection that once graced its gallery all being auctioned off either online or out west.

Thirty-one of the classic cars have been transported to Monterey, California, to be auctioned off by Broad Arrow Auctions, and the others are sold online by Hagerty, Broad Arrow Auctions’ parent company.

Gateway Auto Museum, which was owned by Discovery Channel founder and car collector John Hendricks, opened its doors in May 2006

Bring a Trailer is now the partner of Vintage Camper Trailers magazine and online classifieds.

the Major League Soccer new direction is incorporating teams solely owned by women, and remarkably, the St. Louis team is getting their stadium built by a female-led construction team.

The 22,500-seat stadium will be the centerpiece of the Downtown West area; more than 30 acres that will include offices and the team’s training facility.

Construction of the stadium for the first female-owned MLS franchise was also led by a primarily female leadership team, with Ellen Spangler of Minneapolis-based Mortenson serving as the senior project manager.

Monday, August 14, 2023

around Christmas someone very nice (and in Europe I think) offered to make me a small adaptor for my transit, so it would attach to my tripod

 and though I looked all through my emails, and posts, and comments, I cannot find that note, I cannot find their name!

So, I need to ask if that guy is still reading my blog! 

I tried a couple designs, and mocked up something simple that I think might get the job done. 

Then I looked through months of emails and comments, and can't find where we talked about it. If you're still out there, could you let me know? 

Have you heard of the airline rip off on ticket prices, which can be avoided by something called Skiplag flying? The reason so many people use this controversial hack is because it’s cheaper to book a layover flight than a direct flight.

Also known as ‘hidden city’ or ‘throwaway’ ticketing, this practice has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

The cheap ticket hack involves buying a less expensive ticket with a layover in the city you want to travel to and then not catching the second flight.

Airlines do not want you to take an indirect flight that costs less than a direct flight and where you don’t take the connection and carry onto some farther destination.

But for us people who are not fond of being ripped off and wasting money, it's a nonstop flight to where YOU want to be without the price tag that airlines will charge for that very same seat in that very same airplane, and that very same flight.

Finding fares like this on your own isn’t easy, though it can be done, so price comparison sites like Kayak or the dedicated website - Skiplagged - were made for people to search for these hidden city fares.

Despite the cheap fares, there are some drawbacks to skiplagging - like not being able to check in your bags. If you check a bag, it goes to where that ticket was booked, and if you're getting off at the layover, and not going on to the destination... you'd never get your bag. And you can't book round trip either. 

“Travellers who do decide to skiplag should always book one-way tickets, that way their return trip won't be cancelled if the airline does cancel their ticket,” warns Edward Russell, airlines reporter for industry publications Skift and Airlines Weekly.