Saturday, January 19, 2019

Folies-Bergère, Léonati, Vélocipediste poster by Jules Chéret, and 1890 Folies-Bergère G. Lockart et ses Éléphants

the Charvolant, a self designed carriage by schoolteacher George Pocock, was wind powered in 1822

Ships and trains

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm

1920s French car advertising posters, and early 1930s French tire ads by Leonetto Cappiello. I've got no understanding of how these sell tires, but the car ads aren't bad at all

1978 Airplane, Roy Lichtenstein

Friday, January 18, 2019

few people get this excited, about anything

This is like that little red haired kid  who went full bliss when the motorcycles raced by, but 30 years later

I was going to get back to posting... then I remembered... it's the first day for the Grand Tour on Amazon tonight

Best line from the show.... regarding the Demon crate, with all the good stuff to make a Demon a full drag car:

"This is what you get when you buy a Demon; it's a crate, its like a picnic hamper for MEN!"

and about the McLaren Senna:

"a hundred and twenty, a hundred and fifty, and hundred and Jesus H Christ!" (it was around 186, and that is freaky to be doing a running commentary at that speed I bet)

well... you're never going to get it off the rails quick in the event a train is heading for you... but, for comfort of rolling down some tracks, it's not a bad idea

oh good grief... AGIP has licensed Hello Kitty to sell more oil!

How about this, the first military themed oil can I've come across

I finally found more Lawson Wood paintings, and am surprised to find he did WW2 Buy Bonds and war propaganda posters!

above is a Prestone Antifreeze postcard 

above, "The Stage Coach"
 below "The First Bicycle"

I just found that there is a home with a frieze wrapping around a living room in Victoria Canada, up near the ceiling, by Lawson Wood... this blow's my mind!  I've never heard of wallpaper by an artist like this! It's a Chromolithograph

 for some that are great, but have nothing to do with vehicles. He specialized in this character, the chimpanzee Gran Pop, but he also illustrated books, magazine covers, advertising, etc.  and  for the best ones I ever found from Lawson Wood