Saturday, April 06, 2013

Don Prudhomme brought the Snake and Mongoose dragsters and haulers to Good Guys Del Mar! Check them out if you go!

my favorites in the pedal car competition

Pontiac Tempest Le Mans, great looking, and has a really cool hood scoop

looks like a valve cover was cut into pieces when I focus on the ribs on top.

the swap meet find meter you probably have never seen before, a dragmeter. (Elena from Hot Rod Magazine scored it!)

antwmrs? What the heck does that mean?

Caterpiller powered hot rod!

thanks Mike!

this might be a scam, or might be real. 1968 Super Stock spare lug nut container made for Dick Landy (or not)

you never can tell what might be hiding in the swap meets. Portago just posted that he bought a Tucker speedometer. 

race ready Mopars, one of the big attractions for me to go to the Mopars at the Strip event, to walk through the pits and see the full race converted street cars

I like the Super Bee 6 pack lift off fiberglass hood, one of the biggest hood scoops from a car manufacturer, looks great on every  Mopar

2 door post, Fury maybe?

11,000 posts in the archives, for you to enjoy at your leisure

1970 Plymouth Satellite convertible, nearly the same as the 70 Road Runner, but the small differences are very interesting to me. The tail lights, grill, etc

the rubber bumperettes, the space under the grill, and the brake lights, might be the only differences... though I don't think that the 1970 Road Runner was offered as a convertible.

if you need a good parts display table for your swap meet lot, you could do worse

I just found a massive project website, it's trying to show photos of every car ever made around the world, 

They are missing some of course, and even more obvious, they don't have a contact email to help them out, tell them of cars they've missed, and send them the photos. Damn, I hate it when it's impossible to help someone out because they aren't smart enough to leave an email address. 

Pegaso Z-102 Bisiliuro

Thursday, April 04, 2013

My award for most stunning paint at Viva Las Vegas 2013 goes to Mat Egan, a pro painter from Australia

update, the 2015 Street Rodder magazine finally did a 3 page feature of this

I came across a "bug" atti at Viva Las Vegas

Why the windscreen is only in front of the passenger I don't know

Edsel car, what is the complaint? Looks cool to me!

Deadly Curves found a Count de Sahknoffsky design art that I haven't seen before! Yes that actually excites me. I'm odd that way

Portago has Deadly Curves Blogpsot, and has posted the best instrument cluster photos I've found. Including a Tucker!

Motor magazine had some very cool cover art