Saturday, April 27, 2019

Four people were killed and three wounded when a construction crane collapsed Saturday in downtown Seattle, pinning five cars underneath.

it wasn't a mobile crane that moves to where it's needed, it was the kind that are used at a skyscraper building construction site

California DMV denied these plates, out of absurd over reaching concern about things no one actually cares about, or "could" be offended about

even if the DMV got it right, and this IS a terrorist, exactly what makes their declaration on a car license plate a matter than would concern ANY one?

no one looks at license plates to be offended, for one thing, and I seriously doubt anyone, even a hebrew who wanted to find something to get outraged about, would get the notion that this plate was made to annoy them.

and is anyone going to call the DMV to complain that theses are on cars? No.

Can you believe that anyone not at DMV thinks this means Vagina? Not me

What crypto savant does the DMV have who can makes sense of this?

what a happy looking kid

Welcome to motor vehicles kiddo... they're a lot of fun, and a lot of danger, and a lot of expense, but it all seems worth it when it fires up with only a twist of the key, and takes you anywhere you wanna be

64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes, and 5 seconds. That is how long the Cessna 172 flew without landing from December 1958 to February 1959. The two pilots refueled from a truck and slept in shifts on a single mattress

Greg Orr's 61 Skylark, called Project 200, or Build Tune Race (no one explains shit anymore) and it's already going 189 mph on a twin turbo 427 (happy 427 day! )

go for it.... you'r idea may not catch on, but it could just put smiles on faces anyway

full race GT 350

back in the van days

I love this design, sort of similar to a hinge, from the headlight back, for the front door

and a nice way to fill in the side panel

a cop with humor... I love it!

Friday, April 26, 2019

this is different... Moto BASE jumping by Bradley ONeal

a good way of looking at it. Not completely accurate for me, but, a good way to pass along why some stuff I like, and post, doesn't appeal to most people

The trailer does not do this movie justice... it's a fantastic sports documentary

Damn shame there hasn't been a follow up sequel

Once you've seen this, you'll be hooked on catching up with a sport you'd never heard of before, because it's not been watered down with bullshit rules. It's still fierce

more info on the Waco massacre

"the police refused to allow the CCTV video to be released or used by the defense teams of those arrested. Total nonsense. Initially CTH graphed out hundreds of shell casings and it was clear the heavily armed police just opened fire into the crowd from three positions. Some victims were shot while they were cowered in corners."

I imagine he had to practice a long time to get confident enough to think he'd survive this, how he accomplished that, without crashing, I have no idea

This guy seems to have this rig ready to go, and convert his car from running off fuel, to wood gas

I can't recall the specifics off the top of my head, but they discovered "gassification" back in WW2 I think it was... But I doubt anyone had a quick conversion kit like this!

Thanks Hozoi! 

Everything there is to know about the Cadillac tailfin, a good article

Judy Baca's “Hitting the Wall” a 30-foot-high, 100-foot-wide mural on the 110 Freeway near the 4th Street exit in downtown Los Angeles hailed the first women to run an Olympic marathon at the 1984 Summer Games in L.A

The artwork, commissioned in 1984, was painted over sometime last month — during Women’s History Month.  But... what was painted over isn't artwork you see above.

The mural is among a long list of L.A. artworks, including several other Olympic scenes, that have been whitewashed across the city in violation of federal and state laws.

 Like other artists, Baca said she is considering legal action against the agency she thinks is responsible: the California Department of Transportation.

“A mural of that size is worth millions and millions of dollars,” said Brooke Oliver, Baca’s attorney. “It is reprehensible that Caltrans doesn’t recognize that it is a tremendously valuable and revered mural in a high-profile place in Los Angeles and doesn’t give it the respect that it deserves.”

But Caltrans insists it is not the culprit and says the agency is willing to work with Baca to restore the artwork.

IN fact...

At first Baca, who is a professor emeritus at UCLA and the founder of the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARK), blamed Caltrans for the whitewashing, saying she was considering legal action. Caltrans insisted that they had nothing to do with it.

"This is a 35-foot high mural," Baca told KPCC. "To put a coat of paint on that requires equipment and ladders and's just not possible that Caltrans would not be aware of this kind of a production. It was a major undertaking and expensive."

She said that covering a mural of that scale would cost thousands of dollars.

But on Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) took full responsibility for the re-painting via a statement to KPCC/LAist, admitting that one of their abatement contractors had painted over it on February 26, because of what they describe as "extensive graffiti."

It had already been destroyed by graffiti taggers with their bullshit ugly bubble names of no artistic merit. How do I say that? I've posted hundreds of pieces of graffiti that is awesome, and artistic, and Banksy... that's how. I even love cave art and petroglyphs

Here's the timeline of this public art mural, smeared over by shit.

Whatever that garbage is, it ain't worth being on a wall in public sight.

Happy 426 day!

Barney Navarro did some mighty amazing things, and making a 4 quad intake for a 426 Stage 3 max wedge is one I only just learned of

did you realize that an 88 Mustang now qualifies as an "Antique" ? Sure, I know, 25 years old etc etc... but I didn't realize cars I'd liked after high school would ever be considered "antiques" in my lifetime.

I spotted this sweet Mustang when cutting through the mall parking lot... and there aren't many left in this good of condition.

I might be wrong, but I think it's an 88 or 89 LX 5.0

it was no surprise to me to see how much the tires had worn away in 17 years... I knew it was misaligned, but I also knew cheap tires were easier to replace than the entire front suspension...

it doesn't bother me one damn bit to have used up a pair of tires over 17 years instead of replaceing the front end suspension... it's way cheaper to replace tires. You might not know how little I've driven my 69 R/T in all these years, less than 10k miles for sure.

and here's a look at the 1970 JC Penny front shock, wasted upper ball joint, wasted sway bar bushings, wasted lower limit bumper... no one between the 1st owner and myself did shit to maintain this car. On the other hand, it's only had 128,000 miles when I bought it. So... not much was needed... though, the ball joints, idler arm, pitman arm, and shocks are all junk. I've been taking my time, and replaced 3 shocks so far, and none has ANY life at all. No ability to push out the plunger. 

Good morning!

Coffee and donuts movie of the morning, Flying the OH 6 in Vietnam

When there's noting to do after the spring seeding of the fields... the farm kids get bored

playing to the crowd taken to the last step

well, that's new

Be good to your karma, and tell your loved ones you love them... and stay up to date with that stuff.... cause you never know when you're about to check out from someone else's machinery failure

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Reminds me of the end of a long hot day in Nebraska.

you know you're in a good crew, when there are the occasional pranks and shenanigans (Thanks Randy R!)

taking risks, doing epic shit

make the best of things, with a bit of humor

it proves what I've been saying... it's not always how bad you drive, sometimes it's just avoiding the people doing stupid shit on the highway

Did someone say folding bike?

Huggy Bear woulda loved these seat covers

if you young people don't know Huggy Bear, well, about 50 years ago on tv, there was a show about a couple of cops, who knew a pimp, and his name was Huggy Bear, and he wore the most ridiculous pimptastic cloths. Here, take a look

that's right, goldfish in the shoe lifts

missed it by that " " much

lathe vs dumbass... you know who's going to win this round

you could get away with this in the 60s and 70s, but those days are long over

Last Friday, Steve and his wife left their 2017 Ford Fusion at the Future Ford dealership in Sacramento...

Steve said. "About two hours later, we were called and someone said that our vehicle had been stolen from the lot."

California Highway Patrol says a woman had come into the dealership with her boyfriend, leaned into the Russells' Fusion without telling him and grabbed the identification tag and used the tag to claim to be the owner.

An employee reportedly handed the woman the keys without asking for identification. The CHP says the car was later recovered. The front tire was destroyed, the drivers side is damaged by a side swipe, and the interior is trashed.

The woman was not arrested but has been charged with grand theft auto

And that is why you pay your insurance company to handle problems like that

Wow - train derailment near Yuma Drive and Riverside in south Fort Worth yesterday morning caused a

Condolences to anyone that left their car in the basement level of Dallas' Love Field airport garage. If it was a rental, and you got insurance? You scored a pass with your good karma!

This looks great! Catch 22 has been remade, and since I haven't seen the original in ages, I can't recall it at all.

This might be what it takes to get me to figure out what the hell it takes to watch Hulu, and if it's worth whatever they charge. I doubt it, I've never heard of anything on Hulu I was excited to see.

But a WW2 comedy? With bombers? Yup, I am down for that

if you are a young person, and never heard of the movie, or the book it's based on, read this:

don't watch this if you have high blood pressure issues, or mild heart attacks. Seriously, You need to be warned before seeing this. He did survive though.

Bikers in Scotland... darn it, they won't be worrying about getting into heaven

that looks like some tarpit bullshit right there

oh that spring thaw... come back in the winter with an excavator... dig around it then haul it out. Maybe find some mastadon and sabertooth bones while you're at it, cause that looks like some tarpit bullshit right there

this guy has figured out how to max out fun without wrecking!

from a newfound fun place to waste time cracking up:

hang on... what the hell? A cow kill on an A-10?

the A-10 was special painted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 107th Fighter Squadron at Selfridge Air National Guard Base (ANGB) featuring an unusual Cow Kill Mark.


 the pilot of this aircraft said he was performing a Close Air Support (CAS) sortie in an enemy village at an undisclosed location. Nicking off bad guys and such. Afterwards, when the ground troops came in to secure and get the final kill count, they found a cow blown to pieces by 30mm.  Thanks Shas!

I gotta show some love for this unknown artist that spiced up a magazine page about ET rims with a drawing of Don Prudhomme, his top fueler, and the snake

a drag racing 68 Hurst Olds?