Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jay Leno talks to Don Prudhomme about the 70 Hemicuda and transporter

I'm sorry, the videos were pulled by Vimeo or whoever had hosted them

For a photo gallery of Don's hemicuda and transporter that I took at SEMA:

I also recommend you take a look at Tere's post, Don invited her to hop inside the hauler as he showed her how it was restored:

Did you know George Barris had sold "weirdo shirts" and sneakers?

Tony Nancy ad and racing mask kit I had no idea he sold... wonder what one of those would go for on ebay?

When introduced it was said " Coming up next is a man who never had an ugly car, and never had an ugly girlfriend"

Thrush pipes and mufflers advertising of the early 70's

What could possibly have been Shelby's incentive to be photographed with this piece of crap? (aka, how much was he paid to look happy?)

Disappointing because I remember that Carroll invented the 427 AC Cobra, won the 1959 24 hrs of Le Mans, set 16 US and international speed records in a Healey, and other remarkable things. To be seen in the presence of this POS is horrible.

But is it worse or better than the Pit Stop deoderant?

The ridiculous and rated R ads have been added to,

For the posts that have been added to about the bikini models endorsing mufflers: and
Some of the posts fall into both catagories, some only belong in one, like the Shelby parts ads, or the rims and wheels ads

Friday, January 08, 2010

Shirt and Sweater ads I've never seen before from Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

1979 El Camino Royal Knight, I'd never seen one or heard of it before

In 1978, Chevy produced El Caminos with a Black Knight option package (Z16). Only 1200 examples were built before production was halted due to a dispute over the use of the name Black Knight. Chevy re-introduced the package in '79 as the Royal Knight.

Trivia, how was a quarter mile chosen as the length of a dragstrip?

From Wally Parks:

We took some new (1949 model) cars down, and as part of the the regular Motor Trend road test, we ran these experimental runs. The purpose of the thing was to find out just how far you could race the average car that was available at the time before you had to start getting stopped. We had a runway down there that I think was 4700 feet long. We had probably 20 different cars running, of all types, including some dry lakes cars; and we found that if we extended the acceleration distance more than a quarter mile, some of them couldn't get stopped at the other end. It was on that basis that we (later) established the quarter-mile as the official (NHRA) competition distance.
Hot Rod Magazine Nov. 1978

Why I read Ezra Dyer's column in Automobile Magazine

The Buick Lacrosse's interior is so quiet that you often reutrn to find it infested with monks. It's so quiet, it told some ninjas to pipe down.

...Ezra Dyer

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The AMX 3 is back! It's back at the SD Auto Museum

It's been gone for a couple of years now... get in to see it while it's there. If you're uncertain what an AMX-3 is, it was a prototype that wound up to be more expensive than the Corvette, so AMC scrapped the idea. The engine was a 390 mid engine mount, the design was from Dick Teague, and they made about 6 or so in Turin Italy with Bizzarini, scrapped a couple after shutting down the project, but Dick kept 2, and one was buried in a private garage and never seen again.
For the full history of the AMX-3:
For photos of the yellow one,

SD Car Club Council meeting is the first Tuesday of each month

Porsches are currently on display at the San Diego Auto Museum

Unusual way to display the registration tags