Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great advertising for Harley

from a 2008 newspaper

AAA car insurance wants you to get a quote, and will enter you in a free gas giveaway ($15,000 worth)

From my experience, and not as a customer because I have Allstate insurance, AAA is the 2nd best for cost, 1st for service, and I have no doubt will beat Geico, State Farm, and Farmers... they already proved that those other companies are more expensive. No one has proved to me to have better customer service for on the phone or roadside. for the posts I've done that show the different amounts that car insurance companies quoted me.

A quote takes about 10 minutes, and they will want a phone number, make one up. An email, make one up. You will need to have insurance as of the time you call for a quote, because you have to tell them what you currently have as coverage limits, and getting a factual comparison isn't going to happen if you are not insured... all insurance companies penalize you for not paying some insurance company. They don't care who gets your money, they insist that you pay for insurance... because if you aren't cuurently paying someone, you are likely to be a bad prospect for paying for a new company to cover you.

So, get a recent insurance coverage bill from your car insurance, and try for the free gas giveaway. It'll take 10 minutes, and won't create email spam or phone calls. Just keep in mind to not give your phone number or email, make one up or give your ex's, or your in laws.

cool photos from Urban Hunter Tumblr

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beautiful women seldom are photographed looking gorgeous with vehicles in the photo by chance

two of the most memorable beautiful women ever... looking very good. I have seen hundred of Marilyn photos where she doesn't look beautiful... lighting, her mood, the composition of the photo, her age... but this  one finally got it, and included a military truck (Dodge Power Wagon?)

Raquel is what the young celebs with reality tv shows wish they could look like, simply pretty without a marketing plan

2nd reason I posted these is to let you know that I'm still (though seldom) adding to 

3000 still photos, 11 months, one video. It is killer. An engine gets torn down and rebuilt.

Thanks to Andrew of Trips and Turns for sharing with all of us!

Yul Brynner, and an evolution of a car photo. Both cool, both from Jake's Car World

found on and there is not much there of interest to me. Just these 2 images, and he has only posted about 50 things in 3 years. 

Celebs on bikes, Royal Racer Tumblr found a couple

Thanks Royal! Well found!

Things that are obsolete, and I've never seen before, a skirt guard

American Graffiti race scene as a GIF

I've just found a photo in color of early 40's dry lakes racing, in color! Love these, do you have any?

there are 12 perfectly preserved Spitfire airplanes buried in Burma

The planes were shipped in standard fashion in 1945 from their manufacturer in England to the Far East country: waxed, wrapped in greased paper and tarred to protect against the elements. They were then buried in the crates they were shipped in, rather than let them fall into enemy hands

August 1945, the Mark XIV aircraft, which used Rolls-Royce Griffon engines instead of the Merlins of earlier models, were put in crates and transported from a factory in the West Midlands to Burma. Once they arrived, however, the Spitfires were deemed surplus to requirements. The order was given to bury 12 Spitfires without even unpacking them.

The Spitfire Mark XIV planes are rare for more than one reason: They used Rolls Royce Griffon engines rather than the Merlins used in earlier models to achieve tremendous speeds. Griffon-powered planes could reach 440 mph thanks to the hefty, 2,050-horsepower engines. When production of the planes ultimately ended in 1947, 20,334 Spitfires of all versions had been produced, but just 2,053 of them were Griffon-powered versions

 Read more:

Dec 2013 update, they haven't found anything yet to indicate that they exist beyond word of mouth

followup June 2016, still nothing found but that hasn't stopped the guy from trying

All stop, all engines stop, hold everything, nobody move til you see this... a WW2 P40 was just found in the Sahara desert. So intact the bullets are still in the wing guns, it crashed in 1942

Park of the Royal Air Force of England, it's a Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk

Not much story, just that no human remains were with the plane, the parachute was deployed next to the plane, so you can guess that the pilot landed well enough to use it for shade, then tried to walk out of the desert.

Full gallery (but I sure didn't leave much you didn't see here) at via a photo posted at

"Airplanes are like women, they are all beautiful, but only the ones with guns are interesting" is the tagline for the tumblr Remove Before Flight. I like that

one bad VW, only a mean VW can haul another

found on Jakes Bikes and Cars and Music