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David Lozeau, artist. Nails this painting, the frame is incredible

Ace Of The Kicking Mules 

Once, Indy cars were towed to the grid with lawn and garden riding lawnmower tractors

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The Hydra car in the movie Capt America, the work of the Tron Uprising Lead Vehicle designer, Daniel Simon

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famed auto designer Daniel Simon to pen up a concept and then built the car to his design using a truck chassis and a Ford V-8 for power. The end result is part Duesenberg, part Hot Rod, and all sinister.

By plot, the car is 6-wheel drive, powered by a 16 cylinder fighter plane engine, and the fastest vehicle ever made

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and posted it a couple weeks ago

His website, and more Captain America vehicles, and Tron Uprising vehicles at

You might remember my posting some of his Tron vehicles in 2010

The British Car Club Council of San Diego has a website... and some cool stories posted on their blog

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A MG owner told his Magnette specialist friend about this car, so off to inspect a car,  pre-purchase, and this California rust free example was pulled from the garage.

Millicent is the original owner, and finally decided to part with her Magnette (MG with 4 doors)

My first impression was how absolutely complete and unmolested the car was. Little “Magnette” details like the clock were still there, the very special rear view mirror, the beautiful MG-octagoned intake manifold, all the wood trim was intact. But, I was there to look for rust. I looked, and I looked. Just like the A’s most of us are familiar with, there are just places where you absolutely know there is rust on a Magnette—stills, bottom of doors, bottom of spare tire “well”, boot floor, wheel wells, “dog leg” areas by all fenders, lower sections of fenders, etc. I checked ‘em all. Totally rust free. I couldn’t believe it! The bottom of the car is clean—not really even surface rust. 

with the original Bill of Sale, the original Owner’s Manual, the original factory warranty from Nuffield, and lots of other history

the Magnette is a rare beast, and going to a new good home of MG lovers. I was hoping that the article would say how long the car had been off the road, but it doens't. Just that the engine was removed, and the car was on blocks

the Ferrari GTO in 1963, racing as they were made to, captured as art with a powder coated laser cut stainless artwork, only 6 to sell

to buy one, email Paul Chenard the Canadian artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia and of 
(902) 443-5394

Featured artist on the editors page of Automobile Magazine for his book

The whole piece is 25"x 10" 
Everything that you see in black on the piece has been actually laser-cut out, even the Cavallino Rampante of the N.A.R.T. logo!
$1500 plus shipping. Payment can be made in person at the Goodwood Revival, or instructions will be given by email, receipt of payment is the guarantee of acquisition. Paul will have his laptop with him at Goodwood and checking emails regularly

Of the 10 made, 2 are being brought to Goodwood to sell, one is going to the UK company Historic Car Art to sell, one to Hortons Books to sell, and the remaining 6 will be available through emailing Paul, or going to his website

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Did you know that some museums and car insurance companies have awesome magazines?

 Above, the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles

Below, the Hagerty car insurance company monthly. (Awesome)
You might consider these when you think about contacting large numbers of car collectors and car enthusiasts for your stories, ideas, and advertsing

So mad at the cops for arresting him, he came back for vengeance, and got it by crushing ALL of their vehicles with his ultra tractor

According to police, 34 year old Roger Pion, was on a stolen Case MX 255 8 wheel farm tractor, angry about his arrest for resisting arrest and marijuana possession last month, when he was rolling across their vehicles - five marked cruisers, one unmarked car and a transport van.

Vermont's Orleans County sheriff's deputies working inside their building on Thursday didn't know what was happening until a neighbor called 911. They didn't hear the ruckus outside their former bank building with really think walls, because their air conditioners were humming.

 When police ran outside, the tractor was already down the driveway and out onto the road. Police said they couldn't pursue the man because their cars were crushed.

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coolest dad award goes to: Builder of the Jeep bed

Big Nuts Required

I just found "Hot Rods Of the Dry Lakes Era", and it's full of great magazine scans, photos, and videos

for a lot more: and if anyone has Jimmy's email, send it my way or ask him to email me, please. 

Hot Rod art of the pre war era, dry lakes style, by Jimmy Barter of NSW Australia.

these are just the ones I liked the most for the black and white lithograph look... and accuracy.

he has two cool sites, one of his art, and one dedicated to the pre war era hot rods

Thursday, September 06, 2012

the artwork of Richard Pietruska

A member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, Richard Pietruska has won the prestigious Peter Helck Award for 3 years in a row and numerous Athena Awards of Excellence at Pebble Beach. He is a highly respected professor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and has been teaching for over 30 years.

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I just came across a website devoted to showcasing Automotive Art and Artists!

a car that stands out in history, but you've likely never heard of it. It's that rare and uncommon. The 1967 Jaguar Piranha - Gandini designed for Carrozzeria Bertone

first thing I noticed is the spelling variation on the license plates vs the chrome emblem. It's due to a legal issue at the time, and licensing I suppose

In 1967 a concept car based on the E-type was commissioned by newspaperman of the Daily Telegraph in the UK. In less than six months, the car that would become known as the Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe, was styled by Marcello Gandini for Carrozzeria Bertone. The fully functional Pirana made its debut at the 1967 Earls Court Show owing some of its styling to Bertone's Lamborghini Marzal concept car and it served as the preview for the styling treatment for the production Lamborghini Espada which debuted just a year later.

 For more than 40 years the Pirana virtually disappeared from view, it surfaced briefly in 2010. It was sold to collector Ed Superfon who commissioned a complete restoration, to a silver metallic finish that represents its original presentation back in 1967. It broke cover at the 2012 Concorso Italiano where it surprised many attendees, knowledgeable Italian car fans, most of whom knew little of its existence.

A book about the Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe, just released, contains 13 pages of historical text and images, a specification chart comparing the Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe to the Jaguar E-Type 2+2 that served as the donor chassis, and 33 full-page color plates.

 The Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe book serves to document this unique collaboration between The Daily Telegraph Magazine, Jaguar, and Carrozzeria Bertone.

It transports the reader back in time when an audacious editor, John Anstey, had the power and budget to commission the building of a dream car.

 Under the able hand of stylist Marcello Gandini and the direction of Nuccio Bertone, Carrozzeria Bertone was able to bring the Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe from design concept to auto show star in just five months.

It is a remarkable story, one that will likely never be repeated. to order.

Author and photographer Richard Truesdell has been a full-time automotive photojournalist since 1995. Over the past 20 years his work has been published in Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Cars and Parts, Musclecar Enthusiast in the US as well as Octane and Classic and Sports Car in the UK as well as many other automotive and travel publications.

With more than 1,000 published automotive, mobile electronics, and travel features along with more than 50 magazine covers to his credit, Richard's experience is both comprehensive and wide-ranging.

Since 2007, Richard has also been the co-founder and editorial director of the digital-only magazine Automotive Traveler and its companion website,

 The Jaguar Bertone Pirana Coupe is Richard's first self-designed and self-published edition. It is the first in what is a planned series that will cover his passions of muscle, vintage, classic, and orphan cars.

My First Car, a place to share your story

Lyon Air Museum's newest display will be opening with a P51

Some projects start with a part, and take a natural path toward completion, but assembled into a vehicle that is unique, and not ever made into production. What could be a 1903 Overland

from contributor "Uncle Frank" :

It's a complete fake and no such vehicle ever existed.
It started when he gave me a Model T klaxon horn which I restored and eventually gave back to him for the project.
He had also assembled a stack of parts, bits and pieces of this and that, a pile of scrap metal curlicues, etc and a gorgeous brass bucket style headlight from 1903.
Shortly after that, he found a Turn of Last Century opposed twin irrigation pump and knew what he had to do...