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Trucker keeps his Harley close by for getting around towns when off shift (that truck is LONG)

San Diego Monster Jam moving to Petco Park next year

The annual Monster Jam and motocross events in San Diego will move to Petco Park from Qualcomm Stadium next year, the organizers announced Friday.

 Feld Motor Sports said its track construction crew will pour more than 7,500 tons of dirt into Petco Park to transform the stadium into a specialized venue for its monster truck shows and motorcycle races, and work with groundskeepers to restore the field to baseball playing condition before opening day.

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Emery Ward's first car was a 36 Ford, and when he retired, he went collecting the whole range of 36 Fords: cars, trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, bus, tanker

and he died 7 years ago, and now his collection of cars, trucks, and petroliana is getting sold off

All photos found on

 1936 Ford Woody, blue, Id #182358117
 1936 Ford Cabriolet, 2 door convertible, rumble seat, tan, Id #CT28821
 1936 Ford Roadster, 2 door, blue, Id #182916029
 1936 Ford Phaeton, tan, Id #181405474
 1936 Ford, 3 window, Coupe, tan, Id #2609510
 1966 Corvette, coupe, 2012 NCRS, Id 194376S107706
 1936 Ford pickup truck, gray, Id #2352832
 1936 Ford 1 ton flatbed truck, gray w/sides, Id #2264746
 1936 Ford dump truck, gray, Id #3160905
 1936 Ford panel van, green, Id #182616517
 1936 Ford, 2 door, 5 window, Coupe w/rumble seat, red, Id #181444074
 1936 Ford, 2 door Cabriolet, black, Id #182914762
 1936 Ford, 740, 4 door convertible, gray, Id #182250356
 1936 Ford, 4 door, Humpback, black, Id #182623592
 1936 Ford, 2 door, Humpback, black, spot light, Id #2794189
 1936 Ford 4 door convertible with trunk, Tan 5517JW
 1936 Ford, 4 door slant back, Sedan, burgundy, Id #2320679
 1936 Ford, 2 door slant back, original, black, Id #182501156
 1936 Ford 1 ton flatbed truck, red, Id #182566985
 1936 Ford ½ ton, wrecker, maroon, Id #BB183154279
 1936 Ford Fire Truck, pumper, red, Id #BB182403378
 1936 Ford tanker truck, not restored
 1936 Ford Bus, not restored, Id #BB183996682

The auction will take place May 16-17 at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Sandusky, Ohio. For more information, visit 

Thursday, May 15, 2014 from 1-7pm 
Petroliana Auction: Friday May 16, doors open 9:00am, Auction 6:07pm
SATURDAY, MAY 17, doors open 7:00am, Parts Auction: 9:07am — Vehicle Auction: 1:07pm.

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belly tank bug, Iwo Jima

"7th Air Force men used a little imagination, discarded belly tanks, plus a small engine to make this improvised car. They have nicknamed it The Bug.", Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands, 12 June 1945

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the most astonishing analysis of America and automobiles I've read

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Sober driver arrested for DUI after deputy hits her car

A 20-year-old woman suffered serious injuries when a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and crashed into her car, but what happened next was even worse.

Weyker said she suffered a fractured neck as a result of the crash which happened in February 2013. Her injuries were too severe to allow her to give a field sobriety test or even a breath sample, she told WITI-TV. Without any evidence, another law enforcement officer arrested Weyker anyway on five separate charges including drunk driving causing injury.

The deputy, Joseph Quiles, was clearly at fault when he crashed into a car being driven by Tanya Weyker. Even so, she was arrested on drunk driving charges.

In his official report, Quiles wrote that he stopped at the stop sign and looked both ways before pulling out. He told a Milwaukee police officer that he never saw any headlights, even though Weyker’s Camry had lights that come on automatically.

However WITI obtained video from a nearby surveillance camera that showed the squad car turning without making a complete stop.

At the hospital, doctors took blood samples from Weyker. Later tests found she had no alcohol in her system. It took months, however, for charges against Wyeker to be dismissed by the district attorney.

Wyeker said she is waiting for the state to pay her medical bills for the crash. She has also filed a complaint against the deputy, which could lead to a lawsuit against the county.

Like I've repeated before, cops aren't professional, will lie to advance their careers, and aren't "serving and protecting" the public. So record every interaction between you and cops, you won't be aorry you did

a first time for everything, two impaired drivers crash INTO each other. Drugs and alcohol apparently are magnetic, although they don't mix well.

LIVINGSTON — An Albany man driving his car while high on drugs called cops on a drunken driver who side-swiped his car and drove away, State Police said.

The bizarre hit-and-run — which led to the arrests of both drivers — occurred Wednesday on the Taconic State Parkway. There, troopers said, Thomas Robbins struck the side of Malcom Sidbury's car as Robbins tried to pass him.

Robbins sped off and Sidbury called the cops, troopers said.

Both cars were soon found on nearby State Route 82, troopers said.

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Time Magazine has made a list of the worst cars of all time


1899 Horsey Horseless
 1909 Ford Model T
1911 Overland OctoAuto
1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo
1920 Briggs and Stratton Flyer
1933 Fuller Dymaxion
1934 Chrysler/Desoto Airflow


 1949 Crosley Hotshot
1956 Renault Dauphine
1957 King Midget Model III
1957 Waterman Aerobile
1958 Ford Edsel
1958 Lotus Elite
1958 MGA Twin Cam
1958 Zunndapp Janus


 1961 Amphicar
1961 Corvair
1966 Peel Trident
1970 AMC Gremlin
1970 Triumph Stag
1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Two-Door Hardtop
1971 Ford Pinto
1974 Jaguar XK-E V12 Series III


 1975 Bricklin SV1
1975 Morgan Plus 8 Propane
 1975 Triumph TR7
1975 Trabant
1976 Aston Martin Lagonda
1976 Chevy Chevette
1978 AMC Pacer
1980 Corvette 305 "California"
1980 Ferrari Mondial 8
1981 Cadillac Fleetwood V-8-6-4
 1981 De Lorean DMC-12
1982 Cadillac Cimarron
1982 Camaro Iron Duke
 1984 Maserati Biturbo
1985 Mosler Consulier GTP
1985 Yugo GV
1986 Lamborghini LM002


 1995 Ford Explorer
1997 GM EV1
1997 Plymouth Prowler
1998 Fiat Multipla
2000 Ford Excursion
2001 Jaguar X-Type
2001 Pontiac Aztek
2002 BMW 7-series
2003 Hummer H2
2004 Chevy SSR,,1658545,00.html

A retaining wall 75 feet tall gave way in Baltimore yesterday April 30th... crashing down on a railroad track. The cars that were parked on top of the wall? Now they know what sinkholes are like

Several streets were closed late Wednesday afternoon. St. Paul and Charles are major thoroughfares that are generally crowded during both the morning and evening commutes. The neighborhood is largely residential rowhouses. Traffic was reported to be snarled in the area of the collapse and downtown.

Brennan said no houses were damaged, but fire officials said many residents living along East 26th Street were ordered to leave until building inspectors can assess their properties.

Photographs show a wide area of destruction in what appears to have been a landslide. The railroad tracks are covered with water, dirt and more than a half-dozen cars that went down the embankment. Baltimore officials said CSX has suspended rail service through the city.

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This Sunday, the Greystone Mansion of Beverly Hills Concours de Elegance

A month away from this years Friends of Steve McQueen car show

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Super Bees in Mexico looked like the Dart/Aspen

May is Biking Month

best mini van burnout I've ever seen...!

a truly baddass snowmachine photo

Who was the last man to start his own car company in the USA before Elon Musk?

Reeves Callaway? Preston Tucker? John Hennessey?

Who was the last successful man and car company started in America? I think we have to work with some factors, like that bit where Callaway starts with Chevy cars. And Hennessey upgrades anything

A list of car makers in the USA, past, present

when was the last time Ford went into production on a car, that took a risk with design?

the retro T-bird? The Edsel? The 51 F1?

Here are a couple 83 t birds.

and this is the 86 Taurus

here is an 84 Tempo

Nothing risky that I can see... nothing apart from the crowd. Risk, I mean they could have lost a gamble on a departure from the norm.

To give an example, the Isetta. Nothing even close to it anywhere else in BMW cars.
The Plymouth Prowler... no one has made a car that remote from it's line up since the Isetta.
The Chevy SSR is far from the normal car, it's a Roadster Pickup! RPU! No one's made an rpu since the 1920's

Now that I've explained what I mean by RISKY design, perhaps you can see why I don't find anything Ford has made since the 55 Tbird, or the 51 F1 to be even close to a design break out by Ford... but am I wrong? Am I forgetting (highly likely) some car or truck Ford produced that was a RISK in design? 

the current Mille Miglia, and a 1954 Olds Rocket 88

In 1977 the Brecia auto club started a commemorative rally of the once famous race. To qualify for acceptance you have to enter a car that is the same year, make, and model as a car that participated in one of the original races. Most of the original cars were Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, BMW, and Fiat.

 Believe it or not, in 1954 two crazy Italians decided to enter an Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Holiday Coupe.

And this year, Dave and Vince decided to enjoy the race. Without buying the most expensive cars, they were limited to the available and affordable... and here's their 88.

Dave in California found this car, a qualifying car (check), documented the ownership history (check), fixed it up (check), had it inspected and certified by FIVA (check), submitted an application for the 2014 Mille Miglia (check).

You also have to provide proof of the ownership history of your car. Dave and Vince purchased their car from a lady named Donna, pictured here. Her grandmother purchased the car new in Daytona Beach in 1954, passed it on to her son, a Navy pilot, who passed it on to his daughter, Donna.

Starting May 9th, they'll be racing, and you can stay up to date on the Olds with their Facebook page

Ultimate Street Car Association autocrossing event June 13-15 at Fontana's Auto Club Speedway

When protestors get ugly in front of your business, and call you out, hit them with full force innovation and turn the tide on them

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Original owner finally parts with his 4 spd 383 Barracuda and passes it on to a young guy in love with it

here's the original owner on the first and last day of ownership... a remarkable thing... but after it's been sitting for 15 years, and rust begins to set in, the original owner realized he was done trying to keep his dream alive while actually neglecting the car.

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ever wanted to see the exclusive Lingenfelter Collection? It will be having a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House on August 7th

It’s tough to get a tour of elite private collections, since they aren’t normally open to the public, but this season, Lingenfelter has opened the doors to support local charities.

Here is there calendar of events:

For an article about the museum and it's dedication to charities for great causes, like Alzheimers Assoc. and the Ronald McDonald House

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A Mustang pop culture quiz by Parade / Conde Nast magazine

You’ll be asked things like to identify iconic movies based on images of the Mustangs that appeared in them, and decide which popular music videos featured Mustangs

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Traffic lights... proven to be unnecessary

Famous people racing in this years Mille Miglia

Jay Leno and Ian Callum, car 211, Jaguar XK 120 Ecurie Ecosse

Mike Cross and Jeremy Irons, 236, Jaguar XK120

Wolfgang and Ferdinand Porsche, 359, Porsche 356

Adrien Brody and Esmeralda Brajovic, 394, 300SL

Jacky Ickx and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, 396, Porsche 550

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Bullshitters on a car show get called on the lie, by none other than Hot Rod magazine

HOT ROD likes to take people at their word. Last week we posted a story about Fast 'N Loud finding the first two Firebird prototypes in a barn. See it HERE.

The hot rod community is like a tribe, and you don’t jive your brother, right? So we are more than a little peeved that the hype the cable show Fast ‘N Loud fed everyone about the two “barn find” #1 and #2 1967 Pontiac Firebirds was not, shall we say, correct information. The problem comes from the show identifying things related to the two cars that could have only come from them, once you get the whole enchilada. So here’s what we really know about the two Firebirds:

1) The two cars weren't 'found in a barn' as the shows producers state, they have been stored.

2) They weren't prototypes or pilot cars, they were just the first two cars down the line, unlike what the producers state.

3) They weren't built in order to decide whether Pontiac wanted to build the Firebird, as the producers state. They are production line cars.

4) They aren't "worth" $325K as the producers state, they sold for $30K a couple years ago, that's probably close to their current value.

5) They're basic, bread and butter Birds, nothing unique about them except their VIN. No rare one-off parts, no super-rare Ram Air stuff, no hard to find trans or rear axle. Just a ’67 Firebird ragtop and hardtop, and a very expensive VIN and trim tag.

6) They were sold as a pair for $30K a couple years ago on eBay. The new owner was contacted by Fast N' Loud, and they decided to publicize the cars around their rather sensationalist blatherings.

If anyone from the show would like to contact HOT ROD to correct us or otherwise set the record straight, we will be more than happy to communicate your responses. As for now, it would seem that the show has lost what little cred they may have had up to this time, sorry to say. At least from HOT ROD’s perspective, we are disappointed that one of the public faces for the rewards of modifying cars would stoop this low just to hype a build that done legit would have been an honest portrayal of the joy and pride we all take in building our cars.


unconventional car heroes art humor

Monaco, 1966

facebook has so much funny stuff....

Check engine light.. means break out the cash

Why does it come one? For about a hundred different reasons, right?

How do you turn it off? You have to take the car to a mechanic or dealership.

How do you find out what the problem is? Either pay a mechanic/dealership, or buy a engine code scanner.

Now, lets stop right there..... what is it about the "check engine" warning light that can't be sent to the 7 inch screen in the middle of my car, the stereo/video display/infotainment system that is also able to tell me all the "green" and gas saver nonsense, navigation mapping, wifi, sports, news, weather, the name of the song, group, year, and radio channel I'm listening to.

But the second I get a bad tank of gas and the ping sensor has a fit, the damn check engine light came on, and I'm Westbound out of Barstow Ca in the effin Mojave, and the bajillion things that 7 inch screen can do for me don't count for shit, because the engineers that designed my Hyundai Veloster, and those that make every other car, don't put the "check engine" warnings where they should be, accessible to the OWNER of the car to let the OWNER of the car be informed of what has went wrong, and if the car is safe to drive, or seriously in need of a tow truck, dealership mechanic, and big cushion in the credit card.

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Update, July 3rd 2014... they aren't listening. is some nonsense about bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device for technicians

Kia Motors has announced details of its new Global Diagnostic System Mobile (GDS - Mobile), introduced in the international market to improve the level of customer service with network expansion aftermarket brand.

The new GDS - Mobile is the third generation diagnostic Kia vehicles available to its dealers and the world's first mobile solution designed for complete diagnosis and optimized for use on mobile devices system.

The new system allows technicians to identify the brand more quickly and effectively vehicle faults. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth support facilitate the work of the technicians, without the need of a computer fixed for diagnosis. The GDS - Mobile requires no wires to connect to the vehicle as a communication interface using the Bluetooth ® and Wi-Fi

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13 yr old is the luckiest kid I've heard of in a while... his dad is a professional muscle car buyer and restorer, and got him a 70 Charger R/T

for a first car.. it's one hell of a great gift from his dad.

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NICB prevents another stolen car from leaving the country! Hooray!

Stolen in 1992 in Mississippi, and found by NICB, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in California in 2012. No information about what occurred with it in the 20 missing years.

Full story at  learned about it from

1986 GN pulled out of storage with only 17,588 miles after 18 years of garage queen treatment.

The video is a complete waste of time, they move the car around on dollys, turn it on with no drama, back it out, put it on the trailer. That's it.

The real story is that a collector with a 69 Camaro, a Mustang, and other cars in the garage, had a GN that he'd kept dry and out of the sunlight and finally parted with after 18 years. Less than 18k miles on the odo... great find. 

the 4014 Union Pacific Big Boy heading for an overhaul! (will be in Las Vegas tonight, and on Wednesday April 30th)

I bet this is the first time in decades a Big Boy has been on the rails across country

Thanks Steve!