Wednesday, January 16, 2008

50 car barn find all on ebay, for about 100 a car


Studies say: Red-Light Cameras Causing Accidents

Studies from Australia, Canada and the U.S. are cited and not one came back with a positive word for the cameras’ use. In fact, all five studies concluded - due to the red-light cameras – a significant rise in rear-end collisions.

If Chrysler wants to get ahead of the curve, here's the Jeep they need to build

Like Mustangs? Rich as a Maharajah? Here were 2 stangs you could have had on ebay

1st made, and the Shelby Supersnake. Only one ever made.

Photos of the new Challenger without camo

Barn find of 109 old cars

Pictures are all here, and it's quite a variety of early 20's and 30's Fords, and some Stangs, lots of trucks, some early John Deere tractors too.

Via Winding Road

Some of the strangest sights are in your own city, or on your block

Found this between Pacific Beach and LaJolla... looks like it's slowly sinking into the grass, and has been dancing with gravity for a while. What caught my eye was that it's one of the teeny early model Hondas... Then I noticed that it has what appears to be factory performance looks. But what possible performance could they have added at the factory to this little econo box? If you know, email me and spread the word.

Air dam under the bumper and a hood blister

Why in the world would there be a spoiler on the roof? Factory? Looks like it is.

Sport steering wheel... why? What the heck could pass for sporty about the performance of this Honda?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The coolest new way of displaying pinup girls:

as drawn art, tatttooed, and just fricking cool! Found in Car Kulture Deluxe Dec 2007 issue, and also here (you're gonna dig these!) click on the first one, and then use the "Forth" tab to look through all the cool variations!

Rocking pin up girl photography

Crippled Old Biker Bastards society

C.O.B.B. is an elite Society of Crippled Old Biker Bastards and Bitches who have overcome the fear of riding after a crash, and we all know that Crashing Sucks!

The difference is, we are persistent, positive thinking people, who continue to ride after a road casualty.

FACT: We are not a Motorcycle Club, nor do we have intentions of becoming one. We are merely a Society of imperfect people who due to the fault of ourselves, or others, are bound together by the fact that we have “to one degree or another,” had an imperfect riding incident on a motorcycle. There is no way one could or want, by my way of thinking, probate for such a society.

Great illustrators, they rock! found in Old Skool Rodz magazine as the artists for Bo Huff Customs

A lot of Kustom Kulture magazine back issues for sale here:

Tractors... I've never seen them drifting, or square dancing...

Square dancing

Or drifting

Sunday, January 13, 2008

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KNBC video journal of a sting on Jiffy Lube ripping off customers

2 you tube videos of the news show coverage, and additional info from a Jiffy Lube exec in response to being busted for fraud

Just keep an eye on what you are paying other people to do, and you won't be likely to be ripped off.

Always ask friends and co-workers for a good mechanic (or any service you have to pay for) they can recommend, and pass along the good word on ones you recommend (I do right here on this blog, I hope you live in San Diego and use them)

the 1969 Dodge News Magazine for the new line of fall cars

Bought on ebay from VintageAutoLiter@ for about 15 bucks

The wall of death, somehow appealed to sidecar lions!

Why Mr Egbert has a lion that loves a drive on the wall of death is a mystery

and Ethel Purtle with her lion King: