Saturday, April 18, 2020

weekends sure can end quickly when off roading in rough terrain. Just one flip, one roll over, and those trucks are smashed

1960s Vintage AMT decal sheets, and other mid to late 60s art

pretty crazy stuff from bout 55 years ago, the Woodstock and Monterey Pop era if you were into music.... and damn, they had so much cool poster art in the 60s, if you were looking in the right place for concert advertising.

Art was so prevalent, people even went full blast on their vans, and even old school buses

There's a museum of music poster art in San Francisco I saw on the internet a little while ago... I wonder what all those graphic artists did after the 60s? Maybe album cover art

definitely a rip off of Alphonse Mucha, one of my favorite artists.

64 Bonneville AMT kit,

factory optional racing stripes on a 2019 Mustang came in 3 price levels, $500, $1000, and $10,000. Gt 350 decal, Gt 500 decal, and Gt 500 hand painted then clear coated.

the optional painted-on racing stripes cost $10,000.

The GT500's optional stick-on vinyl stripes, which run $1,000.

On the GT350, those same vinyl stripes cost $495.

The markup for the GT500's painted-on versions of the stripes are, according to a Ford company spokesperson, because the stripe job is "hand-prepped, painted, and then clear-coated."

Here's a pertinent question, how much will a good paint shop charge for the same job? 

A 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray had its wheels stolen, and it is was not even in production yet. Who was so stupid they didn't know that you DO NOT park nice cars on Detroit streets. (Especially West Village)

A Chevy spokesman said it was an engineering test vehicle, yeah, thanks for the useless insight

poster for Garda cycles, named for Lake Garda

Bibendum advertising I don't think I've seen before

where was this when I was posting vacuum cleaners last week?

Not many people under the age of 50 will have any idea who Mutt and Jeff are

If I was a rich guy, and had a house, and had a movie room (I used to work for a company that installed home theater stereos, speakers, and sound deadener) I'd love to have this as a 40"x 60" poster on the wall. That would be a cool look, along with some other cool posters

'57 T Bird from AMT

I'd like info on this bus company. I think I saw that this was from 1938... that might be right, or not

There wasn't info with the poster about the company, or their route. I'll guess they moved cars.

repairing the GAZ-24 Volga directly in the field. Looks like they've got a good method. Damned if I know how they tilted it up, or how they'll get it down, but using a couple spares as a prop? Huh. Seems to be working for them

not only that, I'm guessing that it's weight is leaning not on the prop rod, but on the roof where it's supported by the spare tires, ensuring that it won't fall on the mechanics no matter what. It can only fall away from them. Smart.

we live in strange times indeed. This is how people in Lansing Michigan showed up to protest their governors stay at home edict. As of Monday, more than a quarter of the state's workforce had filed for unemployment benefits.

Several thousand cars flooded the streets around the state Capitol in Lansing, Mich., on Wednesday to protest the governor's extended stay-at-home order.

And this post isn't poltical... it's a post about an enormous gridlock. That's a lot of likeminded people who do not mind spending time stuck in traffic to make a point.

That they are fed up with government officials and politicians is interesting, that they are doing something about it, peacefully, is historic.  

this guy KNOWS how to have fun, he's had a lifetime of experiences, and chooses this. I bet he's got a damn good reason, and we'd all have a hell of a good time racing pennyfarthngs

a couple cool little cars, in what is probably the slowest movie car chase. I also suspect few people have seen it, or remember it

Thursday, April 16, 2020

coffee and donuts 1965 film from Ford of Britain, the directors are the two guys who created the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine a few years later in 1968

Kharma... Last week Georgia state troopers got their Ford Explorer stuck in the wet sand because they HAD to yell at someone for being on the beach instead of stuck indoors at home. Bad cop, no donut

All because cops can't allow young men fishing near the old North Picnic Area on Jekyll Island.  You know, just heinous delinquent vandalism, mayhem, and destruction...

So, they now cost the city budget about a hundred thou for a new suv. Stupid idiots.

for some odd reason, someone pulled up a shipping container with a Chevy Silverado, that has been sunk in the Pacific for a couple years near Newcastle Australia.

At the current Australian exchange rate, plus the hefty price of shipping, each 2018 model Chevy was worth approximately $150,000 AUD.

The YM Efficiency lost 81 containers overboard last June near Newcastle, causing a wave of debris to wash up on beaches throughout the region.

The Australian Maritime and Safety Authority (AMSA) said while the shipping company Yang Ming had been quick to clean up what washed ashore, it did not seem concerned by containers and debris below the surface.

ang Ming engaged contractors to search for the missing containers within three weeks of the incident, but AMSA said it was forced to take over control of the operation due to the slow progress.

It said 64 shipping containers had been identified using a combination of sonar and remote underwater controlled devices.

Most are lying at a depth of more than 100 metres.

ASMA expects to confirm the locations of the remaining 17 containers within coming months.

The authority is also engaging international salvage experts to assess which containers can safely be removed, and is taking responsibility for the costly clean up.

"It could be anywhere up to $50 million and there are challenges in doing that because they've left it so long that the containers are starting to break down and could disintegrate if we lift them, so we could cause more pollution in the ocean," he said.

Thanks Burkey!

I just learned from Larry L that Mike LaVallee "True Fire" inventor has died. He come up with two amazing things, airbrushing some hyper realistic flames, and Skelebrities

Why am I doing an obit on Mike, and not Stirling Moss? Because every car website in the world is doing an obit on Moss.... so, it's not like his life and achievements are going unrecognized... but I doubt any other site is going to point out one last time, the amazing art of Mike Lavallee, and that's a shame.

Chip Foose did though!

He brought something, a new and better flamejob to hot rods, and after 60 years of everyone else doing a flamejob, THAT is an accomplishment. No matter how incredible a race car driver and great guy Stirling Moss was, he was one of many, and they all got a load of free publicity and accolades while they were among us.

 Other people, simply aren't on the same world wide celebrity stage. They do earn the respect, the admiration, and the accolades though. 

fyi, I get a dozen emails just like this every week

Hello there,

Hope you are fine and doing well.
I want to make a long-haul business association with you.
I will give you elegantly composed and one of a kind articles identified with your site.

I will give you 2 to 3 articles each month. The links would be the do-follow and relevant to your website. No gambling or adult.

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That's just one example of the garbage email that wastes my time.

Has anyone ever emailed a sample that was awesome and then offered the same business arrangement, to get their links, or advertising, or whatever? Nope.

I get great stuff from you readers though, and those are always easy to spot, after the title is a thank you to whoever sent it my way, though sometimes, not often, I put the thanks after the links. 

a group of Pontiac dealers, unhappy that Pontiac didn’t get their own version of the El Camino, pooled their resources to build this car by melding a LeMans Safari station wagon nose with an El Camino chassis and cab.

In 1967 Gordon Theisen was the owner of Adirondack Auto Sales, a Pontiac dealership in upstate New York. Gordon sold plenty of GTO’s and Firebirds but did not have a product for customers desiring a sport truck since Pontiac did not have a truck in their lineup. As the demand for trucks steadily increased Gordon’s dealership and many others in the region urged Pontiac to build a truck to fill the demand in the market. After getting no result finally Gordon decided that in 1967 his dealership would build one to be presented to the president of the Pontiac Motor Division to show him that it could and should be done.

the pickup remained the dealership's shop truck for decades afterward, and the family pressed it into boat and trailer towing duties and it often hauled snowmobile's for the family's Ski-Doo dealership.

if you bought this cheap enough, wow, what a great rv camper you could make! Tim and his son got this 1972 Ford C 60 running, and drove it out of the Idaho barn it had been stored in

Hidden away for about 15 years, but they spent about 6 hours waking it up, drain and clean the fuel system, add new fuel, new battery, did a little wiring repair and bled the brakes.

a K&T brand Lada 1200 km / h watch, selling in Szajol Hungary

Pete's old wrecker is getting a 2nd life

57 Ford

a man in England’s West Yorkshire area was digging post holes for decking, and found a 1955 Ford buried in his backyard, possibly buried to avoid a scrapping fee

John Brayshaw, who lives in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire bought the house six months ago, was digging post panels for decking.

He said: “I saw the roof and I thought, ‘Who’d bury the roof of a car? Then I kept digging and realized it was a full car. The only thing missing was the wheels.”

John added he believes the previous owners of the house, who had lived there for 50 years, knew nothing of the car either.

He said: "The couple who lived here before have both died, we bought the house from their brother and he said they lived here for 50 years and never did anything with the garden.