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a new way to show a truck drivers skill... make tea

Glenfiddich previously sold the residue from its whisky production process to farmers for cattle feed, now recycles its waste products as fuel for its fleet of 3 modified delivery trucks, which are tasked with transporting whisky from the company's distillery

Glenfiddich stated that it has built fueling stations at its Dufftown distillery in north-eastern Scotland, specially designed to convert whisky production waste and residues into Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel (ULCF). The distiller claims that the biogas reduces the C02 emissions of its trucks by over 95 percent, as well as curbing other harmful particulates and greenhouse emissions by 99 percent when compared to its diesel delivery vehicles. Glenfiddich believes that each of its biogas-fueled trucks will have the capacity to displace close to 250 tons of CO2 in a year. The trucks used by the distiller are modified versions of Italian truck manufacturer Iveco's Stralis NP, which typically run on liquified gas.

A WW2 pilot had a scooter he used for rides around the countryside he liked so much, he smuggled it back to the states, a vintage Salsbury Model 72—one of three known to exist, and the only one remaining with military markings.


 Charles H. Harbaugh enlisted to fight in World War II at the age of 18. He was part of the D-Day invasion and fought at the Battle of the Bulge and became a C-47 pilot in the 27th Air Transport Group, and took part in the Berlin airlift after the war.

His grandsons found that scooter in pieces in boxes on his farm

someone collected 1934 Fords until about 50 years ago. Never did anything with the half dozen cars and trucks, until recently - he decided to sell them. That IS an investment plan for retirement

the Malle service station in Pittsburg Kansas was in business for almost 100 years, and yesterday, the 4th generation retired and closed up shop after 42 years on the job. Thanks Bob L !

Since 1924 the Malle family has been running the country’s oldest running full service filling station, but on July 30th, it will be closing its doors.

“I’m closing the business, I’m retiring, my family’s been here for 97 years.” Says Malle.

“We’ve survived a lot of things, from the depression to the pandemic, the worst recession this country’s had, we’re survivors.” Says Ed Malle, Malle’s Service and Tire Owner.

the mid 90s mini truck madness

my mind was just blown. I wrote a story on Facebook, and a classmate of mine from 31 years ago, "liked" it, I recognized his name, and BOOM! I found a classmate from our Navy days in Orlando, in 1990. But, get this, on his block, is a woman who has in her garage, this restored 69 Road Runner, with a cool story

She was a bigwig at NASA, making the big bucks, her husband was a stay at home guy. She bought the car for him before she retired. 

He divorced her because he was having a long-term affair, and he tried to keep the car. It is an early roadrunner from the first six months of production with a color that was a rare option only available in those first couple of months. 

She doesn't drive it often because it is a 4spd car w a heavy clutch and 4 wheel manual drum brakes

How crazy is that?

Friday, July 30, 2021

Tokyo Olympics pitcher delivery vehicle

the 1980 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser that Tom Hanks owned is coming to auction

Ford is auctioning a WASP themed E Mustang SUV at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wis.

Pavel Malaník, is a wedding photographer, and in his spare time, he built a magnificent replica of the 1909 Torpedo motorcycle, piece by piece, because the original, a prototype, was built as a one off promotional model and the whereabouts of the original, if it still exists, is unknown Thanks Kim!

the engine

is actually two conjoined V-Twins from Trojan & Nagl, the company that built the original.

If that's not impressive enough, he also built this:

the same way. By making it piece by piece

Why do airplanes not have more wings longitudinally? Back in WW1, they had 2 or 3 latitudinally...

and in todays news, the NHRA realized it's time to get out of California. They moved to Indianapolis. The NHRA office building in Glendora is now for sale.

the daughter of a taxi driver, 5th of his 6 kids, is the 1st Philippine citizen to win an Olympic gold medal in the history of the Philippines involvement in the Olympics, and is going to receive incredible rewards. Compliments and congrats to weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz!


Philippine officials and business tycoons have offered more than 40 million pesos ($800,000) in cash. Others have pledged a residential condominium unit in an upscale district, a vacation house in a resort city south of Manila, a new van and free gasoline, as well as free commercial flights for life.

The decorated athlete (won silver in the 2016 Rio Olympics) and Airwoman of the Philippine Airforce put an end to almost a century-long drought of Olympic gold medals since the Philippines first joined the games in 1924, this was her 4th Olympics

While still at school Hidilyn would go with her father Eduardo on his tricycle to help sell vegetables and fish on the street or at the local market.

Diaz, whom her parents and family members call Hidie, spent her younger years carrying water gallons from a well that was about 70 meters away from their home. Since water supply was not yet accessible to the family’s house, residents in that sitio in Mampang village had to fetch water from this artesian well.

She used to carry water containers in both hands, each weighing five gallons, back and forth. She was eight years old then, a grader at the public Mampang Elementary School.

Then the little girl who would become a national icon started lifting weights made from plastic pipes and homemade concrete weights cast in old tin cans.

Her 57-year old father, Eduardo, was able to stop driving the family’s motorcycle taxi after Hidilyn won in the Rio Olympics.

His tricycle, which bears a painting of Hidilyn lifting a barbell, is being driven by a relative. The family also has a small car which was given by the Universidad de Zamboanga to Hidilyn for winning silver in the Rio Olympics. 

it reminds me of that awesome emotional commercial from a year or two ago where the rickshaw dad's daughter graduated from university

here's what I just learned about Yenko Camaros: They're factory built, and Yenko only added decals. So... why the hell is anyone paying a 1/4 million dollars for one? You can make your own for half that, or less

 Jack Douglass Chevrolet, outside Chicago in Hinsdale, Illinois, was one of the 36 dealers across the country selling 427 Yenko Camaros. 

“In 1969, I remember ordering two loads of cars from Don directly. They came five to seven cars per carrier,” Douglass told Muscle Car Review in the 1980s.

 “While my employees were prepping one of these cars, they found the original Central Office Production Order (COPO) paperwork inside. A close examination indicated that about the only thing Don Yenko had done was put 3M vinyl tape graphics on them, along with a few badges.”

Two members of the Atlanta Police Department are off the job after video proves a police officer kicked a handcuffed woman in the face, because? She spit on his shoe.

 Police learned nothing from George Floyd's death on video, as they nonchalantly kick a black woman in the face, on video.

Like I've said many times, if you see police, record them on video, as they are going to do something unprofessional, and illegal, and your video will be the only evidence the victim has. 

It's the only way to get bad cops fired. 

And hey, if you have an awesome cop experience instead? As rare as that is, I'll post that in fast moment. 

this shit has got to be stopped. Big effing police being brutal to unarmed, handcuffed, non violent citizens -  has got to stop. 

The police union isn't going to stop it. 

The mayors and city councilmembers aren't going to stop it

the police chiefs don't give a shit, and the cops standing by when these assaults happen, don't do a damn thing to keep their co-workers in check. 

cool books with cooler bookmarks that relate to vehicular stuff

BMW was fined 372.8 million euros by the European Commission, which has dropped most of its charges of antitrust violations for pollution cheating devices

 the European Commission states “that there is no indication of collusion between the parties relating to the use of prohibited defeat devices to manipulate exhaust gas tests.”

So, why doesn't the news state what caused BMW to be fined a fortune larger than the GDP of over 100 countries?

Compliments to Max Grundy for landing an account with NAPA!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

This past May, Lee Burnett drove 1,073 miles across Nebraska and back in his 98-year-old Model T from his home to the Wyoming border over the course of five days, with a total of 36 hours of driving and 61 gallons of gas

Burnett purchased the car for about $4,500 in 2019 when he retired.

 Burnett said while the car isn’t rare, he liked how different the body shape was and how the roadster had a door that didn’t open.
After purchasing it, Burnett began refurbishing the Ford and finished just in time for his father Wallace “Wally” Burnett’s 94th birthday  for the rest of the story

barnfind Messerschmitt KR200 in a warehoused collection of WW1 and WW2 vehicles

Shirley Temple's "Dreyer Junior Racer" gas powered car, was built by Floyd "Pop" Dreyer in 1933 and given to Shirley by fellow actor Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and now resides in a Florida gift shop, proving that it's impossible to predict where cool vehicles can be found


The Bubble Room Emporium houses a handful of antique exhibits. 

There is a working, cast iron shooting gallery from the Oceanside Pier in California from the early 20th Century, a wooden carousel board hanging above, a 1919 fortune teller machine that also still works.

While these pieces are not for sale, an area of the shop is filled with large collectable-quality antiques that are priced to sell. 

There is a Chris Craft coin-operated boat ride and 1950s dime-operated Ride the Space Ship ride, motorized Citron and Austin J40 mini-cars, a Clark Jewel cast iron range, two Wurlitzer jukeboxes, a mini shooting gallery, claw machine and more.

André Becker’s carriage collection went to auction, and there were some of the rarest, most exceptional carriages, that exist outside royal collections. Thanks John R!


and there were a lot of sleighs in the collection too

but the catalog is: 

but the 3D look around the warehouse with the entire collection is pretty cool too:

It's been a while since I've seen a photo of a '42 De Soto with hide-away headlights


In October of 1942, Maxwell Super Service Station, 910 Puyallup Ave., really offered its customers super service. Nine women attendants rushed out to take care of a 1942 De Soto convertible (with hide-away headlights!) that had stopped for gas.

when people park in a way that upsets smart people, the car is likely to get moved, one way, or the pallet jack way


see the video at

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