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Wolfgang Schmidt of Germany’s W&W Cycles, in 2008, led an epic motorcycle expedition along the Mackenzie Ice Road in Canada’s Northwest Territories during the dead of winter, to prove a point, and the reliability of aftermarket parts

To understand why someone would want to ride their motorcycle under such harsh and extreme conditions, you have to go back to a 1990’s Harley-Davidson advertising campaign that implored riders to use original spare parts if they wanted a reliable ride.

Choosing to view that assertion as a challenge, the folks at W and W Cycles decided to prove that it’s actually the other way around… that aftermarket parts were just as good, if not better, when it came to reliability. And to test this theory out, Wolfgang and his team rebuilt two bikes — a 1948 Panhead and a 2006 W and W Custom Shovelhead — and took them for the long cold ride.

Wolfgang used Performance Machines wheels and brakes on the journey through the Canadian Arctic.

3600 mile Superbird that is the 1st Petty blue car, and it's a 440 6 pack white interior car that was midly wrecked in the 70s and stuffed away to gather dust ever since in a barn

The first-ever example painted in Corporate Blue, the 11th Superbird built, came from the factory with a Six Pack, four-speed, and white bucket interior.

Many years ago, Michael Angelucci  followed up a faint trail about a dealership-owned bird that had been mildly wrecked in 1970 and stored ever since.

Once he had figured out where the car was, he spent 25 years making occasional calls and waiting to get a chance just to see it. The owner finally told him to come and buy it; he took cash.

The story : the son of a Plymouth dealership borrowed this bird from the lot, crashed into another vehicle and then went into a ditch the night before his prom.

After rudimentary bodywork, it still could not be sold. The business simply wrote it off and parked it in a barn . . . for more than 40 years. The Superbird’s never been titled. It had been tucked away with the wing and nose cone put off to the side, but it was all there.

Angelucci made the purchase, and then a part of the building had to be cut away to get it out. It is original down to the driveline, glass and Goodyear tires. However, various aging elements had taken their toll even indoors, and this will not be an inexpensive restoration project.

In the meantime, Angelucci showed the Bird at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, with the remains of petrified mice and other assorted “aftermarket trim” acquired during the hibernation.

It's rare to appreciate the ratty muscle car, the car that doesn't give a shit, the high school parking lot king. Sam Arent, I salute you!

the owner says:

Owning a Trans Am isn't about screaming 'East Bound and Down' at the top of your lungs, or doing Highspeed E-Brake turns in the middle of a busy interstate (that is still part of it of course)... owning a Trans Am is so much more than that... it's life-style... as an owner you're given the task of weaving together the personas of everything that a 1977 Trans Am stands for...

From unnecessary hoodslides to obnoxious Def Leppard fueled burnouts in school parking lots, to your shirt getting caught on the door lock every time you jump in through the window in front of a good looking girl... it's about owning and driving a car in such a way that it pisses people off... but yet... at the same time... deep down... they wish so much they were in your shoes, doing Rockford Turns in that empty church parking lot.

Shes got Hotchkis Springs, KYB Shocks, a tight steering rack, fresh brakes, and a factory 8 track

in the comments on facebook,

Greg said "This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. My mullet is erect."
Christopher replied "If it lasts longer than four hours, go see your barber lol"

Karl said "I worked at a brothel, that was thinly disguised as a bar, and this car belongs in that parking lot."

31st Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals 2017

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John Cleese - How to irritate People - Airplane Pilots

Hammond is interviewed about the crash

a late 60's muscle car with Keystones... that's pretty damn cool to look at

A small twin-engine Cessna burst into flames as it crash-landed on the 405 Freeway in Santa Ana, which sucks most of the time, but when a plane crashes on it? All of LA traffic is screwed.

A husband and wife in their late 50s were pulled from the burning aircraft by an off-duty firefighter and helped by a doctor who happened on the scene soon after the crash.

 Both were rushed to the closest trauma center to the airport in Santa Ana

Lord March, host of Goodwood, is the coolest

I just posted about him a couple months ago, and now look at this, he let this video get filmed. You're welcome. 

a real JC holy shit death wobble. That's why you never ride without a leather jacket, learn from this guy who was too cool to be safe.

June 26th, this biker merged onto the I-80E (Sacramento, CA)
As he merged, his bike would shake and wobble. He sometimes would only have one hand on the handle bars while it was shaking!!

It would only do it once he hit high speeds.

The woman with the camera phone paced him for 5-10 miles after watching him "almost" loose control (about 5 or 6 times), thinking "its only a matter of time before he crashes" and I wanted the video as evidence in case anyone else got hurt.

Sure enough the very moment she got her phone out, happens to be a moment before he lost control.

He did walk over to the right shoulder by himself. His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood.

B-70 Valkyrie

up through the 1960s, this was the sculpture at the old Vancouver International Airport.

are things so bad, have all the available running VW vans been hoarded by collectors, that THIS is going to sell?

a good little documentary on the flying wing

low pass to try and scare the super star. It worked apparently

that got his heart jump started

the last mass take off of B25s, in the movie Catch 22

mid-air refueling attempts that didn't quite work

crazy woman hits Canadian construction zone flagger, then escapes and is arrested nearby for assaulting her kids. (thanks Andrew!)

A driver in a white Hyundai crossover — whose licence plate is visible — can be seen trying to merge into the stream of traffic from a lane closed for repaving. Orange lane posts can be seen separating the two lanes. Directly in front of the vehicle just metres away is an orange post and a flagger in a high-visibility uniform with a stop sign.

About 39 seconds into the video, the SUV begins to move even though there does not appear to be a gap in traffic. The flagger then steps forward with her stop sign held up, but the vehicle proceeds to hit the flagger and the post, and continue on to overtake the vehicle driving slightly ahead of it.

The flagger can be seen being pushed up against the hood of the SUV before being knocked to the side and partially under the vehicle.

The online video of the hit-and-run sparked outrage, with many flaggers calling for attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon charges.

“They’re threatening to shut bridges down during rush hour,” group co-founder Diane Herback told CBC’s Early Edition. “The flaggers have had enough.”

Automobile Quarterly. 50 years was a damn good run for a magazine, but at the end, it only had about 5500 subscribers

The magazine started in Spring 1962 with the sub-title "The Connoisseur's Magazine of Motoring Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow".

 The founder and first editor was L. Scott Bailey (September 4, 1924 to June 26, 2012), working in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Bailey retired to live in the English Cotswolds and CBS Magazines purchased Automobile Quarterly in 1986 selling the magazine to Kutztown Publishing in 1988. In October 2000, Automobile Quarterly was sold to a newly formed company, Automobile Heritage and relocated to New Albany, Indiana.

Volume 52 was the last issue published in 2012. The website is still up, and foolish people still send in credit card information. Uselessly.

A complete collection will usually sell for between 300 and 1000 dollars. 

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Check out the cool photography of Simon Davidson of Australia (thanks Bruce!)

Just 3 cool shots from the Burnout catagory, and he also has Bonneville, a dragstrip, Race of Gentlemen, and Speedweek Australia... so, plan on looking around at the other things he's focused on!

Pikes Peak was this past weekend

 Romain Dumas pushed his Norma MXX RD Limited to a third Pikes Peak Hill Climb overall title Sunday, his third in the last four years, came after a year of preparation. Dumas won in 2014 and 2016.

He had hoped to score a record run of under 9 minutes, but a broken spark plug slowed him to a 9:05.672, still good enough for the overall win.

Driving the Norma MXX RD Limited, he successfully defended his title, a feat that had not been accomplished since Monster Tajima from 2006 to 2011.

Just the first 45 seconds, is funny. Then stop and move on

Do you know why I'm pulling you over meow?

Anyone else love Super Troopers?

an example of why police used to be trained to use their car to block the car they are pulling over, and the officer giving a ticket, by being closer to the traffic than the car pulled over.

See how the cop car is on the bumper of the car being pulled over?

More space between them would allow for safe space for the cop to jump into, and out of traffic's way

How the silver Hyundai Veloster didn't get damaged as well is a mystery. I was taught to put my cop car to the left of the car you're pulling over, so you can use it to prevent traffic form running into you, and so you can get behind the cop car if the person you pull over starts shooting you

there is only so much stuff you can strap to the roof before the cops pull you over, and this exceeded that limit

of the 678 1970 GSX's made, only one fell into the hands of a dumbass that converted it to Skylark specs, by switching to a bench seat, automatic, and plain blue paint. It's been restored to glory though, incredible as it seems when looking at the before and after photos

In 2008, when plans were being made for a GSX reunion in Ohio, the rumor got out of a four-speed GSX for sale in Louisiana.

 “The story was that it was a Saturn Yellow Stage 1 four-speed car with A/C,” Tim recalls. “The car had been sitting for years, and the owner had hoped to restore it. A woman had owned it before him in the 1980s. She painted it blue, had an automatic transmission put in with a column shift, and a bench seat.”

On New Year’s Day 2009, Tim and his brother Rich went to Louisiana to see the car. “What we found was a beat-up old Buick,” he recalls. “The car had the usual rust, the trunk was full of junk, and it had dents and primer spots all over. I think my brother said it best: ‘If this was a Skylark, it would be worth 500 bucks.’”

It didn’t look like a GSX, which may be why it hadn’t been snapped up before. But Tim got verification from the GSX Historical Society that the car was indeed a Stage 1 four-speed “with A/C, tilt wheel, and tinted glass.”

Full article at:

the tree transplant experts Environmental Design, from Texas, were called to Idaho to move a Sequoia, they used Caterpillar machinery

St. Luke’s Health System in Boise is paying $300,000 to relocate the tree to city property, to make room for a hospital expansion.

The tree is believed to be Idaho’s largest Sequoia, not native to the state, it was sent to Boise as a seedling by naturalist John Muir, who played a key role in establishing California’s Sequoia National Park.

Muir, a Scottish immigrant to the United States, rambled around the Sierra Nevada mountains and took long treks across the country to Florida and through Alaska. His writing helped bring attention to the United States' natural wonders and the threats they faced from logging and ranching. His book on the newly created parks of the West, Our National Parks, caught the eye of President Theodore Roosevelt, who visited Yosemite in Muir’s company to discuss future conservation initiatives.

The tree's new home is twelve hundred feet away from where it was first planted in 1912.

In October, the tree's roots were trimmed to keep them from expanding. This spring, wood and burlap walls were built around the root system, then steel pipes and airbags lifted the massive tree into position. Crews then rolled the tree down the street on airbags, getting the tree into its new position at the park by 11:15. On Monday, they leveled the tree and added more dirt from its original position to help it adapt.

David Cox told the AP this is the largest tree his company, Environmental Design, has ever moved.

I posted about another tree moving a couple years ago, it too was a Caterpillar powered move of incredible proportions

200 years ago Baron Karl Drais invented the bicycle.

June 12, 1817 was the first time a man took a two-wheeler and went on the road in the Mannheim region of what was then the Grand Duchy of Baden, now part of southwest Germany.

Baron Drais's "velocipede" (nicknamed the 'dandy horse') had no pedals or a chain and required the rider to propel his "Laufmaschine" (running machine) by pushing off the ground with his feet.

But the Baron's genius was that "he discovered balance on two wheels", said amateur historian Claude Reynaud, who runs a museum in southern France dedicated to the 200-year-old story of the bicycle

"Like all ingenious inventions, it seems obvious, but someone had to think it. He invented the two-wheeler!"

"At first, it didn't work, he couldn't sell it, people made fun of it."

But the idea had taken root and was soon being copied, particularly in France, although many draisines (as it was known there) were adorned with horses heads.

In 1866, Pierre Lallement attached pedals to the draisine and invented a pedal-powered velocipede.

The next stage in the development of the bicycle saw a huge front wheel attached with a small rear wheel, but it was a machine that was far from stable and resulted in some spectacular crashes.

It wasn't until 1885 that two similar-sized wheels were attached to the velocipede.

"After that it was just a case of technical improvements, but all the ideas already existed -- brake cables, pedals, chains," said Reynaud.

Holley put together a good video showing the overall size and variety of their LS Fest West, the Las Vegas motorsports extravaganza. It's bigger and better than I'd ever heard... off road, drag strip, drifting etc - I didn't know it's more than just a Chevy car show

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a little bit everything, a blimp, planes, cool old cars...

look at the tanker, the trailer looks like it's got solid rubber tires, not pnuematic

15 year olds breaking into Florida homes stuck a gold mine, stole a Porsche Cayman and full safe from just one house, one kid used the stolen money to buy his mom a Hellcat

While wearing a ankle monitor (so, those are useless huh?) the Hellcat buying kid, with 5 or 6 other 14 to 16 year olds, went door to door in wealthy neighborhoods.

Appearantly, these kids just blended right in, you know, as 15 year olds with good teeth, driving cheap Hyundai's, just blend right into the private jet and speedboat type neighborhood.

Then the 15 year old with gold teeth buys himself a Mercedes Benz C300. Because, appearantly, in Florida, kids with stacks of 10000 dollars in cash are so common that car sellers don't even blink twice when selling to a kid with no drivers license, an ankle monitor, and gold teeth.

Good grief as Charlie Brown.

Nascar WTF moments

H. H. Franklin club's "48th Franklin Club Westrek" was found in Yellowstone, proving these old cars were built to last

This should be a tv series... or at least an internet weekly episode "Shouldn't Have Said That"

cutest thing you'll see all week... Earnhardt's 12 yr old grand-daughter in pit row doing interviews

The Diet Mountain Dew duck call commercials, how did these remain out of sight until this morning? It showed up as spam video on the edge of my Yahoo mail

They actually made and sold these

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Hudson of Burbank

the Shriners and Gary Cooper

a beautiful example of an Alfa

David found the remains of a career in the police force

on the back bumper of this early 50s Ford is a decal from the police of Fort Lewis Washington

Thanks David! 

JFC, I just posted a warning to all of you to not let drunk women take an UBER home alone. Ain't anyone paying attention?

Yesterday's news from LA, 24 year old young woman drunk off her ass gets an UBER ride to Hollywood, but passes out in the car on the way.

The male driver stops at a hotel and rapes her.

He has 5 felony convictions for narcotics possession and narcotics sale. UBER doesn't screen for felonies.

She wakes up the next morning not knowing where the hell she is, but knowing what happened

So take a moment, prevent this from happening again. Even if you ain't related.... make sure they get home safe.

Posting because I care and wish you and your family the best lives possible, which means looking out for each other, and keeping an eye out for trouble we can prevent

only 3 weeks ago I posted

do you remember that commercial with Santa and all his cars?

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Jack Dempsey in his 1929 DuPont

Probably the most memorable of all duPonts were the Model G's, introduced in late 1928. Power was from a eight-cylinder L-head Continental 12-K engine that displaces 322 cubic-inches. It had an aluminum cover over the distributor, spark plugs and wiring which made it waterproof and gave it the allusion of having overhead valves. The 125 horsepower engine rested in a wheelbase that measured up to 141 inches. The price of ownership included hydraulic shock absorbers and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. The sticker price ranged from #4,360 to $5,750 and buyers were able to select from twelve body styles which included roadsters to town cars. Most were bodied by Merrimac Body Company.

The Merrimac Body Company was established by Stanley Judkins, son of John Judkin's of the J.B. Judkins Company who were famous for their bodying of Lincolns and Packard's, among others. Both were located in Merrimac, Massachusetts, along with around 40 other custom coachbuilders. This Mecca location attracted the most influential and prominent buyers from around the world who would come to see the new designs and creations.

The Merrimac Body Company was initially created to aid Judkins in creating vehicles, as Judkins was backlogged by numerous orders for their work. Merrimac's largest customer became Rolls-Royce of America in Springfield, though they bodied other marques such as Lincoln, Locomobile, Franklin and Packard. Their legacy resides with the work they did for duPont and the sensational Model G Speedsters.

The world was blessed with the introduction of the Model G Speedster at the January 1929 New York Auto Show. It was bodied by Merrimac and shown in two-passenger configuration. There were gently-sweeping fenders, a bull-nose grille, and other unique and distinctive trademarks. The first individual to purchase the Model G Speedster was Mary Pickford for her husband Douglas Fairbanks.

With the Great Depression in full swing, the list of potential clients dwindled. The competition for the luxury car segment was at a pinnacle and Paul duPont decided to suspend production until the economy was more stable.

The company merged into the Indian Motorcycle Company when E. Paul du Pont purchased the Indian Company.