Saturday, August 22, 2020

Paramount Studios bus, 1936

what numbskull bought the El Camino Hotel a Ranchero? Then used it for advertising!

check out this COE!

Brawley Union High School bus, Southern California, 1931

Hagerty did a list of the best looking hidden headlights cars, nice job of it too

I think if you have a Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, or Hellcat, you better know to pull off a sweet donut

Good looking design

"Bazooka Charlie" Carpenter, a US army reconnaissance pilot who got so bored for not seeing enough action he decided to strap bazookas to his plane and would eventually destroy at least six German tanks by war’s end.

onward no matter the challenges

"Packard Bell Radio special" on trailer for Harry Stevens, 1940

So I'm going to go through some old yearbooks, like the 1959 yearbook, to see photos of my dad, and seeing the names of all my classmate's parents too. Just FYI, you might want to look through old yearbooks, via Ancestry or Yearbooks .com, and send your parents through this time machine to their high school yearbook too.

pretty groovy

You can even print out the ENTIRE year book of any year, and then hand it to your parents. They probably lost theirs. Anyway, I hope you try this out and enjoy it  then enter someone's name, year they were born, and what city, county, and state. You can just enter the state and look through the results too... so, even if you're looking up celebrities, you can see if their yearbooks show up

Steve found some guy on ebay has whole boxes of Roth's model paint by Testors

Thanks Steve!

Good vanity plate, thanks Jim S!

nice day glo eye catching color! 

TIL (today I learned) that John Player, the black and gold liveried F1 racing team, was a cigarette company.

Black Cat Cigarettes, circa 1915

why the cat cigarette car on top? Because I'm not advertising cigarettes, I'm showing interesting car stuff

Friday, August 21, 2020

time for some humor: When it's school picture day, but you've got a '73 Cutlass Supreme to sell at 3:45

I just learned of the Reddit page for great advertising:

update, Uber and Lyft get an extension on the amount of time they get to flip their business model in California, from contract drivers to employees, before the state shuts them down

A California appeals court extended the length of time Uber and Lyft will have to comply with an order requiring them to reclassify rideshare drivers as employees.

The temporary reprieve gives Uber and Lyft until 5 p.m. PT on Tuesday to file written statements agreeing to expedited procedures stated in the order.

Jeep realized they needed to get into action to deflate the Bronco publicity, and published a comparison, what sets the Wrangler apart, a guide for Jeep salespeople

there's more, but what's the point of posting every page of it?

Simply put, Jeep knows how to build a Jeep, and every variety of it... Ford has a lot of time and development to make up for, even if they reverse engineer a Jeep ( Ford has bought and dissected cars before to see why the competition is good, it's a solid smart idea) to get the right combo of parts durability, side step decades of R n D, and get caught up on what off roaders want.

A base to buy aftermarket parts for to customize their jeep for their specific tastes in what will get them over a trail, or from here to there without a trail.

teens in 1974, 3rd St, NYC, photo by Rich Allen

reading through comments I learned that they would make the forks from a variety of things, like TV antennas, kitchen tables, etc.

great dune jumping videography

there is a contest for the best Go Pro video for bicyclists. Right now, there are no entries. So, if you enter, and no one else does, you win. It's that simple

You. Your bike. Any line. Anywhere. Raw POV.

GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up once again to bring you the GoPro of the World: Best Line Contest!

Sending some sweet jumps? Riding a rowdy line with your friends? Taking your bike where no bike has gone before? Here’s your chance to share and WIN!

Submit your stunning, technical, just plain rad unedited raw GoPro footage to be eligible to win, with over $10,000 cash prizing up for grabs.

Contest Dates:
August 6th, 2020 - Contest opened for entries
October 9th, 2020 - Entries closed
October 19th-29th 2020 - User voting
October 30th, 2020 - Winner announced

Judging Criteria:

Composition and Framing - 25%
Performance and Style - 25%
Overall Creativity - 50%

How To Enter: 1. Film a MTB Top To Bottom Trail POV themed footage using your GoPro camera.
2. Upload your clip using the form below.

Submission Guidelines:
- Must be shot on a GoPro camera.
- Videos must be in MP4 format in HD or Higher Resolution (720p, 1080p, 1440, 2.5k, 4k) with no watermarks.
- Must not be of poor visual and/or audio quality.
- Submission must be original.
- No duplicate Submissions may be submitted.
- Recommended length 2-3 mins.

the Zingers weren't designed for kids to play with, but they were certainly the right size and of great interest for kids

nice line up

The light on the roof just reduced the top speed to about 60.

I wonder if you're aware how many astonishing Facebook group pages there are.... I just learned of Crane Wrecks around the World

and like many Facebook groups, you can't see what's on that page until you join it

Mr. Madsen's double cowl boat tail Chevrolet, Southern California, 1928

it's strange, but some photos are just great for banners, but not for just posting as photos

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back in the day Life magazine's last page would have a funny photo that had been sent in by a reader. Sometimes the photo had a caption, sometimes not. Steve sent me a link to a collectrion of them!

so, truckers wrecking bridges, over passes, and signs isn't anything new?

clever advertising idea, must have looked great in color

I found 3 versions of this photo, color, black and white, and cropped color. Ford design studio, 1950s?

Wouldn't it be cool to know that some of these models survived, and are the centerpiece of someone's office, or man cave?

I find it strange that the first one I found was the top one, the most zoomed in, then the next down, and finally, what must have been the original size, just not in color