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I'm not sure why the car had to join them in the river for fishing, but it makes a good photo

an impressive billboard ad

She'll have fun, fun, fun until her daddy takes the T-Bird away

the good old days of real cars on the race tracks

UPS is hiring nightshift mechanics, and a lot more

Shift: Night (6:00 PM - 2:30 AM)

 UPS is hiring individuals to work as Full-Time Automotive Mechanics. Fleet and diesel engine experience is highly desirable. Strong troubleshooting skills and transmission and clutch experience is also required for this position. UPS Automotive Mechanics must be at least 21 years old, proficient operating standard transmission vehicles, meet the DOT driving requirements and have a complete set of hand tools.

The Welderup guy have Evel Knievel's wheelie dragster... I wonder if they're going to fix it up and bring it to SEMA for exhibition runs?

Best steampunk movies

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Iron Giant

9, by Tim Burton

Wild Wild West

Steam Boy


Tai Chi Zero

April and the Extraordinary World

Treasure Planet

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

And Mortal Engines is coming out later this year, but looks like it might beat all these

and the below is a completely new and different preview

The 1901 Arrol-Johnston was a popular make of motor cars built and marketed by the Mo-Car Sydicate Ltd of Paisley, Scotland.

George Johnston (1855 - 1945) was a Scottish Locomotive Engineer. In 1894 , Glasgow tramways had awarded him the contract to design a steam tram for them. Unfortunately the steam tram developed by him was destroyed in a fire and the project was dropped.

Johnston, then concentrated on making a motor car powered by internal combustion engine. In 1895, along with Sir William Arrol (1839 - 1913), a famed Bridge Engineer, formed the company Mo-Car Syndicate Ltd.

Despite it's rather ungainly appearance the 'dog cart' was a popular model well into the 1900's. It was not until 1906 that they started to produce more convential looking vehicles that were more successful than this model.

In 1907 , one Arrol-Johnston car participated in the attempt of Ernest Shackleton to reach Antarctica, and was used in the Antarctica base camp

"15hp air-cooled engine, with special anti-freezing arrangements. Foot warmers heated by the exhaust gas. Tank at the side for melting the snow for drinking purposes, heated by exhaust gas. Folding wind shield made of talc. The construction of the driving wheels and of the runners speaks for itself. A Burberry weave cloth is carried in the car and is arranged to cover the whole vehicle, making a sort of tent" The car shown and described is the New Arrol-Johnston taken with Shackleton to the Antarctic for his Nimrod expedition in 1907-1909. The car was supplied by Sir William Beardmore, head of the vast Beardmore empire (which included the Arrol-Johnston company) who was the major sponsor of the Nimrod expedition.

This vehicle, HX 4110, was bought from Arrol-Johnston when they went into liquidation by Richard Shuttleworth in 1931, and he drove it the 250 miles from Dumfries down to Old Warden, Bedfordshire where it is on display today

here's and example of the simple adaptation to a roof

In 1905 John Napier won the first ever Automobile Association Tourist Trophy (TT) Race around the Isle of Man in an 18hp Arrol-Johnston car, beating a 20hp Rolls-Royce into second place.

Have you seen the Giant Dog Xolo, of Liverpool? One large team of animatronic operators are along to keep him moving

the Vale of Rheidol Railway #8

The steam locomotive Union Pacific 844 looks incredible, and is pulling a lot of super clean heritage looking observation and dining cars, and possibly even some machine shop and maintenance cars (it's a long way back to the shop for spare parts)

after you catch the first pass, skip the 2nd, the video equipment had issues, and go straight to 4:40

it's been a while since anyone did a show off video

it's over by minute 5.

It's nothing close to being as good as the early Ken Block videos, or the 1st or 2nd BJ Baldwin video. THOSE were cool videos

roast 'em

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What a cool photo! the dog was a big fan I bet

Demon that has been waiting a long time to get back to the roads

right now would be a good time to hit the road. If I weren't broke, and need to be here Monday morning to get back to work to pay the bills.

all from one of those Tumblrs that doesn't seem to have an independent URL. booksnlatte

I still like the original Challengers more than the new Hellcats and Demons. Better looking body design.

I've posted other photos of the GMC Tower Of Power stacked GMC trucks and semi's, but this is a different photo... also impressive

I respect the stacking, and the bravado. No one does cool stuff like this anymore. Joe just told me why, it's because this was at the 1964 Worlds Fair! No one does those anymore either!

4 years ago I ran across the GMC tower of power for the 1st time, and then found some of the other stacked manufactures photos, and posted them. You might have seen it, GMC was put to shame by TUI, a New Zealand company that doesn't take challenges lightly

NSFW I needed a good laugh, so I watched Pipeline Pierce rip on Miller welders, then looked up his John Deere vs Kubota... NSFW NSFW and I guess I'll never get nominated to the supreme court for posting this now. Oh well. They'd never be able to handle my hardcore belief in the bill of rights anyway

Don't watch this if you are offended by humor, offended by construction guys whistling at beautiful women walking by the construction site, offended by guys, offended by gay bashing rednecks, or offended by anything else.

This video wasn't meant to offend you, it wasn't meant to be seen by you.

So, don't watch it if you can't laugh, can't laugh at gay bashing, can't laugh at redneck shit talking, can't laugh at "locker room" talk, can't drink a beer, can't laugh at Hillary Clinton, can't laugh at Pres Trump, or can't laugh with Don Rickles and Richard Pryor

If you can't laugh at funny shit that is meant to offend people that get participation trophys and soccer mom vans, don't watch this.

Don't watch the next video either. Especially if you have a Johnson outboard.

for more from Pipeline Pierce!  

Reed Brothers Dodge dealership, in 1970, Rockville Maryland, during their grand re-opening had a lot of photos taken of the party. It's quite interesting to look around and realize how much better dealerships look now

not a huge showroom, there were only 3 cars in it, and room for 6

notice the young women in short skirts, in December, compared to all the old people in winter coats

most remarkable, the waiting room. Think about waiting rooms now! 70 inch flatscreens, 7.1 stereo, 3 or 4 junkfood machines, a Keurig or other coffee/cappuccino machine, magazine rack

2 dozen photos at 

Want to make a fast comparison to a new dealership? Easy, look at this one 

the Work Trucks up in Maine, they are not fans of GM... enjoy

thanks Michael!

Compliments and sincere admiration for Cosworth, on their 60th anniversary in the engine business! (thanks Steve)

89 year old Mike Costin

Cosworth was set up on 28 September 1958 by Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth, who had worked together at Lotus.

They wanted to "make a living messing around with racing engines".

In 2015, it opened a new £20m factory in the town, manufacturing engines for five major car companies.

 It also has bases in Detroit and Indianapolis.

the 1967 DFV was used for 25 years, making it the most successful engine in F1

Can this be ridden without a tweed coat with leather elbow patches? A snobbish accent, and classes to teach at a university?

I wonder how many vehicles simply became a chicken coop?

look at this barn collection above the rafters! They're finally pulling one out to get fixed up and running

This is a Max Cyclecar.

Max Williams mourlot created in the 1926 s a company "Mourlot & Cie" for the manufacture of small cyclecars max established in billancourt.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Auto salvage dealer and part-time inventor Leopold E. Garcia of Bernalillo studied engineering and sculpture at UNM. In 1954, he debuted “Bubbles,” He later renamed it Chic-ito. A cut-down Ford made from $800 worth of spare parts.

He considered it the prototype for a car that could be made in New Mexico.
It won trophies at the State Fair and at sports car shows in Des Moines and Sioux Falls, Ind., plus the 1955 Motor World Fair at Indianapolis.

Bubbles has a special emblem attached that says Bubbles. The City car is a three wheeler that has a very flat front end that opens forward from one side. The passenger and driver steps into the front to sit down behind a mid sixties Chevy truck windshield, it is powered by a continental engine that I assume came out of a fork lift.

expensive destruction in 3,2, ...1

10 year old in Ohio steals his parent's car for the 2nd time in month, leads cops on a 45 mile chase

When you make a beautiful snow mural and then take a nap with your bike

It's too late for a coffee and donuts video, but it's still great for an afternoon break video

that first clip... whoa! That was a close one!

if you buy a car, and fix it, from a junkyard auction, do you have to remove the paintjob, or business markings on it? Legally? Dominoes thinks so, and is getting lawyered up over a pizza delivery car they let slip out of their control

I rarely look at what Jalopnik has posted, as why post things they've covered, and bore to death people who look at both our sites... but I think it's as important to join together in voicing our opinion as car owners that we won't be pushed around by corporations that screwed up and demand we capitulate so they can cover up for their mistakes.

The car is being threatened to be either taken from his ownership or be deconstructed, since whomever allowed it to be taken into the possession of the insurance company made a mistake.

YouTuber Samcrac is well-known for having rebuilt a totaled example of Domino’s amazing oven-containing DXP delivery car. But now, he claims, people affiliated with multiple pizza franchises are trying to force him to give the Chevy Spark-based pizza-carrier back, or to have its Domino’s-themed exterior markings and hardware removed.

Dominoes rolled out a huge publicity campaign on this new vehicle 3 years ago

I just learned of the Driveway rescue, though it's been around a couple of years

Driveway Rescue is all about interacting with PowerBlock fans and their projects,and marketing PowerBlock and Rock Auto.

 Matthew Hawkins, Vice President of Marketing for RTM Productions. “It’s the next evolution in our automotive media.”

Hosts from Xtreme 4×4, Trucks!, HorsePower and MuscleCar will travel throughout the country to offer assistance to viewers struggling with their projects.

Driveway Rescue will help the viewer over their hurdle and break down the how-to for the fans at home. Viewers interested in participating in Driveway Rescue can register online and submit a video and application explaining the help they need on their project.

“Driveway Rescue let’s our hosts visit a retailer, get the needed parts and travel to viewers homes to help them through their project. Everybody wins,” said Joe St. Lawrence, Executive Producer for RTM Productions.

Driveway Rescue shows up to help the viewer over their hurdle and break down the how-to for the fans at home. Viewers interested in participating in Driveway Rescue can register online and submit a video and application explaining the help they need on their project.

To apply for yourself or someone you know who needs some help:

and the form looks like this

Subaru needs a manager in Hueneme California, where ever that is

Port Quality Assurance Manager
Location: California, Hueneme

Responsible for the development, implementation, management, and maintenance of all SOA quality assurance programs at the import port locations. Additional responsibilities include supervising onsite Quality Assurance (QA) personnel and daily interaction with SOA Sales Operations associates, and an onsite processor. Main responsibilities focus on vehicle build/assembly quality and vehicle Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and accessorization.


Manages all port service related quality programs.
Manages vehicle build quality programs.
Acts as the onsite arbiter for vehicle defect rating and grading.
Manages all aspects of accessory installation programs through processor.
Manages all aspects of the port PDI Program through processor.
Manages all aspects of port related new model launch programs including new model and new accessory testing and development assist.
Manages all aspects of port related campaigns, stop ships, stop sales, special testing, and parts collection programs.
Manages and directs a staff in the most efficient way possible to best accomplish primarily responsibilities.
Additional Responsibilities:

Learns the technical specification and function differences between each model and train the processor/Inspectors as appropriate.
Works with Sales Operations and processor management to maximize port throughput.
Establishes goals and targets for various inspection and auditing activities. Reviews and approves SOS/SOI (work instructions) for use by processor.
Manages onsite accessory discrepant parts program.
Performs time studies as required for new models, new accessories.
Required Skills and Abilities:

Background in quality assurance or knowledge of quality program fundamentals.
Proven leadership and managerial skills. Ability to direct and train a group and get results in a timely fashion. Ability to make difficult decisions.
Acts as the onsite expert for technical and mechanical issues, specific Subaru experience, and knowledge is required.
Ability to work in a team atmosphere among several different onsite groups, departments, and companies. Some experience and ability with mediation and conflict resolution.
Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills for interaction with personnel from a variety of groups, companies, and levels.
Strong computer skills including ability to keep excellent records and maintain a database, use of all Microsoft Office Suite. Knowledge of SOA and specialty programs including Subarunet, Oracle, SMART, STIS, Web TR, parts and labor guides, data collection software.
Experience with digital cameras, data collection scanners, and specialty vehicle diagnostic and testing equipment.

BA/BS (4 year degree) Preferred + 6-10 years of related experience.

Warren Buffett's bet on Chinese car industry rakes in $1.3 billion in a decade from a 2008 investment in 25% of the stock of BYD Co, China's biggest maker of alternative-energy vehicles

Locomotive shop supervisor job anyone?


About Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in rail technology and offers the broadest portfolio in the industry. It covers the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from trains to sub-systems and signalling. The company also provides complete transport systems, e-mobility technology and maintenance services. As an innovation driver, Bombardier Transportation continuously breaks new ground in sustainable mobility. It provides integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Bombardier Transportation employs around 39,850 people and its products and services operate in over 60 countries.


Based in Los Angeles, California, you will exercise independent judgement on diverse and specialized Equipment Maintenance functions.

You will supervise all Technicians as well as oversees all sub-contracting employees. This includes job instruction, training, evaluation, accident investigation and when necessary, discipline. Your responsibilities will include operational tests, Technician qualification or disqualification, conducts post-accident investigations, ensure filling of work orders and materials required to repair and maintain diesel locomotives and bi-level cars.

In your role you will:
Provide guidance, support and training to staff on the execution of the maintenance program;
Ensure Technicians comply with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operations and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA);
Ensure Technicians adhere to proper work processes and established health and safety practices;
Perform quality test and verification to ensure safe performance of sub-assembly or component in order to properly report to the customer, governing agencies or for internal auditing purposes;
Service, maintain, inspect, and repair rail equipment;
Repair, replace and test machinery, components and systems related to rail by performing mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic activities;
Review and understand project and activity request, safety instructions, blueprints, schematic and diagrams to ascertain test specifications, procedures, objectives, nature of technical activity and possible solutions such as disassemble and replace, adjust or repair regarding the maintenance functions of both the locomotive and car equipment;
Dismantle, assemble and replace new or modified mechanical components or assemblies for products such as HVAC, brake, pneumatic system, propulsion equipment, truck and car body equipment and sub-system for trains;
Analyze sub-system in order to meet design or rated specifications and modify or adjust equipment to meet specifications to meet customer train availability schedule and/or overhaul schedule;
Record the activity performed on appropriate report card or data sheet indicating all relevant information pertaining to the activity;
Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor based on train availability or repair schedule.


As our ideal candidate:
You hold an Electrical or Mechanical training or certification;
You have five (5) to seven (7) years of experience in locomotive and heavy rail coach car repair or building with regards to electrical systems and diesel mechanics;
You have excellent English communication skills, both written and spoken.,+CA&tk=1cocivvct3c8u800&from=ja&alid=5ba31b932e7c2fcb79d55e49&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts&rgtk=1cocivvct3c8u800

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Actor, rapper, tow truck driver, mechanic, and now car dealership minority partner... Mark Wahlberg has accomplished a lot, and started out with nothing but guts

Walking toward a green screen that became a backdrop of a Chevrolet car dealership with Wahlberg’s name on it, Ellen DeGeneres prompted Mark Wahlberg to make a comedy version of a commercial for his dealership

Speaking about his many business ventures, the actor told Ellen DeGeneres he once sold cars before making it big in Hollywood.

“I was a car salesman when I was younger. I was a mechanic in training,” he said. Before owning a car dealership, Wahlberg admitted to stealing cars in his youth in a 2008 interview with Forbes.

“We wanted what we didn’t have, so we went out and hustled,” he said.   found on

Taking advantage of Wahlberg's social media popularity is the game plan, said Jay Feldman, who met Wahlberg in 2013 in Detroit during the filming of the fourth installment of the Transformers movie series.

Jay Feldman, dealer principal of the Chevy store and CEO of Feldman Automotive Group, with 9 dealerships at the present, says employees at this large dealership are pumped to try to double or even triple sales from the level produced by the former Bobby Layman Chevrolet. Currently they sell 200 vehicles a month

Brian Gilmore came from AutoNation Ford North Canton in northeast Ohio, and became general manager of Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet on Aug. 3.

Feldman wants to make this dealership the top-selling Chevy store in Ohio. There's a way to go — to increase sales, inventory is being added. Managers are migrating the dealership management system from Dealertrack to CDK Global.

Employees are helping to build in processes that had been absent around traffic management, customer follow-up and prospecting, Feldman Automotive COO Dave Katarski said.

The dealership, with just more than 100 employees, is looking to hire 15 to 20 service technicians and five to 10 sales reps, Feldman said.

GoGoGrandparent, a transportation solution for older adults. Order rides automatically - no apps required.

Step 1:
CALL 1 (855) 464-6872 and wait to hear: "Thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent"

Step 2:
PRESS 1 to immediately request a car to your home
PRESS 2 for a car to where we dropped you off last
PRESS 3, 4 or 5 for a car to a custom pick up location (once you're registered please give us a call to set these up)
PRESS 6 to order a ride with an operator
PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about scheduling rides in advance or anything else
found on

10 years later, this Paramount Sound Train is still in exactly the same dilapidated condition, and they are still trying to sell it. It had no bids on ebay, even though Bring A Trailer had featured it. Costing more to restore than it will be worth has that effect on potential buyers

the only useful things they've done are take a good gallery of images, and by default, let us know that they expect 25,000 dollars at a minimum for it. However, no one else feels the same.

10 years ago I ran across a single bad photo of this exact car

Hyundai Sante Fe SUV, Safety Exit Assist

 temporarily stops kids from opening the back doors when vehicles and bicycles are approaching from behind.

The first license plate in the US was "1", issued in Massachusetts, to Frederick Tudor, in 1903. He got it because he was related to the right person, the fix was in. The plate is still held by someone in his family.

The Massachusetts Legislature passed a bill in 1892, creating a Commission of Inquiry that noted more than 90 percent of the roads were in very poor condition and were only going to get worse as traffic increased. This investigation led to the creation of the Massachusetts Highway Commission a year later; it was one of the first such governmental bodies in the country to “improve the public roads, and to define its powers and duties,” according to the 1893 Commission Report.

Meanwhile, wealthy Henry Lee Higginson (he was the founder of Boston Symphony Orchestra) was growing tired of cars regularly exceeding the speed limit of 15 miles an hour on the roads near his summer estate. He submitted a petition in 1903 about his problem entitled, “A Petition Relative to Licensing Automobiles and Those Operating the Same.” Higginson had influential friends.

By June of that same year, as a way of creating the revenue to improve the roads, as well as identifying cars involved in newly created traffic infractions, Massachusetts passed a provision in Chapter 473 of the Acts of 1903, creating the “automobile department” (headed by Elting O’Hara, the highway commission board’s stenographer). As Higginson suggested, the new “automobile department” required all automobile owners to register their cars and pay the two dollar fee each year; in exchange, license plates were issued to each registered car.

Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to issue plates, and by New Year’s Eve 1903, 3,241 automobiles and 502 motorcycles (in addition to 692 chauffeur licenses and car manufacturer licenses) helped deposit $17,684 into the state treasury. The very first license plate issued by a state government (Number 1) was issued on September 1, 1903, to Frederick Tudor of Brookline. Not only was Tudor just the right man at the right time, but he was working with the highway commission at the time and he just so happened to be the nephew of Henry Lee Higginson.

Immediately after the first license plates appeared, drivers in Massachusetts were vying to obtain the lowest numbered plate available as a symbol of status. For the past 20 years, the Registry of Motor Vehicles has held a lottery to clear out low numbered license plates from its inventory. Nearly 5,000 people enter this lottery every year in the hopes of winning a much coveted low-number plate, and even though a three- or four-digit license plate can carry an air of exclusivity to its owner, no one can get any better than Tudor’s license plate Number 1, which is still actively registered to one of his descendants