Saturday, September 21, 2013

1960's race car carrier still moving racecars after about 5 decades, still labeled Hemi Engineering Special 111 Greer and Keith Black 409

and this might be the 57 Chev that gets transported... I'm going to try to confirm it

Pascal sent me kind regards and photos of the Hurst Armed Forces Club Jeep! (1966 - 67)

found on Facebook

a couple cool photos from Cay Broendum sparetime

mostly motorcycle and watches, but lots of cool stuff at

found on facebook

Donizeti is looking for a 1956 Ford F600 COE for sale

He wrote to me:

"Jesse Friend, I am still in need of a cab of a COE 1956 Ford. I have a dream to build a truck trailer.
If u find any cab that could help me? I have some friends there (USA) who could put in a container for me."

so if you know of one, Donivel Veículos Donivel  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

drag racing at Qualcomm Stadium, during Eurofest, through the Racelegal organization

yeah, a McLaren and a Lambo were drag racing

I'm seeing a lot of moustaches on cars, but I have not heard why people are putting them on the cars yet

Elias has an answer in the comment forum,  a pink mustache is something to do with a new cell phone app and people that want to make some cash or online credit in a system where (like paypal maybe) they get paid tax free for being a driver. No taxi token that costs 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars. No boss. No taxed income

the San Diego "Smart"ies had a club outing to the SD Eurofest 2013 at Qualcomm Stadium

windup keys on small cars, still cute!

It's Naomi, who spotted me as I walked in to the car event, and surprised me... I had no idea she was in a car club.

The Smart car is a Mercedes product, that's why it's part of the Eurofest


the above is more unusual for the front bumper they added on than the carbon fiber looking hood

Renault Gordini in the parking area at the Eurofest 2013 at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium

below notice the SCCA stickers and number on the door, I believe the owner said it's a 1966

for a similar, but far older Gordini in blue, I coincidentally just found

High Voltage posted a great gallery of a GT40 from the Le Mans Classic